If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/6/13

Hi, guys. It’s Friday, and the weekend is almost upon us. For me, it’s been a hellish week at work, so it’s nice to have a chance to sleep in. And next week, there are some summer finales coming up, and very slowly, the new season is starting up again, which is way exciting! But today I’ll give you advice on what to watch right before the weekend.

JJ’s Choice

antmsmallThis is not the first time I’m recommending America’s Next Top Model, but I am really loving this season. Their drama is comparable, but with the men in the house, it’s a little less hysterical overall. And there are some nice new possibilities for the photoshoots, which adds some excitement to the process as well.

Last week, Alexandra left, but this early in the season, none of my favorites (Renee, Phil, or Jourdan) have been in danger. But last week, Jourdan was being a grade-A b*tch with the phone time, so that knocked her down from my number one favorite position.

On tonight’s episode, “The Girl Who’s Scared of Clowns,” arguments among the models start affecting their shoots after the guys play a prank on the girl.

See who stumbles on The CW at 9/8c.

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