If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/23/14

I can’t believe I made it a week without losing my power again (knock on wood)! I know we just had a long weekend, but I could really use another! I have been struggling to keep up with all of the new TV—my TiVo has been hovering around 98% full! The nice thing about having 6 tuners is that you don’t miss recording anything—the problem is finding the time to watch it all! We’ve got some suggestions on what you can fill your own DVR with tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

rake123smallTonight, Greg Kinnear returns to TV in the new FOX comedy/drama Rake. This remake of an Australian series finds brilliant, but damaged criminal defense lawyer Keegan Joye (Kinnear) taking on wacky cases and defendants in Los Angeles. However, the person who really needs saving is Keegan himself—from his own self-destructive behavior and mess of a life, including an ongoing battle with IRS tax attorney David Potter (David Harbour, The Newsroom). Joining Keegan for this wild ride are his best friend Ben (John Ortiz, Luck), Ben’s wife—and Assistant DA—Scarlet (Necar Zadegan, Emily Owens, M.D.), Keegan’s assistant Leanne (Tara Summers, Ringer, Boston Legal), Keegan’s favorite prostitute Mikki (Bojana Novakovic), Keegan’s ex-wife/therapist Maddy (Miranda Otto, The Starter Wife), and their hormonal son Finn (Ian Colletti).

I have heard the series referred to as House with lawyers, and I think that’s a pretty accurate summary—though we get a little deeper of a glimpse into the messed-up world of our brilliant-but-damaged protagonist. While I wasn’t blown away by tonight’s pilot, I like the premise of the series, and it looks like they have some really oddball cases, clients, and guest stars lined up for the season, so I’m interested to see more.

On tonight’s episode, “Serial Killer,” a serial killer’s confession that may or may not be the work of the Los Angeles police chief. Meanwhile, a client remunerates Keegan with an expensive fish, but he needs to collect the money from a sushi restaurant so he can pay his bookie part of his gambling debt.

See if this new show’s for you tonight on FOX at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Community, Parks and Recreation, The Michael J. Fox Show, Sean Saves the World, Parenthood, and King of the Nerds.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

kingofthenerds2014smallOne of my favorite shows last year was TBS’s King of the Nerds. Hosted by two of the world’s greatest nerds, Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong (from Revenge of the Nerds among others), the show gathers some of the biggest nerds in the country, from gamers to scientists to comic book experts, and they compete first as teams and then as individuals to win the right to sit on the Throne of Games (Awesome play on words there…) and to win $100,000. Last year, one of my favorites, Celeste, won the title. She gives her up crown this year to see who will claim it.

I’ve already seen tonight’s premiere, and it’s a lot of fun. After the first episode, I still like all but one of them, although I have a feeling that’ll change pretty quick! Regardless, I’m excited to see the rest of the season!

On tonight’s episode, “In Search of a King,” a new, amazing set of Nerds settle into a bigger and better Nerdvana to compete in the ultimate quest to be crowned King of the Nerds and win $100,000.

Check out the new nerds tonight on TBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Taste, Chopped Canada, The Michael J. Fox Show, & Panic Button.

Megan’s Choice

thetastesmallThe Taste is definitely heating up, with an intense level of competiveness coming out in all the cooks. Sometimes it’s amusing how much they get upset at each other, but other times, I almost feel bad for the people who are being trashed behind their backs. The rest of the teams have taken to calling Nigella’s team “Team Hot Mess,” and granted, it’s not far off the mark, but it’s a little harsh. I think that if everyone concentrated more on their own cooking and less on cutting each other down, they would excel. I find Jeff’s overconfidence a little annoying, but I have to admit that both he and Lee have pretty fantastic talents. At the moment, I’m rooting for Shehu. I think he’s one of the more talented chefs on the show and one of the nicest.

On tonight’s episode, “Street Food,” the teams create dishes inspired by classic street food.

To see how the remaining chefs handle the competition, tune in to ABC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching American Idol, Community, and Rake.

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  1. Re: Rake

    Having seen and enjoyed both hilarious seasons of the original Aussie series, I am hoping the US crew does as good a job adapting it as was done with Wilfred, another Aussie show remade for US audiences.