If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/27/14

It’s the start of the week, which is good because there’s some great stuff on, but we’re now over halfway through the weekend, which makes me want to cry. To console myself, here’s what we’re recommending tonight.

Jenny’s Choice

foodnetworkstar2013smallI’ve been enjoying Food Network Star this season, and most of the people I dislike are gone, thank goodness. Last week, the group was split into two teams to present a four-course meal to the judges, including Bob, Susie, and guest judge Penn (from Penn & Teller). I actually loved the way the teams were split. I just knew that Emma, Lenny, & Loreal were going to kick butt. But honestly, the concept Emma came up with might have worked had they been able to execute it correctly. Their team was a train wreck from the beginning. Emma did a horrible job at giving out the ingredients to Lenny & Loreal. And then, she totally ruined the excellent pork she’d been given. So when their team lost, it came as no surprise (especially since the other team kinda rocked it out), and I was pretty happy that Emma went home. I do have to say, though, that while I loved Lenny in the beginning, he’s starting to annoy me. If it were once every few times that he raised his hat and said “Ma’am” when Giada said his name, fine. But his cowboy/Southern “charm” is so over the top that it’s become obnoxious. So…yeah. We’ll see if I want him out next or not…

On tonight’s episode, “Rachael Ray Show,” the contestants are challenged to solve a culinary problem for a Rachael Ray Show viewer, and they must each create a dish that addresses the viewer’s concerns. Then they must perform a demo of the dish on the Rachael Ray Show.

See who performs the best and who goes home tonight on Food Network at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Guy’s Grocery Games, Flipping the Block, The Last Ship, The Musketeers, Unforgettable, Cutthroat Kitchen, Frankenfood, & Reckless.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

escapingalaskasmallTLC has had some shows that really interest me, like Cake Boss, and some that I find annoying — Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, for one — but I’m looking forward to Escaping Alaska premiering tonight. We get a look at a group of young Eskimos that leave their village under the lie that they are going on a cultural/religious mission, instead of the truth that they are just going to experience life outside their small village. It’s going to be a difficult thing for them if they caught, especially because it is the ultimate sin to leave their Inuit community for any earthly reason. I’m looking forward to seeing how they all handle the cultural shock and what the rest of the world looks like for them.

On tonight’s episode, “Frozen Lies & Forging a New Family,” five Inuit youth leave their Alaskan villages to start new lives in San Diego.

To see how they all adjust to life outside the great North, tune in to TLC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching Wipeout, Unforgettable, Rising Star, Guy’s Grocery Games, Food Network Star, Cutthroat Kitchen, and True Blood.

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