Sons of Anarchy Season Five Blu-ray Giveaway! ***WINNERS ANNOUNCED***

Congratulations to Esther and Keith for winning the Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Blu-ray Giveaway! Check your emails!

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11 Responses to Sons of Anarchy Season Five Blu-ray Giveaway! ***WINNERS ANNOUNCED***

  1. JD B says:

    I love the whole series, I thought this season was on par with the others. I did like Jax stepping up though. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Esther K says:

    I loved Season 5 of SOA, of course, since I love the show.

    But I was completely traumatised by (1) Opie’s death scene and (2) Tig’s daughter’s death scene. HEART. BROKEN.

  3. Devin says:

    I am a big Jimmy Smits fan and was glad he was given a deep character to play on SOA 2 weeks to season 6!!!!!!!

  4. Keith W says:

    As I’ve been watching these on DVD I’ve not seen season 5…. yet:-)

  5. Brett says:

    The thing about Season 5 that I hated was…the fact that I haven’t actually seen it yet. 😉
    Unfortunately I don’t get FX on my cable plan, so I have to wait for SoA to hit DVD/BR or streaming services.

  6. Kerry says:

    Losing Opie was a big bummer, but adding Jimmy Smits was a major plus.

  7. tina krauss says:

    The last episode I saw, they were all getting out of jail. I am a little behind. What a great show though. Best thing since The Shield. Need this to catch up.

  8. Katie Fenters says:

    The thing that I hate the most is that I have not seen season 5 yet. We no longer have cable at home and buy tv seasons instead.

  9. Keith W says:

    I hated that it’s over and we have to wait for season 6 (not for much longer though).

  10. bn100 says:

    Liked Jimmy Smits being on the show

  11. Lindsay says:

    I hate Tara. Her transition from holier than thou to old lady has been horrible.