Pilot Watch 2013 – NBC

We’ve done the FOX, ABC, & CBS pilots, but now, Megan, Kyle, and I are back to talk about the NBC pilots for the 2013 season. We’ve each rated them as Watch, Maybe, or Skip, so check out what we have to say.

Dracula (Premieres 10/25)

draculasmallJenny: Intriguing, but way too complicated for me. I’m not a fan of period dramas, and maybe I just don’t know my history, but for the life of me, I couldn’t tell when this was supposed to be set. A lot of the acting felt over the top, etc. There’s a reason I don’t watch shows like The Tudors or Game of Thrones, etc. – Skip

Megan: I was expecting to love the whole episode as much as I loved the trailer…but I didn’t. While I still love the idea of the show, I didn’t love the full execution. I found the trailer moving quickly, but the show itself dragged. It’s unfortunate, because I had really high hopes, but now I’m just wondering if it’ll be NBC’s first cancelled show? – Skip

Kyle: I like the 19th century England setting—the production values are really great. The series is like Revenge, if Emily Thorne was a vampire willing to kill to get revenge on corrupt members of the aristocracy and a secret order trying to hunt down vampires. While I wasn’t blown away, I found the series to be an interesting new twist on the classic tale and will check out more. – Maybe
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Ironside (Premieres 10/2)

ironsidesmallJenny: I love Blair Underwood. I love cop shows. Combine the two? Hello, a must-watch show for me. After seeing the pilot, I’m even happier about it, because it was just as good as I’d hoped! – Watch

Megan: I’m on the fence about this one, because while I enjoy a good procedural, I’m still finding it a bit lacking. Blair Underwood is wonderful and I love him, which is the only reason I’m going to give it a few more episodes before I stop watching. – Maybe

Kyle: This is a solid crime drama, but other than the fact that the lead cop is in a wheelchair, there really wasn’t anything very original about it. I think the pilot is definitely worth checking out for fans of the genre, but since I already have way too many shows to watch this fall, for me, this will be a… – Skip

Sean Saves the World (Premieres 10/3)

seansavestheworldsmallJenny: I really wanted to like this, because I like the premise, but it just felt flat. The characters were better than the jokes and other humor, but not by a ton. And definitely not enough to keep me interested. – Skip

Megan: No. Just NO. This pilot was as bad as the trailer—cheesy, poor timing, and I wasn’t amused at all. It’s unfortunate, because I really like Sean Hayes, but it’s just terrible. – Skip

Kyle: The jokes and physical humor in this show felt so dated. Even the setting was something dreamt up during the late 1990s—Sean works at an Internet-based e-tailer. Sean Hayes is basically playing his same character from Will & Grace, if Jack was a little less flamboyant and had a teenage daughter. – Skip

The Blacklist (Premieres TODAY, 9/23)

theblacklistsmallJenny: Whenever I see James Spader, I see the know-it-all jerk with a very hidden heart of gold that he played on Boston Legal, but he isn’t like that in this one. He’s creepy, deadly, and very cunning and conniving…and absolutely deliciously fun to watch. I love the casting of Megan Boone, and I can’t wait to see more. – Watch

Megan: James Spader is fabulous in this show—perfectly creepy. I really like the premise, and I feel that Megan Boone just shines as the female lead. This show has extreme potential. The writers just need to make sure it flows properly and we get good suspense every episode. – Watch

Kyle: The pilot is an action-packed thriller that sets up some interesting mysteries and twists, and I look forward to learning more about these charcaters and seeing where the show goes. James Spader has found a role that really lets him explore the creepiness he plays so well. – Watch

The Michael J. Fox Show (Premieres 9/26 – 1-Hour Episode!)

michaeljfoxshowsmallJenny: Even with Parkinson’s, Michael J. Fox can out-act almost anyone else on TV. This was adorably funny, with a great cast and a great premise. I can’t wait to see more. It’s easily one of my favorite new shows of the fall season. – Watch

Megan: I loved the pilot, and I love Michael J. Fox. This show is an all-round winner, especially the honest and comedic way they address Parkinson’s. NBC is on to some gold with this one, and I’m looking forward to more, more, more! – Watch

Kyle: This is one of my favorite new comedies. Michael J Fox plays a version of himself and proves he is able to find humor in his illness. I like that the show integrates his Parkinson’s into the series, giving us a glimpse into some of the things he must deal with in his daily life. The supporting cast is also a lot of fun—it’s great to see Betsy Brandt (Breaking Bad) in a comedic role! I enjoyed the second episode even more than the first. – Watch

Welcome to the Family (Premieres 10/3)

welcometothefamilysmallJenny: Adorably funny, great premise. The dads are the absolute best in this one. They play off each other so well and are so funny. It’s like some of my other favorite comedies: the humor is balanced nicely with the sweet emotions that peek through. I loved it. – Watch

Megan: Mike O’Malley is just brilliant in the pilot. He’s hilarious in everything he does, but it’s the writing and the premise of this show that pushes it over the edge. The way they are working on blending two families is very amusing, and they are definitely keeping it real. I’m excited for the full season. – Watch

Kyle: I enjoyed this pilot. While not a constant laugh out loud romp, it had some funny moments that made me chuckle. I really like the premise of the series and found the characters likeable. Mike O’Malley is always great, and I hope the show will improve. – Maybe

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