If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/30/13

Tomorrow is Halloween, which is really my least favorite holiday, but I will put my big girl pants on and take my little ones trick-or-treating, because that’s what parents do. In preparation for the chaos that is trick-or-treating tomorrow, I’m going to relax and watch some great new television, so let’s see what we should all be watching.

Megan’s Choice

superfunnight1030smallSuper Fun Night really is super fun! Last week, we met Kimmie’s mom and sister, and what a family that is. Between the bikini engagement party and the mother/daughters dance they did, I was in hysterics. Kimmie is still feeling awkward around Richard after her admitting she likes him, but her mom made things more awkward by inviting him to the party. I’m really interested to see where they go with the friendship with Richard and Kimmie from now, and when they’re going to allow Kimmie to meet a guy who is interested.

On tonight’s episode, “Go with Glorg,” an alcohol-fueled night out leads to Kimmie gaining new insight about Kendall; Helen-Alice and Marika meet their idol, the actress who plays Murna Princess Warrior (guest star Brooke Shields).

To see what insight Kimmie has gained, tune in to ABC at 9:30/8:30c.

I’ll also be watching Criminal Minds, CSI, Back in the Game, The Tomorrow People, American Horror Story: Coven, and Restaurant: Impossible.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

criminalminds1030smallLast week’s Criminal Minds was both really good…and kind of bizarre. The case itself was good—and kind of sad—but in the end, it worked out as good as it could’ve. A teenage girl was close to being raped, when the guy was pulled out of the vehicle and beaten, and then the girl was taken. It turned out the man was her father, and while he technically kidnapped her—he didn’t have custody—she had wanted to go with him because she didn’t get along with her mother, didn’t like her stepfather, and was tired of living in the middle of nowhere. In the end, her father did kill a couple of men, but he loved his daughter enough to turn himself in, rather than do “suicide by cop.” Also on the good side, we got lots of sweet nicknames from Morgan & Garcia. 🙂 On a weird note, Hotch collapsed during the briefing at the beginning and had to be rushed to surgery. I had two issues with the whole Hotch story line. One, it seems really strange that this long after he was stabbed, there are suddenly complications. I’m no doctor, and I’m sure they would have done their research. It just seems weird. The other thing is the way they chose to handle the “getting Hotch to move on from his ex-wife’s murder.” I understand having Hailey there…but why would they have Foyet there? That made no sense to me. It seemed like he was there as comic relief. Maybe I just missed why he was there, but I just didn’t get it. If anyone knows, please explain…

On tonight’s episode, “In the Blood,” when the BAU investigates victims of possible ritualistic murders in Utah, clues lead them to believe that the UnSub they are looking for might have a fascination with the Salem Witch Trials. Also, Garcia prepares for a “Day of the Dead” celebration at her apartment.

Check out the spooky case and Garcia’s fun tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Back in the Game, CSI, & Top Chef.

Kyle’s Choice

themiddle1030smallLast week was The Middle’s 100th episode, and fittingly, the town of Orson was celebrating its 100th anniversary. Frankie and Mike discovered that in an inebriated state, they had previously agreed to drive the giant cow float in the town parade. Brick entered a contest to come up with the town motto, but after he came up with a great slogan, the mayor decided to go with something simple instead. Meanwhile, Sue pretended to be dating Brad again to try to make Darrin jealous (which, of course, failed). And we saw the return of Boss Co. as Axl and his friends tried to make a few bucks by setting up a VIP section to watch the parade.

Tonight, we get another one of the show’s fun Halloween-themed episodes. I always enjoy when sitcoms do Halloween—the costumes the characters come up with are always so fun and creative. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Hecks get up to tonight!

On tonight’s episode, “Halloween IV: The Ghost Story,” Sue conducts a séance close to Halloween and believes she sees the ghost of Christopher Columbus. Meanwhile, Axl’s banned from a party in his own dorm room as part of his hazing by the football team; and Brick gets advice on how to ask a girl to a dance.

See how Sue’s séance goes tonight on ABC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Survivor, Criminal Minds, CSI, Super Fun Night, Revolution, The Tomorrow People, American Horror Story: Coven, The League, and Top Chef.

JJ’s Choice

arrow1030smallLast week, Arrow introduced Black Canary and dropped a major name bomb through Ra’s al Ghul. This started a major possible direction for the show that could be awesome if executed perfectly. For the rest, last week’s episode felt a bit like filler to mostly pay respect to the introduction of Black Canary. Although, I did love the turnaround between Oliver and Lance!

On tonight’s episode, “Crucible,” Oliver discovers that a man who goes by the name of “The Mayor” is bringing illegal guns into The Glades. Oliver attempts to clean up the city, but The Mayor intervenes and seriously injures Sin. The Canary, now furious, sets out for revenge. Meanwhile, Felicity stuns Oliver with information about the Canary and Diggle reconnects with an old friend.

Find out what information Oliver learns about Black Canary tonight on The CW at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching The Tomorrow People and Super Fun Night.

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