If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/19/14

The Olympics have been exciting to watch, but I am definitely missing our regular schedule of shows. Tonight has a few new episodes that are just begging you to watch, so put down your patriotic pom-poms and give primetime TV a visit!

Megan’s Choice

criminalminds219smallI was really happy when I saw that Criminal Minds had a new episode this week, because two weeks in a row without one is a dismal thought. The last new episode finally answered some of our questions about the connection between JJ and Cruz. We learned that JJ and Cruz were part of a team that was formed to find Bin Laden and that her team was attacked by an insider. The translator Askari is behind kidnapping JJ and Cruz, but it is brought to light that another officer, Hastings, was also a traitor. The team eventually rescues Cruz and JJ, but not before both are injured and dragged through some painful memories. It was really nice to see Emily back again and all the team working together. It was a stellar episode. I’m really looking forward to more in-depth story arcs like we’ve seen this season, because those are by far my favorite moments.

On tonight’s episode, “Mr. & Mrs. Anderson,” the team looks for a pair of killers working together; Garcia and Morgan and their significant others celebrate Valentine’s Day.

To see if the team can catch this UnSub in time, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Super Fun Night, CSI, American Idol, Opposite Worlds, and Wahlburgers.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

menatwork219smallLast week’s Men at Work was a lot of fun. Jane Seymour guest starred as a book publisher who Milo thought was interested in publishing his (as-of-yet unwritten) book about a couple who lived in a lighthouse. Instead, she just wanted to bed him. It took him a while to realize that’s all she wanted—even after she paid him. *laugh* Meanwhile, Neal hired Ed Asner (I mean, a character played by Asner…) as an intern and then fired him when he thought the guy talked Neal’s biggest client out of re-signing their contract, when in reality, the guy had convinced them to sign a new three-year deal, rather than just a one-year one. You had to feel sorry for the guy. He was older and alone…and that’s why Neal hired him off the books as an unpaid intern. Also, Tyler & Gibbs were enlisted to help Myron, the new boss, look cool on Twitter. Of course, they turned it into a contest between the two of them, but it did work…sort of.

On tonight’s episode, “Hi, Jude,” when Milo quits his job, Myron hires a pretty female writer, Jude (guest star Kelen Coleman) to replace him. Tyler tries to earn Jude’s respect. Gibbs thinks his apartment is haunted while Neal has some apartment issues of his own. Milo struggles to prove himself as a real writer. Apolo Ohno also guest stars.

Find out if Milo stays gone or if he comes slinking back for his old job tonight on TBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Buy This Restaurant, Criminal Minds, CSI, The Exes, & Wahlburgers.

JJ’s Choice

superfunnightsmallTonight is the first season finale of Super Fun Night, and I’ve loved this season. The cast really seemed to click, and the writers had a good grasp on there characters. And over the last few episodes, there’s been the revelation that Marika is actually gay. I would really love a second season, but it will be an interesting decision for ABC.

On tonight’s episode, “…Till The Fat Lady Sings,” Kimmie tells James she kissed Richard, and he breaks up with her. Kimmie has to decide to get James back or move forward with Richard. Meanwhile, Richard’s father stirs things up at the firm, and Marika struggles to tell her friends she’s gay.

Find out if she succeeds on ABC at 9:31/8:31c.

I’ll also be watching American Idol and The Real World.

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