Snickers Movie Prize Pack Giveaway ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

Congratulations to Dave, for winning the Snickers Movie Prize Pack giveaway! Check your email!

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13 Responses to Snickers Movie Prize Pack Giveaway ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

  1. bn100 says:

    saw a midnight showing of Star Wars

  2. Dave A. Y. says:

    I remember when I was a kid in the 90’s, my Mom used to take me and my younger brother to the movies all the time. And then the movie The Little Rascals hit theaters and it was quickly our favorite movie. She must’ve taken us to see that movie at the theaters like at least 10 times. That kid Big Hall (Alfalfa) was hilarious.

  3. soha molina says:

    King Kong was the first movie I saw at the theater and it was very memorable for me.

  4. tina krauss says:

    I remember when the movie Clue came out, going to see it several times in the theater to try to see all the alternate endings. Each reel had a different ending, and noone knew how many endings there were. I don’t know how many times I actually saw it, but it is still one of my favorite movies.

  5. rachel says:

    Going to see “Fast Six” on opening weekend was so much fun — people were clapping and cheering. Made the experience very memorable!

  6. DESIREE H says:

    The Lord of the Rings sticks out because it was such a long movie!
    The Notebook was my favorite movie I had seen in theaters in a while.

  7. Seth says:

    A movie experience that sticks out for me is the first time my wife and I watched Into The Wild together. It hit home.

  8. Mami2jcn says:

    I remember vividly going to see E.T. at a drive-in. I was wearing pajamas and sitting in a station wagon, eating popcorn we had made at home.

  9. steve weber says:

    I remember sneaking into Wild Things with my date at the time when I was in middle school 🙂

  10. Ronald O. says:

    Seeing JAWS when it first came out was a very memorable experience for me. The movie score was perfect, and it would set the tone for what would come! No better cast could be assembled together, and they were all great in their roles. And of course, the shark itself was truly terrifying! I was just 10 years old, and up til that point, I was never more excited to see a movie at the walk-in movie theater than I was with seeing JAWS. It left a lasting impression on me! But that impression would be rivaled a couple years later with a little known gem called STAR WARS. But JAWS was my first major movie experience, and I will never forget it!

  11. Jennifer says:

    What sticks out for me was seeing Argo in the theater and not being able to relax. It was intense and I couldn’t sit still.