If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/1/13

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I did. 🙂 We got a new stove/oven a few days before, so cooking was a lot more fun than it’s been since we moved into this place about five years ago. Thanksgiving night, my kiddo went over to his friend’s house, and then the two of them left early Friday morning with his friend’s grandparents. They’ll be in Branson, Missouri, until sometime tonight. So it was a fun weekend, and as of right now, I still have quite a bit of time kid free to enjoy. 😉 To cap off a great weekend, there’s some excellent TV on to enjoy tonight, so check out our recommendations.

Jenny’s Choice #1

thementalist121smallLast week, the Red John arc on The Mentalist finally ended, after 5+ seasons. After fooling everyone…except Jane, apparently…Red John turned out to be Sheriff McAllister. Jane strangled him, getting revenge for the murders of his wife and daughter. Then on his way out of town (one can only assume. LOL), he called Lisbon one more time. It was kind of heartwrenching. When we left off, the team was in FBI custody, Jane had killed his arch enemy and was on the run, and the CBI was no more. Where in the world do we go from there?! Two years into the future, apparently… The show is back tonight, and it’s gonna be a whole new ball game. I can’t wait to see how it goes without Red John as the focus. (And check out the episode title. No references to RED!) Emily Swallow joins the cast tonight, and star Simon Baker directed tonight’s episode.

On tonight’s episode, “My Blue Heaven,” two years after the Red John case was put to rest, Jane’s newfound peace is interrupted by a surprising job offer that could change everything for him.

Find out what job offer comes Jane’s way and where the rest of the team is tonight on CBS at 10:30/9:30c.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

breakingthefaithsmallThe series premiere of Breaking the Faith last week was a bit insane and scary. I couldn’t believe what I was watching and that these people actually believe it. The things that these girls have been through was incredibly eye opening, and I honestly felt very sad for them. When the girls were rescued by the boys who were previously shunned from the community, I was very excited for them. Now we get to watch while the girls try to learn how to live in the real world and see if they can actually do it.

On tonight’s episode, “On the Run,” after the escape, the group heads to a safe house and discovers it’s run by someone they were taught to hate.

To see how the girls deal with reality, tune in to TLC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching The Amazing Race, Once Upon a Time, Christmas in Conway, Guy’s Grocery Games, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, and Chopped.

Kyle’s Choice

thewalkingdead121smallTonight is the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. For the past two weeks, we’ve been following the Governor instead of our main prison group. At first, it looked like “Brian” might have changed; he even found a surrogate family with Lilly and Meghan. However, we quickly saw the old, ruthless Governor return as he brutally murdered the leaders of his new camp, including Martinez and Pete. The episode ended with the Governor looking at Michonne from a distance, through the barrel of his gun, but he didn’t pull the trigger.

It’s clear the Governor is headed for the prison next—and he has a tank! Is he going to try to take the prison for his own, or just obliterate it? I can’t wait to see how this battle plays out. Who will survive? Is this the end of the Governor or one of our prison favorites? I’m sure we’re probably going to be left with some big cliffhanger tonight.

On tonight’s episode, “Too Far Gone,” just as things start to calm down at the prison, Rick and the group face imminent danger.

AMC will be marathoning the entire fourth season starting at 2pm ET/PT today, leading up to the mid-season finale on AMC at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Amazing Race, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Once Upon a Time, Bob’s Burgers, Return to Downton Abbey, Guy’s Grocery Games, Restaurant Express, Chopped, Talking Dead, Getting On, Ja’mie: Private School Girl, Homeland, and Masters of Sex.

Jenny’s Choice #2

choppedsmallTonight is the Chopped holiday episode featuring celebrities trying to win money for their favorite charity. I love this show, and I always love when they have the celebrities on because unlike most of the chefs we see, these celebrities aren’t usually full of themselves and cocky. They are there to do some good (& for bragging rights, of course. 😉 ), so it’s always fun to watch. This episode features Antonio Sabato Jr., Dawn Wells, Anthony Anderson, & Teri Hatcher.

On tonight’s episode, “Celebrity Holiday Bash,” the party begins with sparkling cider and doughnuts in the first basket. Wagyu steaks are served up for the entree round. And the final moments of the competition are filled with drama and suspense as the competitors rush to get their plum pudding desserts plated.

Find out who earns the cash for their charity tonight on Food Network at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing America’s Funniest Home Videos, Guy’s Grocery Games, & Restaurant Express.

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