If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/11/14

It’s still really cold here, but at least we haven’t gotten any more snow! I’m already missing some of my favorite shows this week, although there are enough on to keep me busy! *laugh* Check out our recommendations below. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

killerwomen211smallI’m so mad that Killer Women isn’t getting more episodes than it is. I adore the chemistry between Trisha Helfer’s Molly and Marc Blucas’s Dan. Last episode, it looked like they were breaking up, when he told her it would be easier if she just went to the court-ordered counseling and faked her way through it, and she told him that he wasn’t a long-running relationship kind of guy. But in the end, he sent her a picture of new running shoes, confirming that he was all in, and…after he was “shot” (ie: grazed by a bullet and then concussed by stuff falling on his head), they ended up together-together. In the case, the killer was loco… She murdered women who reminded her of her mother. She ended up kidnapping and almost killing Molly’s sister-in-law, Becca, but Molly rescued her just in time.

On tonight’s episode, “In and Out,” Molly is on the case when a famous basketball star is murdered in his home. Meanwhile, Becca plans a date night to let Billy in on some life-changing news, and Dan receives a credible tip leading to an arrest of an unlikely suspect.

Find out what life-changing news Becca gives Billy tonight on ABC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chopped, & Cougar Town.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

dads211smallI’m going to make your head spin with my suggestion of Dads, and yes, I’m serious. It’s true that this show has been getting a lot of terrible reviews, but honestly, I think it’s funny. There is a distinct possibility that I started watching simply because I love Seth Green and think that he is awesome in anything he does, but I have to admit that it turned into actually enjoying the show. I don’t think it’s as bad as so many people have made it out to be, but unfortunately, I’m nervous that this is going to be the series finale instead of just the season finale. If they do come back for another season, there are a few things they need to tweak, but I think if it got the attention it needs, it could be an amusing hit.

Last week, we watched as Eli and Warner enlisted the help of a mob guy for their newest game. It wasn’t all happy times with this guy around. Warner got drunk and bet the business while playing poker with the mob guys—which led to a mess of situations, including a stripper pole being put up in the office. In the end, they made friends with the mob and ended up using the guy’s idea for a meatball as the main character for the game. I was in hysterics when Warner moved the pole out of the office into his bedroom—first his wife was doing a sexy dance for him, but then he wanted to try, too. Nothing like a skinny guy swinging on a stripper pole to make you giggle. I really hope that tonight’s episode isn’t its swan song, because I think it’s got some great potential yet to be realized.

On tonight’s one-hour season finale, “Enemies of Bill/Have a Heart…Attack!” when Crawford gets too drunk and accidentally ruins the Whittemores’ couch, Camila insists that they all quit drinking so much. Then, Eli ignores David’s constant complaining, and one of them ends up in the hospital for it.

To see how these crazy father/son moments play out, tune in to FOX at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chopped, Twisted, Pretty Little Liars, and 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Kyle’s Choice

oppositeworldssmallIn the last episode of Opposite Worlds, the two teams competed in the third Duel of Destiny. Frank was nominated from team Chronos, and Angela was put up from team Epoch. Angela won the coin toss, but her decision to be chased rather than to be the chaser proved to be her downfall—Frank was able to capture Angela in under 20 seconds, eliminating her from the game.

Tonight is another Worldly Challenge and another chance for team Epoch to be able to swap sides of the house. I would never make it in the cave side of the house with its horrible bathrooms and no electronics to keep me busy over the long weeks. However, it’s been interesting to see how close the “past” team has become, versus how separated the “future” team has become. It also seems like America feels bad for team Epoch, because they keep giving them the rewards and advantages (yet, it doesn’t seem to help, as they keep losing!). Last Tuesday, team Chronos debated on whether to go to the past to win favor with America, but ultimately decided to stay where they were. I think it’s crazy to swap places. There’s no reason to be a martyr—you need to take advantage of all of the food and luxuries to keep your team in good health for the challenges! I don’t really have anyone I’m rooting for at this point, but I think it would be interesting to see a swap in the sides of the house and see how that affects both the teams and how America votes.

On tonight’s episode, “Life,” players receive shocking new rewards and punishments; a new Worldly Challenge tests the player both physically and mentally.

See the teams compete tonight on Syfy at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chopped, Cougar Town, Face Off, and Kroll Show.

JJ’s Choice

brooklyn99211smallI was a little late to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine party myself, having only started the show when they were around episode 10. It has quickly become one of my favorite comedies on air right now. It’s fascinating to see how good a handle the writers have on their characters. And knowing that there are some Parks and Recreation vets on this show, it’s no surprise. On the last new episode, the gang got invited to the captain’s birthday party. They thought at first that the captain didn’t want them there, but it turned out his husband was the one that was reluctant because of the previous discrimination the police had shown his husband as a gay man in the police department. In the end, the squad showed him that they liked and respected the captain, and that made him relax a lot.

On tonight’s episode, “Full Boyle,” Detective Boyle’s new romance has upped his swagger, but Jake intervenes before his colleague goes “Full Boyle” and gets too serious, too soon, with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rosa and Amy have trouble taking a costumed citizen crime-fighter seriously, and Captain Holt has a new opponent. Marilu Henner guest stars.

Find out who the captain’s new opponent is tonight on FOX at 9:30/8:30c.

I’ll also be watching New Girl and Cougar Town.

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