Recap/Review – Castle – “Dreamworld” – 9/30/13

castlerecap105smallBeckett and Castle fight the clock to find the stolen toxin and the antidote that will save Castle.


The antidote was stolen along with the toxin, but they have found a doctor that will buy Castle a few more hours with several shots.

One of the team’s techs finds an unpublished article about Dreamworld written by Brad Parker. It was stopped over national security concerns.

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Castle gets his dying wish to work on the classified case, but can’t leave the building.

Parker is reluctant to give up any information about his article until he learns that one of his sources, Jack Bronson, is dead. He tells Beckett and McCord that the Secretary of Defense, Michael Reed, personally put the kibosh on the story. Reed, prior to his current position, was in command at Dreamworld.

Reed is the next stop on their quest to solve the case and save Castle. Reed claims Dreamworld is a myth and denies its existence until allowed to speak hypothetically. He claims that it could have been a mission to take out Al-Qaeda’s number two, Zawari, in an air strike. Bronson was a part of that operation.

Martha calls to check in, and Castle makes sure to tell the other two ladies in his life that he loves them. Now they’re going to know that you’re dying!!

They think that Jack’s death could be retaliation for his part in Zawari’s death and find that several of his family members reside in the U.S. His second cousin, Rasheed, was seen leaving a café, trailing after Bronson. They find Rasheed walking the streets, backpack in tow, but it’s only full of books.

Rasheed isn’t talking and his apartment is empty. He says he had nothing to do with Zawari and denies breaking into the lab. Jack Bronson was following him, in order to make sure that he wasn’t talking to anyone about their secret. Rasheed saw Bronson after the air strike, carrying the dead body of a servant, and threatened to kill him if Rasheed told anyone what he saw.

Mission documents are sent over from the Department of Defense, but much of it has been redacted. Castle suggests searching for Valkyrie, and when that comes up empty, he suggests a search for an 8-letter word the same length as Valkyrie. It’s certainly all over the document, but it doesn’t help them figure out what Valkyrie is. Richmond, their techie (think McGee on NCIS) says that he could probably retrieve the audio from the mission. Couldn’t he have done that to begin with?

Martha shows up at the precinct in New York; she’s worried because Castle was nice on the phone, and she looks to Ryan and Esposito for answers.

Richmond has found the audio. They refer to Valkryie as a she and as an American intelligence agent. Commander Reed ignores Bronson’s request to hold off the strike, which kills the American, and then orders him to remove the body.

Vilante tells Beckett that they can’t go after Reed just yet because there is no proof of the missing American and they can’t tie him to the stolen toxin.

Beckett’s not one to listen and heads over to Reed’s house. Reed complains to Beckett’s boss—not a move that a guilty man would make.

Farrah Usman is Valkyrie, and her death certificate claims that a roadside IED killed her. Her fiancé, Brad Parker, was notified of her death—the same Parker that wrote the article. Parker is ex-military and searched out Bronson to find out what happened to his fiancé, not for an exposé on Dreamworld.

Parker didn’t show up at work, so the team heads to his apartment looking for the antidote. Castle is allowed to come along on this excursion, as he needs the antidote ASAP. They don’t find the antidote at his apartment, just research on Reed and his upcoming speech. Parker is planning on taking out the man who gave out the order to kill his fiancé.

Castle’s received his last shot from the doctor and suspects that Parker won’t show up to the press conference. He’s going to do to Reed what Reed did to him, and it turns out he’s right. Parker shows up at Reed’s home to interview Reed’s wife.

By the time they get to Reed’s house, Castle has passed out on the lawn.

Beckett catches Parker calling 9-1-1 for Mrs. Reed and then chases him out of the house. He gets the drop on Beckett, but McCord is there in time.

Castle lives! Betcha didn’t see that one coming…

They won’t pursue Reed for holding back information or killing the American operative, and that doesn’t sit well with Beckett. Something tells me she’ll make her way back to New York soon.

This episode was better than the last, probably because Castle was allowed to work with Beckett’s team. But I miss Esposito and Ryan working with the couple. Their sole purpose can’t be to assure Martha and Google things for Castle.

– Lindsay

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