If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/17/14

Welcome, Monday. Most of us don’t like you, but you continue to torment us. You and Old Man Winter should get together and go… Never mind me. 😉 It’s warming up outside, but not completely. Still, it’s better than the frigid temperatures it was. Some people have work off today for the holiday. My kid has it off school, so at least there’s that. Now, on to better things, like what we’re recommending you watch on TV tonight. 😉

Jenny’s Choice

castle217smallI’m so thrilled that Castle is on ABC because we’re not having to wait all these weeks for new episodes. It’s still been two weeks since the last new episode, which is too long. 😉 Last time was all about the murder of a young woman in the fashion industry, which brought Beckett back to her short time as a model. Castle was shocked by that…and thrilled. In the end, it was another man from the company that killed the girl because he was gunning for the boss’s job. But the more important part of the episode was Beckett putting off the wedding as she was trying on a (I’m sorry, but…) terribly ugly wedding dress as a favor for the fashion queen/her ex-boss, then getting the dress as a gift from said ex-boss, then telling Castle she would rather get married sooner than later. Turned out she was feeling sad because her mom wouldn’t be there, but she realized that it wouldn’t matter if she put it off—her mother wouldn’t be there anyway, and she loved Castle and wanted to marry him. I just hope something happens to the dress and she has to choose something else, because it really was ugly. *laugh* She can usually make anything look good, but… Ack.

On tonight’s episode, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the murder of a high school mean girl draws Castle back to one of his many alma maters, where he is giddy to learn that the evidence points to a surprising perpetrator: a teenage telekinetic, throwing Beckett and him into a real-life Carrie.

See if Castle & Beckett can catch the murderer tonight on ABC at 10:01/9:01c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Almost Human, Bitten, Worst Cooks in America, Mystery Diners, & Intelligence.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

starcrossedsmallIt’s been a slow couple of weeks for TV, but tonight, it’s picking up with a brand new show, Star-Crossed. This show focuses on Emery (Aimee Teegarden, Friday Night Lights), who reunites with Roman (Matt Lanter, 90210) years after she helped save him. The tricky thing is that Roman is an Atrian, which is an alien race that lives in a heavily guarded camp to keep them separate from humans. Now a group of Atrian teens will enroll in the human high school to test the feasibility of human/alien integration. When Roman and Emery are reunited, their bond is quickly rekindled, but their relationship is challenged by the narrow-minded people of the town. While the world is full of prejudice, their bond becomes a modern day Romeo and Juliet story.

I’m really looking forward to this show and the twisted drama it’s bound to bring. While it’s true that The CW tends to have a lot of teen angst-filled shows, this looks like one I may be pulled into fairly quickly.

On tonight’s series premiere, “When the Aliens Landed…,” friends Emery and Roman reunite as high school students.

To see if this alien twist on Romeo and Juliet is a show for you, tune in to The CW 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Intelligence, Almost Human, The Following, Worst Cooks in America, Teen Wolf, Bitten, and Being Human.

Kyle’s Choice

worstcooksinamerica2012smallAnother season of fun with the Worst Cooks in America begins tonight as 14 of America’s culinary-challenged face off to compete for $25,000. Last season, Chef Anne Burrell’s 3-year winning streak was finally broken as Bobby Flay’s contestant took the win. Tonight, Anne and Bobby are back to try to whoop 14 new recruits into shape by putting them through culinary boot camp. At the end of the season, each will select his or her most promising cook to compete head to head to be judge by a panel of professionals.

I also find this show so amusing, that these people can be so clueless in the kitchen! It’s a wonder that Anne and Bobby have made it through the seasons (let alone the auditions) without getting food poisoning! Many of the things they teach these cooks are basics they could have picked up watching pretty much anything on the Food Network!

On tonight’s episode, “Worse Than Ever,” Season 5 begins with Anne Burrell on a mission to beat Bobby Flay as the hosts divide their 14 recruits into two teams and give them their first cooking lesson on pizza.

Find out just how bad these cooks are tonight on Food Network at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Intelligence, Castle, Almost Human, The Following, Star-Crossed, Switched at Birth, Being Human, and Teen Wolf.

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