If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/3/14

Well, we’re starting out the work week with a day off school because of snow…again. I just have to say that next weekend is when we push the clocks forward an hour, and so far, I’m not seeing anything that remotely points to it being spring. Spring forward my behind. To take my mind off the cold and snow, there’s a ton of great TV on tonight, so check out our recommendations. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice #1

castle33smallLast week’s Castle was all about illusions. Three people confessed to shooting a man—and all had the exact details of the crime. I thought Beckett was going to go crazy. The funniest part of the case was them figuring out that the “cult” leader was actually there in the building, rather than in Switzerland. Of course they caught the killer. They caught him shredding paper. In the end, though, the best parts were the three people who’d been set up to confess as they got together and decided to go out together to get breakfast or whatever and the two let the third confess, since he never got to…and also Beckett’s talk with Alexis and Alexis then showing up at Castle’s apartment, asking if she could move back home. Great stuff on the personal front.

Tonight’s episode looks like it’s going to be intense—certainly one of the heavier, more intense episodes for the show. That’s one thing this series does well… Last week was almost a lighter episode, what with three people saying they killed the man and truly believing they had, so this week is much more dramatic and heavy.

On tonight’s episode, “In the Belly of the Beast,” Beckett is recruited to assist on a Narcotics investigation, but a routine mission turns deadly when an undercover operation goes array. To survive, Beckett must engage in a battle of wits against some of the most dangerous men in the New York underworld – including a powerful enemy from her past. Carlos Gomez, Kenny Johnson, Britt Rentschler, Regi Davis, and Daniel Hugh Kelly guest star.

Find out if Beckett can get herself out of danger tonight on ABC at 10:01/9:01c.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

thefollowing33smallThe Following was a shocking show right from the start, and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. Mike Weston went from appearing to be a good, stable guy with a few emotional scars from the death of Debra last season…and he’s still a good guy as far as I know, but he’s definitely not stable. Last episode, he beat Luke to the extreme, and granted, I understand that Luke is a serial killer, but that beating was intense. I am, however, loving the sexual tension between Max and Mike and looking forward to where it’s going. Joe is obviously a psychopathic killer, but when he can say that someone is too psychopathic for him, that’s pretty bad, so he’s back with Emma and Mandy. This means there are two sets of serial killers on the loose, as well as a group of vigilante crime fighters (Max, Mike, and Ryan), not to mention the mole inside the FBI. When this show goes twisted and messed up, they are really pushing it to the limits.

On tonight’s episode, “Sacrifice,” Ryan and the FBI continue their hunt for Lily Gray and are forced to redirect their search when a new threat enters Max’s life. Meanwhile, Joe, Emma, and Mandy arrive at their latest hideout, but quickly realize things aren’t what they seem.

To see what is threatening Max, tune in to FOX at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Going Wild, Teen Wolf, Mom, Almost Human, Being Human, Bitten, The Voice, Star-Crossed, 2 Broke Girls, Intelligence, Bates Motel, Those Who Kill, and The Blacklist.

Kyle’s Choice

thosewhokill33smallTonight, A&E adds a new series to its line-up, Those Who Kill. This adaptation of a Danish series follows Catherine Jensen (Chloe Sevigny), a newly-promoted Pittsburgh homicide detective who is haunted by demons from her past. Not only is she obsessed with the disappearance of her brother, but she also believes her stepfather may be a serial killer. She is partnered with forensic psychologist Thomas Schaffer (James D’Arcy), a man who has had a rocky relationship with the police department. While Jensen tends to feel a deep sense of empathy with the victims she investigates, Schaffer, on the other hand, often feels an odd connection to the killer.

This sounds like an interesting premise with some unique, flawed characters. It also seems like a good fit in the lineup paired with Bates Motel. I’m looking forward to checking out this series tonight.

On tonight’s episode, “Pilot,” a serial killer is pursued in the opener of this series about an unpredictable homicide detective who teams with a forensic psychologist to solve murders in Pittsburgh.

Check out this new show tonight on A&E at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Mom, Intelligence, Castle, The Blacklist, Almost Human, The Following, Switched at Birth, Archer, Worst Cooks in America, Bates Motel, Bates Motel: After Hours, and Being Human.

Jenny’s Choice #2

beatbobbyflaysmallLike Megan, I love food competition shows. One of my favorites is Iron Chef America. I also liked Bobby Flay’s Throwdown. Those two shows got together and had a love baby, and that baby is Flay’s new series, Beat Bobby Flay. Two talented chefs will go head-to-head using an ingredient of Bobby’s choice, in front of the studio audience and a set of guest judges. Whoever wins that battle then goes to round two in a face-off against Bobby…but with an advantage: the contender makes their signature dish, and Bobby has only minutes to come up with his own interpretation. The judges then do a blind taste taste and decide who wins.

On tonight’s episode, “Welcome to New York!” Kentucky chef Anthony Lamas and Washington chef Jennifer Nguyen leave the comfort of their own kitchens and bring the battle to the Big Apple for a chance to beat Bobby Flay. Lucky for them, Bobby’s own mentor, Chef Jonathan Waxman and Food Network’s Sunny Anderson are gunning for the best chef to take him down. Will Bobby remain victorious, or will one of these chefs get to say, “I just beat Bobby Flay!”?

See who takes home the crown in the first episode of this new series tonight on Food Network at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Almost Human, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, Worst Cooks in America, & Intelligence.

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