If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/21/14

Brrr! I know Megan got cold again, and the wind is blowing really hard as I write this up, so I know the temp is dropping. So stay out of the cold and snuggle in to watch some great TV tonight! Here’s what we’re recommending.

Jenny’s Choice

thegoldbergs121smallThere’s so much on TV on Tuesdays that I don’t have a chance to recommend everything I want, but this week, out of everything, I narrowed it down to one: The Goldbergs. I absolutely adore this show, and I have since the beginning. There are so many great references to the 1980s, when I was growing up (I was born in 1976, tyvm), so most of it just brings back so many memories—both good and bad. *laugh* Last week gave us classic Beverly “smother” moments, but my favorite part would HAVE to be the end, with Murray and Adam. It was enough to make me tear up, honestly. And then, of course, Adam finding out he hadn’t returned his video? Hilarious. This show is one of the funniest on my schedule, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

On tonight’s episode, “You Opened the Door,” when Adam and Dana decide to attend their first school dance together, Beverly makes a huge deal out of it and decides she has to help chaperone the event. To prepare for the big night, Adam goes to his mother for advice, but soon regrets his decision. Likewise, Dana’s mom has plans to attend the dance. The mothers’ behavior surprises everyone. Do Adam and Dana stand a chance to have a good time? Meanwhile, Murray talks with Barry about the “birds and the bees,” which goes awry.

See if you learn anything new about the birds and the bees tonight on ABC at 9:01/8:01c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Brooklyn Nine-NIne, Trophy Wife, Chopped, Chicago Fire, Cougar Town, & Killer Women.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

themindyproject121smallThe Mindy Project has been taking us on an emotional rollercoaster this season, and I am not a happy camper. I was seriously ticked off last week when Mindy and Cliff broke up. Cliff broke up with Mindy because he said he couldn’t trust her after he saw a picture of her at Casey’s pool party. She didn’t really lie to him, because he asked her not to have dinner with him. She didn’t. She went to his party, but she turned him down. I’m hoping that he’ll listen to reason when she explains herself, but the way her luck has been going lately, I doubt it. Danny also had an eventful trip to LA when Morgan set up a dinner with Danny’s estranged father. You can imagine Danny wasn’t happy with that, but we didn’t get to see the actual dinner. I’m sure we’ll find out what happens this week, as well.

On tonight’s episode, “The Desert,” after Cliff breaks up with Mindy for lying about seeing Casey in Los Angeles, Mindy is more determined than ever to win him back. However, instead of taking Mindy to the airport, Danny tricks her into going with him to the desert to see his dad.

To see how the trip to the desert goes, tune in to FOX at 9:30/8:30c.

I’ll also be watching Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, Chicago Fire, Killer Women, The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, Chopped, Oppopsite Worlds, Klondike, and Ravenswood.

Kyle’s Choice

oppositeworldssmallI’m really excited for Syfy’s new reality show, Opposite Worlds. The reality competition series kicks off tonight and sounds like Big Brother with a sci-fi twist—14 contestants will live in a house divided in half by a glass wall, with one team on either side. While one team’s world will be set in the past, the other will live in a world of the future. While the Syfy site claims there are advantages and disadvantages to both, I think I’d prefer to live with the modern luxuries. Each week, the series will air a recorded episode on Tuesdays and a second live/elimination episode on Wednesdays, where viewers will be able to interact via Twitter. I can wait to see how this all plays out!

On tonight’s episode, “Future Welcome, Past Welcome,” the contestants are divided into two teams based on primitive and space-age worlds.

See how the worlds differ tonight on Syfy at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Supernatural, Justified, Chopped, Cougar Town, Klondike, and Face Off.

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