If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/25/14

We’re well into the week now, and I’m happy because JJ’s back. He’s been working on his thesis proposal for school, but he finally got a break and it’s been accepted. Yay! So check out what he, Kyle, & I are recommending for tonight. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice #1

brooklyn99325smallOne of my favorite—if not THE favorite—new comedies this season has been Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The cast is phenomenal, the stories are great, and the humor is just spot-on. Last week, Amy announced that she was going away with her ex (and once again current) boyfriend, Teddy. Jake, who had been looking forward to the weekend off, suddenly decided he didn’t want to be sitting at home, so he recruited Terry into working with him to solved one of their old, unsolved cases. It didn’t look like they’d be able to, since it had been eight years and things had changed—buildings had been torn down, witnesses were gone, etc—but in the end, they figured out that the victim was actually still alive and had killed the husband of the woman he’d been seeing. Meanwhile, Amy had forgotten that she’d promised Holt that she’d help him out with something, and rather than tell him the truth that she’d forgotten and made plans with Teddy for a romantic getaway, she lied about having a tooth problem and needing to see the dentist. It backfired on her, though, when Holt dragged her that night to his brother-in-law, a dentist…and it turned out she had seven cavities, so she really DID need him.

Tonight is the season finale, and there are several balls still up in the air: Will Charles and Vivian move to Canada? (Answer: no, or at least, HE won’t…); Will Vivian move and therefore break off the engagement?; Will Jake tell Amy about his feelings for her? So much to wonder about!

On tonight’s episode, “Charges and Specs,” Jake’s investigation of philanthropic civic leader Lucas Wint (guest star Ian Roberts) is shut down by Commissioner Podalski (guest star James M. Connor). Still determined to crack the case, Jake enlists Amy and a reluctant Captain Holt to help him uncover more evidence, even if it means facing suspension. Meanwhile, Charles is devastated over pre-marital problems with Vivian, and Gina knows just how to cheer him up.

To see what questions get answered and what don’t, tune in to FOX at 9:30/8:30c.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Kyle’s Choice

creatureshopchallengesmallTonight, Syfy kicks off an all new competition series, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. The series finds 10 talented creature designers competing for a $100K prize and a dream job with the Jim Henson Company. Each week, the contestants are given a new creature to build and just a few days to do so. With the help of puppeteers, their creations are brought to life during a short screen test. Then it is up to the judges, led by the accomplished Brian Henson, to decide who will be sent home. During the challenges, the contestants will also receive some guidance from top designers from the Jim Henson Company.

While the series is quite similar to Face Off, there is the added element of having to build the creatures so that they can be articulated and withstand a 2-minute performance. In this competition, that is all the judges care about—they don’t judge based on close-up inspection. It’s all about how these creatures come to life on camera. I really enjoyed tonight’s premiere, and I can’t wait to see more of the competition. I’m looking forward to seeing what Henson creatures and worlds we visit throughout the season.

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Brian Henson about the series last week—he is a really fascinating guy! The transcript of that conference call can be found at NoReruns.net.

On tonight’s episode, “What Lies Beneath,” ten designers compete in various challenges, having to build everything from whimsical beasts to mechanical characters and, in the series premiere, creatures that live in an undersea world that has remained untouched by humans.

Check out the amazing creatures these designers can come up with tonight on Syfy at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Mind Games, About a Boy, Growing Up Fisher, Glee, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Supernatural, Cougar Town, Chrisley Knows Best, Face Off, and Kroll Show.

JJ’s Choice

cougartown325smallI can appreciate it when a comedy show decides to tackle some more serious issues, and Chick’s diagnosis of Alzheimers on Cougar Town is definitely one of those. It’s been a long time coming to see how Jules deals with her father’s memory failing. The ending of the episode last week really drove it home and actually had me in tears with the sudden realization of the situation, especially for Jules.

On tonight’s episode, “Love is a Long Road,” Jules convinces Chick to look at houses nearby, but without meaning to, Grayson introduces the idea of Chick moving in with them, a suggestion he quickly regrets. Meanwhile, the Cul de Sac crew prepares for Travis’s graduation, which, among other things, sparks a rivalry between Ellie and Laurie.

Find out who “wins” on TBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching Glee and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Jenny’s Choice #2

ncis325smallThe biggest reason that I’m excited about tonight’s new TV is because of NCIS. Last week, a bomb exploded before a military charity concert and ended up killing a man, Gibbs and the team were on the case. Keith Carradine guest starred as a washed-up 80s rocker. He was fantastic. I totally didn’t see coming the reason for the bomb: the guy behind the charity concert had been a civilian contractor years before and had worked with some others to steal ten million dollars as they were shipping it overseas. They put it somewhere to hold until they could get to it, but by the time they got back to it, it had been built over, so it was buried in the middle of a base and he had no way in. The bomb had been planted so that he could then get the concert moved to the right place and he planned to dig it out using the noise of the concert as cover. Of course Gibbs figured it out and stopped them!

The NCIS franchise is probably my favorite on TV right now, so tonight’s planted pilot for the new spin-off set in New Orleans is really a great thing. The cast is excellent, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together tonight.

On tonight’s episode, “Crescent City,” when the body of Congressman Dan McLane, a former NCIS agent, washes ashore in New Orleans, Gibbs reunites with his former colleague, NCIS Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride, in a joint case between the two field offices and the FBI. The teams must work together to determine if the murder was politically based or linked to McLane’s most well-known case, the arrest of the Privileged Killer, a serial murderer who targeted military and public servants. Scott Bakula guest stars as Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Price; Lucas Black guest stars as Special Agent Christopher Lasalle; Zoe McLellan guest stars as NCIS Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody; and CCH Pounder guest stars as Jefferson Parish Coroner Doctor Loretta Wade.

See if you enjoy the planted pilot as much as I will tonight on CBS at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing NCIS: LA, Growing Up Fisher, Cougar Town, The Little Couple, & Person of Interest.

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