Recap/Review – Castle – “Valkyrie” – 9/23/13

castlerecap928smallAs she and Castle have decided to make their long-distance relationship work, Special Agent Beckett begins her job in D.C., but Castle can’t handle the classified nature of her cases, and chaos ensues.


Season 5 ended with Beckett’s offering of a job that would take her away from Castle in D.C. And he proposed!

She says yes!

Fast forward two months: Beckett’s chasing a perp down the streets of Washington D.C. She successfully frees a hostage and is shot point blank in the chest. Good thing that was just a training exercise, or the rest of the season would be pretty depressing. She failed, but at least she didn’t die!

Back in New York, Alexis has come home, and she’s brought a guest. Pi. He’ll be staying at the house.

After Beckett cancels their weekend together, Castle shows up in D.C., and he’s got questions about her classified case.

Jump with me to read more.

In the morning, after an interesting introduction to her new partner, Rachel McCord (Lisa Edelstein), Beckett leaves Castle at home. A photo of a serial number slipped out of her case file, leaving Castle giddy. He seeks out the help of his trusty sidekicks, Ryan and Esposito, with the hypothetical new story about a man who destroys his fiancé’s career by investigating her classified case. He bribes the boys with Knicks tickets, and they’re off! The serial number belongs to a transformer in Arlington, Virginia. It was sabotaged just two nights ago. So much for the hypothetical.

Back to the real investigators, the transformer blackout caused a power loss to the Cybertech building. A security module containing military satellite information was stolen during said blackout. Whoever stole the module was in and out within five minutes, leading them to believe their suspect has military training. Beckett suggests that the suspect used the drainage tunnels to leave the building and escaped through the neighboring golf course. When they get there, they find that someone else has asked about the blackout. Guess who?

Castle tries lying his way out of this, but he fails and promises not to break the law again. Ok. Sure.

They obtain the security footage from the golf course, and it shows a Jack Bronson, former Black Ops, casing the place only two days before the blackout. His home is empty, save for some C-4 and wire cutters.

Jack Bronson catches up with Castle, puts a gun in his back, and takes him for a ride. It’s a short one as he slumps over the steering wheel, not before asking Castle if the feds know about Valkryie, and crashes into a storefront. He’s probably not talking about the movie.

Beckett’s superior, Hendricks, places Castle under arrest. They know that he’s not involved in the case, but want to make him think twice about impeding a federal investigation again.

Jeanette Miller, Bronson’s girlfriend and aide to Senator Shelton, is missing. Local police found her abandoned car nearby.

Back at Beckett’s new home, Castle is packing for New York.

Castle must’ve forgotten about his current houseguest, Pi. He’s still there and making papaya steaks for dinner. Castle leaves there for the station to tell Esposito and Ryan of his near death experience in D.C. Right before he died, Bronson mentioned Valkyrie and Dreamworld. Esposito thinks that dreamworld was a reference to a ghost military base.

Using their handy-dandy facial recognition software, they find Jeanette heading toward Union Station.

McCord and Beckett track Jeanette, but Beckett doesn’t want to make a move just yet. They follow her to the lockers, where they find the missing module.

She says that she and Jack are being set up. Beckett believes her, as the clues were all found too conveniently. What if the real thieves were after something else?

Now at home, Castle scours the internet, searching for ghost bases. Before he can finish, two men enter his apartment and take him back to D.C. Beckett comes into the interrogation room to tell him that a toxin was stolen from the Cybertech building. This same toxin was used to kill Bronson through the ventilation system in his car. After taking blood from Castle, they learn he has only 24 hours to live.

To be continued…

Well, even if he is going to live, I’ve got to say, I didn’t see that coming.

How are they going to keep Castle working with Beckett? She can’t keep missing pieces of a case, only to have him follow the crumbs, break the law, and find the killer?

I like the addition of Lisa Edelstein. I hope she stays on for a while.

– Lindsay

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