Quick Review of Season 3 Game of Thrones

gameofthroness3recapsmallIt’s hard to believe that Game of Thrones is coming back tomorrow—Sunday, April 6th—for its season 4 premiere already, but I am more than excited to see where we go next. The third season had a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns, with the viewers being left on the edge of our seats by the end. Despite the quality of the show, it’s been a bit since the finale, so we were thinking a refresher was in order. Let’s have a quick review of a few key moments from last season to jog our memories.

The most talked-about moment of last season had to be the Red Wedding. What an incredible episode that changed the course of the entire show. The only members of the Stark family left are: Arya, because she was in the hands of the Hound; Rickon, who is fleeing to House Umber; Bran, heading past the wall with the Reeds; and Sansa, who is trapped in King’s Landing, married to the difficult Tyrion Lannister. For viewers who have not read the book series, the Red Wedding was a huge surprise, and it left us flabbergasted.

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Speaking of Arya Stark… That woman has gumption, because after arriving at Walder Frey’s house just as half of her family was massacred, she drove her knife through one of the men who desecrated her brother Robb, killing him. I enjoy her backbone and hope to see more of her in the season to come.

The Lannister clan has a few black sheep, to say the least, but we did learn that Jaime Lannister, aka The Kingslayer, didn’t really want to be that person. He also showed some valiant efforts when he stopped Brienne from being raped, lost a hand, and saved Brienne from a bear—lots of good deeds for a Lannister.

Continuing on the path of good deeds, we have Jon Snow, who, after falling for Ygritte and then getting shot with three arrows by her, went on to warn his brothers guarding the wall that they were about to have a huge war upon them. I’ve always liked Jon, even if his character has an aptitude for getting himself into trouble.

One of the most troubling moments for me was watching Theon Greyjoy get tortured by Ramsay (Lord Bolton’s bastard son). It was just so hard to watch the pain and humiliation as Theon took the identity of Reek, but he needs to hang on, because his sister Yara is on her way.

Finally, in the season finale, “Mhysa,” Bran Stark continued his journey beyond the wall in his attempt to meet the three-eyed crow. Bran, Hodor, Jojen, and Meera Reed all met up with Sam, who managed to kill a White Walker while fleeing with Gilly and her baby boy, who provided them with a way beyond the wall. Also across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys freed Yunkai.

I know it’s a lot to take in, so if you’re still confused or need another refresher, check out the clip below that HBO released as a recap of season 3, just in time for the season 4 premiere.

Don’t miss it! To join in the history making television, tune in to HBO Sunday at 9/8c.

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