Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “The Next Month” – 11/17/13

thegoodwiferecap1124smallWill has plans to rebrand the firm, while Alicia and Cary have finally set up shop in their new office space. The two firms compete for a pro bono case that could lead to lots of paying clients.


Will plans to open offices in New York to expand Lockhart Gardner, now to be known as LG. The little betrayer from Florrick/Agos knows of two clients that are thinking of leaving Florrick/Agos, and Will sets his dogs on them. They’re moving into new offices today.

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Will’s annoying new girlfriend, Isabel, is back.

Lee hands off a walk-in client to Lyman. It’s Ms. Flores (America Ferrera). But he focuses more on complimenting Mexican culture than on her actual issue, so Ms. Flores asks for Alicia.

Alicia is busy moving into her new, not-so-glamorous office. Flores’s friend Tomas Ruiz is being forced to sign a snitch visa to testify against Lalo Hierra, dangerous leader of the Mexican cartel. The other associates aren’t too keen on pro bono work, until they learn she works for rich possible new client.

The other Carey wants to make cuts to their payroll, starting with Robyn, and since the new office isn’t soundproofed, she hears their conversation.

Tomas is being threatened by the prosecution to sign the snitch visa until Alicia steps in to speak to her new client. Tomas is worried about leaving his wife and wants to sign the visa. He agrees to testify as long as he is guaranteed 24-hour protection.

Tomas simply sits in the courtroom during the trial, and it obviously rattles Lalo.

Marilyn and Eli stop by to discuss the rules about Peter paying a visit to the new firm. Before he gets a chance to give his two cents, Eli becomes adorably flustered; he’s spotted Natalie. He bolts down the stairs to catch her before she leaves, and they make plans for lunch.

Joe Pallota, Natalie’s boss, calls LG to see if Natalie was there, and they find out how Howard “complimented” and basically threw Natalie into Alicia’s arms.

Elena, Tomas’s wife, calls Alicia to let her know that they’ve taken Tomas and are bringing him back to Mexico.

Robyn asks Kalinda to put in a good word for her at LG, but Kalinda gives her advice instead: be indispensable.

It turns out that the wrong Tomas was deported because of a glitch. Robyn offers to find the other Tomas.

While Will tries to sweet talk Joe Palloto into bringing Natalie back to LG, David Lee tries to get rid of Isabel by bringing up Alicia.

Eli initially canceled Peter’s Minority Voter Council speech, but after speaking with Natalie, he changes his mind.

Robyn goes into Kalinda-mode and finds the real Tomas in two hours.

In a game of musical courts, Alicia and Cary seek out the assistance of the trial judge, who sends them to the Board of Immigration Appeals, who sends them elsewhere to seek asylum for Tomas.

Natalie brings Eli dried apricots, and he runs after her and (sweetly) demands that they have dinner tonight.

Isabel asks Will about Alicia, and he keeps his explanation short.

Alicia and Cary run into trouble when their request for asylum is refused because Tomas never got the chance to testify.

Will calls Natalie, offering to help should Alicia and Cary come up short.

Marilyn lets on that Eli’s judgement may be clouded with his recent infatuation, leading Peter to cancel the speech.

Diane asks Howard to apologize, and I think that might do more harm than good.

Alicia and Cary argue that there’s a blood feud between Tomas and the drug lord and apply for a T visa. The immigration case worker agrees to grant the T visas for Tomas’s family, but not for Tomas.

With this news, Natalie seeks out Will in a last-ditch effort to save Tomas.

Fortunately, Robyn convinces a Mexican official to turn Tomas away at the border.

Eli initially cancels dinner with Natalie, claiming to be busy with work, but can’t stomach the idea of lying to her and comes into the restaurant anyway.

Peter takes one of his interns to Alicia’s new office and helps her unpack.

I’m so glad that America Ferrara is back! If I can’t have the Will/Alicia relationship I was hoping for, at least there’s Eli & Natalie. There is something so immensely sweet about Alan Cumming’s character when he’s around Natalie, and I hope she stays…and rattles Marilyn even more.

– Lindsay

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