If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/2/13

Normally, this is where I’d say it was time to get back to work, but luckily, today is Labor Day, which means one extra day—or if you’re my husband, one extra day of three because he took two days of vacation, too. That means we get to catch up on TV, including the great new episodes on tonight. So check out what we’re recommending for you.

Jenny’s Choice

amninjasmallI’m so mad about my pick for last week. Jim was shot by a mystery person (Ray? Ray’s mother?) before he could get to the church, leaving Callie alone at the alter, so to speak. The season ended with that…and it turned out, the series ended with that, as well, since it was canceled. Bah!

Now that I’ve grouched about that, don’t let it keep you from enjoying this week’s choice. 😉 My husband & I are really enjoying American Ninja Warrior, that’s been airing on G4 and NBC. We’re smack dab in the middle of Stage 1 of Mount Midoriyama, and let tell me…it’s been a bear! Insanely fun and hard challenges—I think the Giant Cycle looks REALLY fun, but the Jumping Spider has taken out the most contestants so far in the finals. And the last episode was heartbreaking, with one of the athletes hitting the buzzer .03 seconds too late to move on. The worst part was that they broke the news to him—after he’d already thought he’d made it through—on camera. He was devastated.

On tonight’s episode, “Vegas Finals,” the show continues the competition from Las Vegas, Nevada, where the top finishers from the regional finals tackle the ultimate challenge: a four-stage course modeled after “Mount Midoriyama” in Japan. Competitors will attempt Stage 1, which includes three brand new obstacles: the Giant Cycle, Rope Glider, and the Timbers. The finalists will vie to win a cash prize of $500,000 and the title of “American Ninja Warrior.”

To see who makes it through Stage 1, tune in to the two-hour episode on NBC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Diners, Drive-ins & Dives & The Shed.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Kyle’s Choice

underthedome92smallOn last week’s Under the Dome, Maxine forced Baribie to participate in Chester Mill Fight Club, and Big Jim took Maxine’s mother out on a boat and left her in the water to drown. Meanwhile, Linda and Julia broke into Duke’s safe deposit box and found a letter confessing to his involvement in a drug/propane/money laundering scheme with Lester and Big Jim, where they would provide Maxine with the propane she needed for her Rapture drug in exchange for her keeping those drugs out of Chester Mill. Julie also found a life insurance policy against her husband and told Barbie she knew the truth, that her husband had hired him to kill him so that his life insurance policy would pay out. And finally, through trial and error, the kids figured out that Junior was the fourth hand they needed to activate the mini dome.

Will Linda arrest Big Jim? What are all those pink star constellations that the teenagers see when they touch the mini dome? What will Max do when she finds out about her mother? And will they ever figure out how to remove the dome or why it’s there in the first place? Are they like caterpillars inside a cocoon, as Joe suggested?

On tonight’s episode, “Speak of the Devil,” Big Jim turns the townspeople against Barbie when the truth about his past is revealed. Meanwhile, Maxine confronts Barbie’s closest ally.

Find out if Barbie can win the townspeople back tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Siberia and The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.

JJ’s Choice

mistresses92smallThe ratings for Mistresses last week were so-so. Even switching the show to an hour earlier and not having it go head to head with Under the Dome didn’t change that much, so I don’t know how that affects the chances of a second season. But I still love the show as a guilty drama pleasure, even though not all the characters are equally likeable.

Last week, Karen got in trouble at her deposition for the trial when Sam decided to change his mind and back his mother instead of being her alibi. But when she finally stood up for herself, she cleared her conscience, which was nice, but it might get her in trouble in the long run. And Joss, finally in a commited relationship, decide to cheat with her boss. So sad, because she was growing and now got herself in trouble. And Savvy needs to open up that letter with the information of the paternity of her child before she damages her marriage too much. And that cliffhanger with Lucy being missing was just sad for April.

On tonight’s episode, “When One Door Closes,” the judge rules in Karen Vs Grey, and Karen sees more trouble on the horizon. Paul helps April search for Lucy, Joss tries to salvage her relationship, and Savi accepts that Harry is no longer part of her life, until she discovers some disturbing news about the restaurant.

See what Savi learns on ABC at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco and Under the Dome.

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