Recap/Review – Major Crimes – “All In” – 12/9/13

majorcrimesrecap129smallThe squad investigates the murder of a country club member; Flynn needs a favor.


Two boys are in for the shock of their lives when, as they’re searching for golf balls to sell back to the country club, they encounter a dead body in a pond.

The victim’s name is Dennis Dietz, and he’s been dead for at least 2 days. He has no criminal record, but recently registered a complaint against an app developer, claiming that he scammed Mr. Dietz and his friends out of $2 million. His wife reported him missing when he didn’t show up for dinner two nights ago, but protocol dictates that a search not start until an adult is missing for 72 hours.

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Tao wants to lead the team in a Finances 101 lecture, but no one has time for that. In short, Dietz took the money and invested into an app that never made it out of production. Dennis cashed out his trust fund to the tune of $500,000 and took it to Vegas, hoping to win the rest back.

Flynn is obviously distracted, but won’t say why.

Instead of notifying the family, they instead follow up on his wife’s missing person’s report. The group knows about the half million and think that Dennis has run off with the money. Flynn gives them the notification, and Buzz has located security footage of Dietz leaving the country club in his car—also missing.

No luck on the car, phone, or money yet. As they run through the alibis of the various suspects, annoying Emma interrupts, accusing Sharon of trying to derail her case. Now that Rusty’s been evaluated, the defense can call his mental stability into question. While Raydor moves the private conversation elsewhere, Flynn lets on about his odd behavior; he lied to his family about his relationship with Sharon, and now they want to meet her again. (So, so happy they brought this back. I thought we’d never hear about their wedding date again!)

Emma tries to school Rusty on the dangers of being on the streets. Did she suddenly forget his past?! And he schools her on how horrible it is that she would try to stop him from receiving help.

Rick, Dietz’s college roommate, has come in, asking to speak to Flynn “in confidence.” So, the detectives instruct him to lower his voice and have a private conversation in the Visitor’s Conference Room. He tells them about Dietz’s contractor, Barry, one of the investors, and his reaction to losing the money. Rick went round to his house earlier today to notify him of Dennis’s passing and noticed that Dennis’s car was parked nearby. Rick looked inside and found Dennis’s cell phone, along with a large pool of blood covering the front seat.

They head to Barry’s home, and it appears that he’s out until Flynn finds him hiding underneath his bed. He admits to everything, but is stopped and read his rights. Once Buzz comes upstairs with the camera, Barry’s changed his mind and wants a lawyer.

Rusty isn’t thrilled that everyone gets to read the results of his psych evaluation.

Madeline Morgan, Barry’s attorney, wants to make a deal for misdemeanor battery. But she’s referring to a different victim: Geoff Klein, the app developer. Now that that’s cleared up, Raydor wants his alibi and the location of Geoff Klein. He says he met with Klein on Friday, and after Klein tried to push him out, he hit Klein with his crutches. He was on the bus at the time of Dennis’s murder.

Geoff Klein comes into the precinct with good news; his app has sold for $20 million, making the Dietz family and friends quite rich. Geoff claims that his investors were too impatient and fixated on his prior failures.

While they’re chatting, Flynn lurks outside the office like a sad puppy. Provenza appeases him by saying he’ll go see the Nutcracker with him and tell his family that Sharon is too busy.

They head back to Dietz’s home and show the family footage of Mrs. Dietz in the casinos. She says she bought chips to talk to the dealers, but when Sharon picks up a case and throws it in the fire, Mrs. Dietz runs for it, alone. She took the money and traded it in for $500,000 worth of chips at several casinos, using that as her alibi when she claimed to be searching for her missing husband. Before they arrest her, Flynn goes off on the mom and son, who only seemed to be concerned about their bank accounts.

Ignoring Provenza’s advice to stay away from Sharon, Flynn asks her out to the performance.

I wasn’t all that interested in the case of the week. What made this episode worthwhile was Flynn, his supremely odd behavior around Sharon, and Provenza’s not-so-tactful advice. By far, this is my favorite surprising storyline.

– Lindsay

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