Family Guy Volume 11 Season 12 DVD Giveaway! ***WINNERS ANNOUNCED***

Congratulations to Ryan & Austin! You’ve won the Family Guy DVD! Check your emails!

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18 Responses to Family Guy Volume 11 Season 12 DVD Giveaway! ***WINNERS ANNOUNCED***

  1. bill norris says:

    i missed this season….help me catch up

  2. Austin Baroudi says:

    I loved the episode Big Man on Hippocampus where Peter develops amnesia mainly because of this scene.
    Thanks for the chance!

  3. tina krauss says:

    my fave was the hollywood ep. brian does hollywood. or the first star wars one. i don’t know. what a brilliant show. i watched this show when this show wasn’t cool.

  4. Derek Diercksmeier says:

    Every episode is amazing! FAMILY GUY is absolutely brilliant.

  5. Isaac Feldberg says:

    Asking me to choose my favorite episode of Family Guy is like asking Joe to do jumping jacks, but after careful deliberation, I’m going to have to go with Saving Private Brian! It’s a perfect episode of Family Guy, filled with biting, often astute political commentary and some hilarious cutaway gags. Plus, any episode that can fit in references to Zinedine Zidane, Stripes, West Side Story and Full Metal Jacket is alright in my book.

  6. Kerry says:

    I would love to see the extra features on the DVDs, especially the bits too “adult” for broadcast TV.

  7. NANCY S PHROPER says:

    I have missed so many,but love the ones i get to see. I would love to win this and catch up when i can! Love your giveaways,Thank You!

  8. Charles D says:

    The angry Giant Chicken encounter is my fav!

  9. Andrew P says:

    Favourite episode would have to be Da Boom

  10. Ryan Stanfield says:

    My favorite episode of Family Guy is “And Then There Were Fewer”. Awesome animation, and the first episode in HD to air on television. I have been a Family Guy fan for 10 years and own all of the Volumes they’ve released.

  11. S Mayfield says:

    Being the Star Wars fan I am I would have to say I loved it’s a Trap the scene where Quagmire tricks the robot maid into running after Jabba the Joe’s palace. Screaming Here Kitty kitty kitty.

  12. bn100 says:

    Would like to catch-up on the season

  13. Lorne G says:

    My favorite episode is I Dream of Jesus because the bird is the word, baby!!!

  14. Yusuf Nasrullah says:

    Because I live to see Stewie’s plans for world domination and hear his brilliant English accent!

  15. Jordan says:

    I love the episode when Peter has a stroke… hahahahah so funny

  16. Lindsey says:

    I can’t choose a favorite, but I love this show

  17. JD B says:

    Hard one, “Road to the Multiverse” and “Da Boom” are both classic, but I think I might go with “Blue Harvest”

  18. deanna says:

    favorite episode: Ratings Guy