If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/29/13

It’s amazing that November is coming to an end already, but I’m ready for December to be here and bring Christmas along with it. While all you Americans rest from your turkey overload, let’s see what’s on TV tonight.

Megan’s Choice

grimm1129smallI am really enjoying where Grimm is headed this season with all of their characters. Nick’s evolution this season has been pretty quick, but it definitely makes things more interesting. A theory that I’ve been bouncing around about why Nick sometimes appears as though he’s dead or almost dead—that formula that was sprayed on him by the Baron was made to make zombies. Now, Nick is a grimm, which in my mind makes me think of the Grimm Reaper, so perhaps he is just taking on his full powers—a process sped up by the Baron’s poison. Far-fetched as it may be, this is Grimm, and anything can happen. The last episode we saw had some excellent mythology in it with the mermaids, and I was so pleased to see the youngest daughter saved in the end, because there has been a lot of dark stories this season so far. A happier ending is always a pleasant change.

On tonight’s episode, “El Cucuy,” Nick investigates a vigilante murderer who is trying to clean up the streets in a rough neighborhood. Manny Montana guest stars.

To see how Nick delivers justice in his own way, tune in to NBC at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Dracula, Four Weddings, and Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.

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