Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “The Next Day” – 11/3/13

thegoodwiferecap117smallWill and Alicia butt heads over the possession of a case; Diane learns the bad news about her Supreme Court nomination.


It’s the day after all of the chaos, and it might be Diane’s last case as a lawyer. Or so she thinks? Alicia wakes up with perfect TV bedhead to a full apartment. They still haven’t found office space.

Marilyn meets Alicia at the door to discuss the ethical complications of her new firm. Alicia’s former client, Heather, meets her at the door too. She’s confused as to why Alicia is no longer in her office.

Diane is in court with a suit against a gun manufacturer. Judge Davies disrupts the proceedings because Heather is switching counsel. She’s decided to go with Florrick/Agos.

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Marilyn is back, and she wants to take the firm through a PowerPoint presentation right after she finishes hurling. She’s expecting!

Will sends boxes over to Alicia’s apartment, but they’re not filled with files; they’re filled with stuffed rats. At least they aren’t real!

Will has plans to expand the firm into New York, and that includes delaying the transfer of files to their competition. Alicia sends a memo. She’s bringing Will to the ACDB. As if Will needs to be in front of another disciplinary board.

Nancy is right about the law, but Judge Davies is not so ready to side with the defense if that means letting the gun manufacturer get away with a dangerous faulty product. Alicia and Cary want to determine if the gun was actually fired during the commission of a crime. Cary heads to criminal court to speak to one of the robber’s lawyers, in hopes that they’ll win with a not guilty verdict.

Alicia hopes that the board will be biased against Will since he was in trouble not so long ago. Will is ordered to hand over the files or else be sanctioned. Diane learns that Peter is searching elsewhere for a Supreme Court candidate. She sends Kalinda off to investigate.

Kurt comes to visit and has good news on the gun case. Gina, Diane’s assistant, calls Alicia with the news and offers the information in return for a position at Florrick/Agos.

Marilyn is back and still sick. She asks Cary about their sudden acquisition of Chumhum.

Alicia goes to see Mr. McVeigh to ask him to work for their firm. She takes Grace with her because the male associates are getting a little too chummy with her.

Will finally sends the files over, but they’ve been heavily redacted.

Kurt wakes Diane with the news of Alicia’s request. She doesn’t want him to do it, but they’ve agreed to keep work outside of the home.

Kurt is on the stand and says that he bought five of the guns from different shops and that they all have the same problem as the gun used in the Sorrentino murder. In Nancy’s cross, she throws doubt into Kurt’s testimony by suggesting that the weather could have contributed to the hair trigger.

Kalinda confirms Diane’s suspicions about her nomination.

They’re back in front of the ACDB. Diane says that the redacted information is part of their work strategy. Cary puts Kalinda on the stand. The other Kalinda – Robyn – has found Kalinda’s invoice as an independent contractor, proving that her notes are not part of the firm’s strategy.

Cary’s back in criminal court, hoping to ensure that they win the case against the gun manufacturer. Kurt testifies that the pins were defective and could have gone off at any time.

Geneva offers a plea of five years, and the client takes it. This isn’t good for Alicia’s case, as the guilty plea means that the gun was fired during the commission of the crime.

Alicia confronts Marilyn about her recent nosy behavior. She tells Alicia to keep Peter out of her legal troubles and to tell Cary to keep his mouth shut.

Alicia suggests adding breach of warranty to the suit; only, Will and Co have those files. It’s back to the ACDB again, and this time, Will agrees to hand over the files as soon as they’re compensated for their time, to the tune of $145,000.

Once back in court, their client, Heather, has switched counsel again. She’s back with Lockhart/Gardner, and Diane takes this opportunity to take Alicia’s idea and add it to the suit.

Peter makes it official and calls Diane to tell her she’s no longer in the running. So she’s back at Lockhart/Gardner to stay.

Alicia wants to take up an offer to work under Wallis & Frey in order to get everyone out of her apartment and to start feeling like a real law firm. But that feeling will have to wait; Will just bought out Wallis & Frey.

I must admit, I wasn’t paying much attention to the case; it seems as if we got less information this time around, probably because our time is now divided between the workings of two firms, the governorship, and the ever-present and annoying Marilyn. Will and Alicia are playing dirty, and it’s the greatest thing to watch!

– Lindsay

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