Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Whack-a-Mole” – 11/24/13

thegoodwiferecap121smallDiane and Will go up against Cary and Alicia in court with a new, shady face at LG. Jackie butts heads with Eli…again.


Florrick/Agos and LG are having problems. One has too many clients and too few lawyers, and the other, too few clients. Robyn suggests throwing a Christmas party to increase their client load.

Will is vetting new lawyers and won’t settle for just anyone. He’s interested in the one lawyer his headhunter doesn’t recommend: Damien Boyle. His top clients are in prison, and it’s rumored that he has ties to the mob.

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Zayeed, an old client, calls Alicia in the middle of their meeting. He’s being questioned by the FBI and isn’t sure if he should have his lawyer present. Alicia runs over. Their questions seem innocent until they ask him about his whereabouts on the day of the Milwaukee bombing. They have a warrant for his computer and other devices. Alicia pulls Zayeed aside to see if he has any incriminating information on his computer, and he tells her that he has been working on a research project looking into the jihad.

Will watches Damien (Jason O’Mara) in court and likes what he sees. (Who wouldn’t? He’s dreamy.)

Alicia attempts to quash the warrant until one of the agents shows up with a photo of Zayeed at the festival, when he claimed to be elsewhere.

At the local bar, Will attempts to schmooze Damien into joining his firm.

Zayeed claims that he’s not the guy in the photo. And Robyn finds that the FBI is using Scabbit, a social media site whereupon anyone can upload images or opinions about the bombing, and so far, its users are convinced that Zayeed is the bomber.

Jackie interrupts Eli’s lunch with Rachel, Peter’s new candidate for the Supreme Court, to pull Eli aside and demand that Peter find himself a new candidate.

Cary recommends that they sue Scabbit to stop the photos. They ask for an injunction, and the judge grants their request.

Will hired Damien without consulting the other partners, and David Lee isn’t too keen on the newcomer. He just might change his mind after he finds out that Damien has taken matters into his own hands. Damien heads over to Florrick/Agos posing as a rental company, removes furniture, and sneaks a peek at Alicia’s files.

Jackie is adamant about removing Rachel Keyser. She slept with the other Mr. Florrick, and while Eli sympathizes with Jackie, he will not ruin Peter’s career by replacing another female candidate.

Alicia’s back in court against Scabbit, and they’ve chosen LG to represent them. I wonder how they got that idea? Damien is proving to be useful in this Alicia/Will debacle.

Scabbit claims that they’ve taken down the offending thread, but just a few minutes later, another one pops up. It’s Whack-A-Mole! Alicia asks that they moderate the board, but the judge rules that they can only take down threads as they appear.

After this win for Scabbit and LG, Diane takes Damien’s employment to a vote, and suddenly David Lee has changed his mind. LG wants to use Scabbit to lure Chumhum back to them.

Alicia is seeking 8 million dollars in a defamation suit now that Zayeed has lost his job.

Alicia puts Grant Irvin (username Lotion My Feet) on the stand. He’s a moderator on the site and has posted about Zayeed as the Milwaukee bomber. But Scabbit has little oversight on his comments or points he’s awarded; a computer does that.

Jackie threatens Rachel with this killer line: “You should have slept with a husband of someone with a shorter memory.” Rachel’s husband is in the hospital, and Jackie will inform him of Rachel’s past indiscretions if she doesn’t step down, but Rachel claims he already knows.

Kalinda attempts to vet Damien, but he’s not making it easy.

Alicia asks that Scabbit release the names of the posters, and Judge Kluger orders that they receive the list by the end of the day.

LG gives them 180 names, and none of them match the list of Scabbit’s employees. However, one name, Dante Pryor, doesn’t match any one actual person. He’s a socialbot, made to increase traffic on the site.

Jackie calls Rachel’s bluff and visits the other woman’s cancer-stricken husband in the hospital. It works, and Rachel drops out of the race. Eli is livid.

Diane and Will finally visit the Florrick/Agos offices in person to sit down and discuss a settlement.

But before they get to that, Judge Kluger calls Alicia and asks if they can meet for coffee.

Normally, Jackie gets on my nerves in every episode she’s in, but I was in her corner this time. She’s wonderfully horrible, and I can’t wait for more Eli/Jackie squabbles. Speaking of Eli, is Natalie gone and completely off the radar for another year? This fleeting love affair isn’t nice.

That call from Judge Kluger… I think the audience was more shocked than Alicia was. What was that about?

Last but certainly not least, the addition of Jason O’Mara makes this episode SO great. I’ve been a fan for years, and I think it’s time we have another love-to-hate him character.

– Lindsay

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