If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/3/13

Ahh, Sunday. I both love you and hate you. As I write this up on Saturday night, I think it’s gonna be a love more than hate day, as by the time we wake up, we’ll have gained an extra hour sleep because of Daylight Savings Time. More sleep is never a bad thing. 😉 There’s some great stuff on tonight, so check out what we’re recommending.

Jenny’s Choice

thementalist113smallWe’re counting down the episodes until the Red John case is wrapped up completely on The Mentalist. Last week, Beth Reisgraf guest starred as a private investigator who was hired by RJ to find out what Jane & the team knew. She was attacked by RJ (or his minion?), but before she died, she told Jane that her boss had a tattoo of three red dots on his upper left arm. Now the question becomes…how does he use that knowledge to narrow the suspects down from five to one? I’ve seen tonight’s ep, and all I can say is…be prepared to say aww and squee, sit on the edge of your seat, and have your jaw drop. It’s a good episode with a crazy ending, and I have no idea where they’ll go next week!

On tonight’s episode, “Fire and Brimstone,” with the final clue in hand, Jane attempts to gather the remaining Red John suspects in one place in hopes of finally revealing his identity. Michael Gaston (Gale Bertram), Malcolm McDowell (Bret Stiles), Drew Powell (Reede Smith), Reed Diamond (Ray Haffner), & Xander Berkeley (Sheriff McAllister) guest star.

See what Jane finds out about Red John tonight on CBS at 10:30/9:30c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing America’s Funniest Home Videos, Cousins Undercover, Guy’s Grocery Games, Restaurant Express, & Cutthroat Kitchen.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

thewalkingdead113smallThe Walking Dead has really been delivering some incredible episodes since it premiered in October. This is one of those shows that I cannot watch by myself because I get scared in the dark—yes, I’m a giant baby. The walkers in this show can be incredibly creepy, but the story line is why I tune in. Last episode, we watched as the sickness was spreading quickly and the small surviving colony was dropping like flies. I’m not sure that we’re going to get to see Hershel much longer, but as long as Daryl continues to be himself, I’m going to be very happy.

On tonight’s episode, “Indifference,” things at the prison get significantly worse was the group runs into hurdles while on their supplies mission.

To see who survives this week, tune in to AMC at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Once Upon a Time, The Amazing Race, Cutthroat Kitchen, Restaurant Express, Drop Dead Diva, and Witches of East End.

Kyle’s Choice

thesimpsons113smallNow that the World Series is over (insert obligatory Congrats Sox!), the Fox’s Animation Domination lineup finally returns to Sunday nights! In sad news, Marcia Wallace, the voice of Edna Krabappel on The Simpsons, passed away last week. She had been an integral part of the show’s past 25 seasons and will definitely be missed. I doubt they would replace Wallace with someone else doing the voice of Edna, so it will be interesting to see what they do with her character. Will they have Edna retire from teaching and move away, or just kill her off? If they kill her off, that will be the second wife Ned Flanders has lost!

Interestingly enough, tonight’s episode revolves around a funeral of a Springfield resident, but I think this happened way too recently to assume that Mrs. Krabappel is the resident in question. However, Fox will be airing another episode of The Simpsons tonight in honor of Marcia Wallace. Just before tonight’s new episode, at 7:30pm Eastern/Pacific, Fox will re-air the third season episode “Bart the Lover,” for which Marcia Wallace won an Emmy in 1992.

On tonight’s new episode, “Four Regrettings and a Funeral,” when a beloved Springfielder dies, four residents recall life events that they would like to do over. Among them: Homer bemoans selling a tech stock to purchase a bowling ball, and Marge fears that she’s the reason Bart is such a rebellious child. Others wishing for a do-over are Mr. Burns, who recalls a long-ago romance with a lovely Parisienne, and newsman Kent Brockman, who regrets not leaving the local station to take a job with cable news.

Find out which Springfield resident has passed tonight on FOX at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Once Upon a Time, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Guy’s Grocery Games, The Walking Dead, Talking Dead, Drop Dead Diva, Homeland, and Masters of Sex.

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