Top Ten Shows of 2013

Once again, it’s time for us to give you our list of the top 10 shows of the previous year. There was some great stuff on, so let’s take a look back at 2013 and see what we loved the most. And as always, thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed in, entered contests, and helped spread the word about the site. We appreciate each and every one of you! Without you, there would be no site. We hope you had a great holiday season and have a terrific new year!

Top 10

Jenny's Choice: The Mentalist
thementalisttop102013smallThis was probably my hardest show to pick. It’s not perfect. But after waiting so long for the Red John story line to wrap, the end of last season & beginning of this one were great as we watched Jane narrow down the list of suspects. It kept me guessing as to who really was the killer—and then to play it out the way they did...I honestly still had no idea until right toward the end about who it really was. It was a great job by the writers. Now that Jane is working for the FBI basically doing what he did for the CBI, it’ll be interesting to see how the Jane/Lisbon relationship grows. I’ll be sad to see Rigsby & Van Pelt go, but they have two kids, their new security firm is doing I hope they get to ride off in the sunset, not get blown up or shot!
Megan's Choice: MasterChef
masterchef2012smallIt was a pretty tight race this year for any of my spots, because 2013 has been an incredible year for television in my world. With that competition, every spot I have should be honored to make the list, starting with MasterChef. While I've always loved Hell's Kitchen, its place in my heart has been replaced with MasterChef. I really enjoy watching these home cooks work through the challenges and come out the other side with the talents of professional chefs. This last season had some interesting characters on it, but that's why I love this show. There's such a great combination of cooking, personal growth, and people arguing over simple things. I loved Krissi on the last season, despite how many people found her abrasive and rude. I'm looking forward to the next season, as well as the season of MasterChef Canada that's starting here soon in a couple weeks.
Kyle's Choice: Hollywood Game Night
hollywoodgamenighttop102013asmallYou don't have to be some deep drama to make my top ten list, just a creative, solidly entertaining series, and Hollywood Game Night is just that. Every week, I find myself laughing out loud while playing along with actual celebrities—not a bunch of D-listers you've never heard of. Jane Lynch is a hilarious host, and I love how the show mixes things up with brand new games being introduced every week. It's so much fun!

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Top 9

Jenny's Choice: Blue Bloods
bluebloodstop102013smallThis show can do no wrong, in my book. With all the shows (reality & scripted) about disfunctional families skewed morals, it’s extremely nice to have a show that I can depend on the characters always making the right decisions. Danny never cheats on his wife or excuses things like his oldest childhood friend being in with the mob. No matter how tough it is, Frank always does the right thing as police commissioner. The family dynamics & characters are great, the cases are interesting, and the writing is superb. It’s a great family show.
Megan's Choice: The Big Bang Theory
tbbttop102013asmallThe Big Bang Theory is still bringing the laughs this year, and I don't see any sign of it slowing down anytime soon. This comedy is witty, well-rounded, and doesn't only use cheap jokes to get a laugh—the writers actually make you think about it. Sheldon and Amy are definitely my favorite part of the show at the moment, because those awkward interactions are incredibly amusing. My favorite episode was when the gang went to Howard's mom's house for the holidays, and Sheldon got drunk with Bernadette's dad. Sheldon is a very amusing drunk, especially when he slapped Amy's butt, which she thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂 I'm looking forward to more growth from all the characters and hopefully a steady relationship for Raj.
Kyle's Choice: The Good Wife
thegoodwifetop102013smallThe Good Wife continues to be a solid drama. I like how they took their time this year to build up the tension of the impending split in the firm. "Hitting the Fan" was a wonderful hour of television, and the fallout from the split has also been so entertaining to watch.

Top 8

Jenny's Choice: The Goldbergs
thegoldbergssmallAnother one of my favorite new comedies, The Goldbergs reminds me SO MUCH of my childhood. From the music, to the clothes, to the cars... It’s nostalgia at its finest. It truly reminds me of the old school TGIF shows. I really love when they show us a clip of the original home movies the episode was based off of. So funny!
Megan's Choice: Hawaii Five-0
hawaiifive0top10smallWhile Hawaii Five-0 may not be on everyone's list of top shows, it's definitely on mine. It may be true that I consider Alex O'Loughlin my TV boyfriend (Don't judge me. A girl can dream!), but it's for more than his sexiness that I watch. The writers have continued to entice me with the story lines and also have me hooked on seeing what happens to all my favorite characters. I'm really glad they haven’t been focusing on the Wo Fat story as much this season, as well as the addition of Catherine as a regular part of the team. Both changes have made the show even more enjoyable for me. I'm really hoping that soon, we will see the situation with Kono and Adam come to a close soon.
Kyle's Choice: Orange is the New Black
oitnbtop102013smallAfter a lackluster final season of Weeds, I had my doubts about Jenji Kohan's next project. However, after watching an episode of OitNB on Netflix, I was immediately sucked back into her witty writing. The characters are great, and the show is fun, dramatic, and fully entertaining. Once I started watching, I marathoned the entire season!

Top 7

Jenny's Choice: The Neighbors
theneighborssmallThis show isn’t as high on my list as last time—competition was fierce, especially for comedies!—but I still adore it. I love Reggie & Amber together, although I’m not a fan of his alien soulmate girl. I love that Larry finally got an honest job to help out his family so Jackie didn’t have to support them on her own after his father cut him off because they opted to stay there on Earth. And who could forget Debbie Weaver in braids? Eek!
Megan's Choice: NCIS: LA
ncislatop102013smallComing in my seventh spot is NCIS: LA, which just goes to show how incredibly hard it was to choose this year, because this is by far one of my favorites. I love Deeks and Kensi, especially since the writers have started to allow their feelings for each other to move forward. Granted, Kensi got shipped off to the Middle East, but I have faith that the writers will fix this. Besides all the relationship deliciousness, this is a show that guarantees to bring you a story that is full of drama and suspense. If you haven't been watching, I'd have to ask you... What's wrong with you?
Kyle's Choice: The Goldbergs
thegoldbergs1119smallThe Goldbergs is one of my favorite new comedies this year. I love how the series mixes the nostalgia of the 80s with a fun family sitcom. Setting the series in 1980-something is a genius idea, as it allows them to bring in anything from the 80s and not worry about being tied down to a specific year or have to save ideas for future seasons that may not happen. The Goldbergs are a hilarious, lovable family, and I really look forward to their antics each week.

Top 6

Jenny's Choice: Rizzoli & Isles
rizzoliandislestop10smallI don’t ever have anything negative to say about this show. The friendship between Maura & Jane is perfect, as are the relationships between Jane, Korsak, & Frost. The cases are always interesting. Jane’s mother working right there in the coffee shop is great. I’m worried about how they’re going to handle the Frost character, since sadly, his portrayer killed himself. But I know however they handle it, they’ll do it well.
Megan's Choice: Grimm
grimm1smallGrimm was a favorite of mine from the moment it premiered, and it hasn't lost its ranking yet. I like to describe this show as a fairytale on crack. (Yes, I just went there...) The show gets that description because of the way they take a usual fairytale and pack it full of action and a slight insane twist. I'm enjoying the show more now that Juliette knows about Nick being a Grimm. It makes it more believable for me. The rest of the season, I hope they clear up the “royals” story line, because I'm anxious to see where it's going.
Kyle's Choice: House of Cards
houseofcardstop102013smallNetflix's remake of House of Cards was amazing. It was another show that I had to watch all the way through once I started the first episode. The tension and story that build over the course of the first season are wonderful. Kevin Spacey is amazing as the master manipulator, and it is so much fun to see how his evil plans all come together over the course of the season. He is like a cockroach who will adapt and survive anything.

Top 5

Jenny's Choice: Trophy Wife
trophywifesmallThis is one of the best new comedies this season. I’ve loved it from the start, and I’m so glad I decided to watch, since based on the promo and description, I doubted I was going to like it. Each character is so much fun, so funny, and the stories are so sweet. I love tuning in because I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I’d be hard-pressed to pick which episode I like most because they’re all just that good.
Megan's Choice: Food Network Competition Shows
foodnetworktop102013smallFood Network competition shows are taking up my fifth spot as a group. Yes, I can do that. It's my list! I couldn't choose just one, and I didn't want to use all my spots, so Chopped, The Next Iron Chef, Guy's Grocery Games, and Cutthroat Kitchen are being grouped together. The thing about these shows for me is the creativity that the competition brings out in these chefs. There are so many reasons to tune in to Food Network, but these four shows are at the top of the list.
Kyle's Choice: Orphan Black
orphanblacktop102013smallAll I can say about Orphan Black is that Tatiana Maslany is truly amazing. She plays at least six different characters in the first season, and all of them have distinct personalities. It's so much fun watching her play scenes opposite herself, or with one of her characters pretending to be another one of her characters. The series itself is a great mix of humor, action, drama, and mystery.

Top 4

Jenny's Choice: Hollywood Game Night
hollywoodgamenighttop102013bsmallI love this show for so many reasons. Jane Lynch is the perfect host: funny, sarcastic, relaxed, and totally gelling with the celebrities and guests. Speaking of the celebrities... Unlike shows like Dancing with the Stars, where it’s B-list stars or perpetual reality show “stars,” the stars on this show are actual celebrities that are current or popular ones from recent years. They’re people you want to watch. And I love how they kind of just take off their shoes (sometimes literally!), let their hair down, and just have fun, without trying to put on their “public” persona. The games are always a lot of fun, too. This is one of my drop-everything-and-watch shows.
Megan's Choice: The Voice
thevoice2013smallOver the years, my love of singing competition shows has greatly dwindled...except for one: The Voice. I honestly don't know what I would do without a regular dose of awesome that this show brings me. Not only does it showcase some of the strongest talent I've ever seen on a competition show, but the coaches are such a great addition to my TV habit. Blake Shelton is hilarious and has that sexy country boy charm, but of course, my heart lies with the uber-sexy Adam Lavine, who makes every episode just that more delectable to watch.
Kyle's Choice: The Americans
theamericanstop102013smallThe Americans marks another show set in the 1980s that makes my list, but this is a far more dramatic one. I love the way this series takes a look at the Cold War from the perspective of the Russian spies—and makes you actually care (and kind of root) for them. I also like how these spies don't have James Bond style technology—even something like a cell phone that would make their lives a whole lot easier. Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, and Margo Martindale all give great performances.

Top 3

Jenny's Choice: The Big Bang Theory
tbbttop102013bsmallWhat can I say about this show, other than it’s absolutely brilliant? I laugh so hard each and every episode. Bernadette & Howard being married didn’t take anything away from the show. Penny & Leonard are still going strong. Sheldon is simply...well, Sheldon...and who could forget the Sheldon & Amy D&D “sex” and the way their relationship is evolving? The show is perfection.
Megan's Choice: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
brooklyn99top102013csmallNew shows really have to impress me to end up in my list of favorites, because I really do watch an astronomical amount of TV, but nevertheless, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has easily stolen my third spot, as well as my heart. I simply love Andy Samberg in this comedy, and the rest of the cast is stellar, as well. We get smart comedy mixed with physical comedy, all topped off with crime fighting. It really is a recipe for fantastic television that had me from the pilot.
Kyle's Choice: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
brooklyn99top102013bsmallBrooklyn Nine-Nine is easily my favorite new sitcom of the fall. It reminds me of the early days of The Office, but set in a police precinct. While I was initially worried the show would play out more like an SNL sketch, that is far from the case. The writing is witty and the characters are hilarious and play wonderfully off one another—I especially love the interplay between Andy Samberg's Detective Peralta and Andre Braugher's Captain Holt.

Top 2

Jenny's Choice: Person of Interest
personofinteresttop102013smallI hate that Detective Carter got killed. Absolutely hate it. But that story line with her taking down HR opened up the characters in ways the show hadn’t gone before. We saw why Finch built The Machine in the first place through flashbacks of him as a child with his father, who got Altzheimer’s. We saw some of how Fusco was before John & Carter got ahold of him. And now, John is off drinking himself to death and trying not to feel anything, Fusco is keeping him company and trying to bring him home, Root is...well, we’re assuming at the safe house still, and Finch & Shaw are basically being held hostage by Shaw’s old boss, who wants The Machine. It’s a whole new world right now, and I can’t wait to see where they take us.
Megan's Choice: The Following
thefollowingtop102013smallThe Following was non-stop action from the moment the season started until the season finale, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Hunting down a serial killer that has a cult filled with psychos willing to kill for him is definitely a recipe for disaster—thankfully, it's also the recipe for amazing television. I love the creepy, in-your-face violence this show brings, because it feels more realistic and edgy than the average crime drama. This is not a show for the faint of heart, but if you love a good mystery and enjoy a fear shiver now and then, you should without a doubt be tuning in to The Following.
Kyle's Choice: The Returned
thereturnedtop102013smallEven though Sundance Channel gave the French series Les Revenants the English title of The Returned, I am so glad they aired it in its original form. Far too often, we don't get to see the original versions of foreign TV series, and just get the US remake. While this series is technically a zombie show, it's unlike any you have ever seen. I really enjoyed the slow, methodical pace of the series. Each week, they give you some backstory on a different character, plus some pieces of an overall mystery. As the season plays out, you piece things together and realize the interconnectedness of it all. It was a truly amazing first season, and I can't wait for the second. A&E is going to be remaking the series in the US, but I highly recommend checking out this original first!

And our picks for our FAVORITE shows of the year 2012 are…

Top 1

Jenny's Choice: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
brooklyn99top102013asmallThis was by far my favorite new show of the season. The cast has been amazing from the start. The story lines are always funny, even when dealing with what should be a serious case (like murder), and it never fails to make me laugh. The writing is great, the chemistry with the cast is perfect, and it’s my favorite comedy since The Neighbors premiered. I’d be hard-pressed to pick which episode would be my favorite, because all of them have been so good. Whether it’s Charles on his scooter after he got shot, or the team coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s one laugh after another, which is why it made my top spot.
Megan's Choice: Sleepy Hollow
sleepyhollowtop102013smallGet ready to have your socks knocked off, because my number one is bound to give you a surprise. It's true that I usually have something like Bones or Criminal Minds in my first spot, but not this year. This year, yet another freshman show has stolen my heart, and that show is Sleepy Hollow. I am in love with it all, and I hate missing it. It is one of the most compelling and incredible shows on television. Ichabod and Abbie are by far one of the best non-couples, and I am hooked on them and their adventures. Watching the Headless Horseman trapped in the light circle was very creepy, but watching him get free made me want to hide under the blankets with a stuffed bunny. That is why this show had to be my favorite show...because it can affect me like no other show has in a long time. Do your imagination a favor and tune in to FOX to give this gem a chance.
Kyle's Choice: Breaking Bad
breakingbadtop10smallA truly amazing series finally came to a close this year. Breaking Bad has set the bar so high for TV that I don't think we're going to see anything this good for a long time. The final season used its eight short episodes to bring the series to a satisfying conclusion by actually trying to answer any and all open questions and closing out every story line from the series. "Ozymandias" was a truly magnificent hour of television and easily the highlight of the entire series. This is by far my favorite TV series of all time, and I was happy to see it get such a strong final season.

The following shows might not have made our Top 10, but check out our picks for Honorable Mentions!

Top Honorable Mentions

Jenny's Picks
There are a lot of shows I took off this list because if I added them all, it would be a full page by itself. Here are my highlights: Castle (love that they’re together now, solid, & the kidnapping story line was great, but don’t like Pi at all), Bones (was a little disappointed at the way the Pelant story line ended, but the wedding was beautiful & perfect), Almost Human (love the futuristic story line & the characters), NCIS: LA (loved all the Kensi & Deeks moments, hoping for more when DR gets back from maternity leave), Motive (fun show with an interesting twist), MasterChef Junior (a lot of fun seeing the judges in a whole new light, and the kids were AMAZING!).
Megan's Picks
Alas, there are only ten spots, so there have to be some honorable mentions, and here is my list: Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Drop Dead Diva, The Blacklist, The Mindy Project, Super Fun Night, Scandal, Witches of East End, Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, Bones, Hell's Kitchen, Elementary, Teen Wolf, 2 Broke Girls, and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.
Kyle's Picks
There were way too many great shows this year. Others that could have made my list include: Broadchurch (another solid slow-burn British mystery/drama), Game of Thrones (the "Red Wedding" episode was an amazing and shocking hour of television), Arrested Development (it was great to see this show return), Trophy Wife (a hilarious new version of a Modern Family), and Whodunnit? (besides crazy/awkward final reveal, it was very fun, creative show that embraced its campiness).

What do you think? Did we hit the high points? Did we miss something you think we definitely should have included? Let us know by commenting below!

– Jenny, Megan, & Kyle

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