If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/11/13

Holy icicles Batman, it’s really cold here today! I believe it’s about -23 Celsius here with the windchill, which is about -9 Fahrenheit; so yes, it’s freezing! While I cuddle under my blankets and sip a warm cup of tea, let’s see what we all should be watching tonight.

Megan’s Choice

kellyclarksonchristmassmallWhat better way to fight the blustery cold outside than to watch Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale? I have adored Kelly since her season on American Idol, (you know, back when American Idol was still worth watching? 🙂 ), and I have followed her career along the way. Last year, I had the chance to see this beautiful girl in concert, and let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC!

Tonight, she’s joined by Blake Shelton, Reba, & Trisha Yearwood to sing some holiday songs straight from her new Christmas album, “Wrapped in Red.” There will also be some appearances by other celebrities, including Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, and Ken Jeong. Kelly and her guests will celebrate the season with a comedic take on a traditional Christmas morality tale. I for one am super excited!

To get your holiday dose of this fabulous girl, tune in to NBC following The Sing-Off at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching The Sing-Off, Criminal Minds, Modern Family, The X Factor, CSI, Super Fun Night, and Top Chef.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice #1

criminalminds1211smallIt’s been two weeks since the last new Criminal Minds. The last new episode was so damn sad. A little boy was lured out of his bedroom, kidnapped, & killed. The case was similar to an old one that the team tied it to. It turned out to be the boy’s computer teacher. He’d had a…very bad childhood—he was abused and made to watch and film as his father did…terrible things. So he was targeting children whose fathers married women similar to his mother. He thought he was saving the boys from the same fate he’d had. It was horribly sad. Usually, the cases have an okay ending, but there was nothing happy about last week.

I always love it when the show comes to my hometown (they’ve been to Kansas City before, and they’ve been to Oklahoma City, which is 45 miles from where I was born and raised), so I’m kind of excited for tonight’s fall finale, since they’re back in Kansas City!

On tonight’s episode, “Bully,” when the BAU is called to Kansas City to investigate a series of murders, a tense reunion ensues between Blake and her father, a retired police captain, and her brother, a detective, who must work together to help solve the crime.

See how well the family works together tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

Kyle’s Choice

themiddle1211smallTonight on ABC, it’s Christmas episodes all around for their Wednesday comedy block. I always enjoy these holiday-themed episodes—especially with Christmas being only 2 weeks away! Since the holidays are all about spending time with family, out of tonight’s lineup, I’m most excited for The Middle and Modern Family. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of holiday hijinks these families get up to this season—which will undoubtedly be resolved at the end of each episode with the whole family coming together. [Note from Jenny: Just like Larry & Jackie swore would happen on the Thanksgiving episode of The Neighbors! LOL]

On tonight’s episode of The Middle, “The Christmas Tree,” Sue develops an allergy to the Christmas tree. Meanwhile, Axl returns home from college and chooses to spend time with his pals instead of his family, which displeases Frankie; and Brick devises a scheme to cover his lie about his wrapping-paper sales.

modernfamily1211smallAnd on tonight’s Modern Family, directed by Bryan Cranston, “The Old Man & the Tree,” Cam takes Lily to a charity event, where they learn the true meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, Mitch goes last-minute shopping to get the right gift for Lily; Jay and Manny set out to cut down their own tree; and Gloria’s on edge when her mom visits, but is happy to see her bonding with Claire.

Spend some time laughing with two great families tonight on ABC at 8/7c & 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Survivor, Criminal Minds, CSI, Super Fun Night, Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, American Horror Story: Coven, and Top Chef.

JJ’s Choice

meljoey1211smallTonight, ABC Family is airing specials of my favorite two ABC Family comedies. Although (especially for Melissa & Joey) I’d like to see how the stories continue, it’s great that the shows will get to air these specials. It shows that the network really loves these shows and that the comedies are doing great.

First up is Melissa & Joey, with “A New Kind of Christmas,” where Mel’s sister Meredith comes home from prison on furlough to celebrate Christmas with the kids and Mel, who seems unruffled by Joe’s obvious animosity toward her.

babydaddy1211smallFind out how the animosity shows on ABC Family at 8/7c.

Afterward, Baby Daddy airs “Emma’s First Christmas,” where Ben and Danny end up in elf suits as they try to find the perfect toy for Emma, while Riley and Tucker volunteer to help Bonnie pull of the perfect Christmas.

Find out if they succeed on ABC Family at 8:30/7:30c.

I’ll also be watching Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Modern Family, and Super Fun Night.

Jenny’s Choice #2

theexes1211smallTV Land’s The Exes is back tonight for its fall premiere. I love this show. The characters are great, the jokes are funny, and it just makes me laugh a lot. I especially love Eden. She is a hoot. And the story line with her & Phil is kinda fun. 😀 Last time, the gang went to Holly’s ex-boyfriend’s wedding…and Holly kind of crashed it, trying to prove she was over him. Meanwhile, Eden and Phil realized they were starting to have feelings for one another.

On tonight’s episode, “True Lies,” Eden shares a secret about herself and Phil with Holly, who blabs to Stuart and Haskell, testing boundaries within the group.

Find out how the group reacts to Eden & Phil’s secret tonight on TV Land at 10:30/9:30c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Melissa & Joey, Modern Family, CSI, Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale, & Top Chef.

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