If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/29/14

Coming off a great night of TV on Monday night, we’re heading into tonight, which is filled with more fantastic shows. I’ve said before that Tuesdays this summer is one of my favorite nights of the week. So check out our recommendations, two shows that I know will help shape up a fantastic night of TV!

Jenny’s Choice

rizzoliisles729smallI think my favorite show this summer has been Rizzoli & Isles. Last week, Maura went out of town for a medical examiner’s conference. When a woman was murdered in her home, it was up to Jane & the rest of the team with the help of Susie to solve the case, which of course they did. Susie made dioramas (or DIEoramas LOL) to help explain her findings. In the end, the husband was the killer because his wife had lost a bunch of weight and was growing away from him. He used stuff from his dental practice to make bullets and then to break them up and disguise the wound tracts, he stabbed her multiple times, setting up their handyman by wearing a hazmat suit and stealing/using the man’s knife, which had his initials carved into it. I loved seeing Jane figure out how the husband planned to get rid of the gun and suit—by mailing it to himself up at his cabin.

On tonight’s episode, “Boston Keltic,” the murder of a rare bookseller brings Jane and Maura into the world of Keltic writings and coded confessions, just as Maura is preparing Jane to meet her new man. Angela’s relationship with Cavanaugh changes pace.

See how Angela & Cavanaugh’s relationship changes tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Food Fighters, America’s Got Talent, Next Great Baker, Royal Pains, Underground BBQ Challenge, Buddy’s Bakery Rescue, Chopped, Restaurant Startup, & Sullivan & Son.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

foodfighterssmallI loved the first episode of Food Fighters last week; it was very exciting and well-executed. Watching a home cook put their recipes up against these famous chefs and actually win a few rounds, with last week’s home cook winning 4 out of 5 rounds, was awesome! The contestant last week walked away with $60,000 in her pocket and played it brilliantly, asking an Italian chef to make fish tacos.

On tonight’s episode, “Kena Peay,” a single, unemployed chef tries to win up to $100,000 as she faces the pros. Chef Cat Cora guest stars.

To see if this home chef can take on a professional of high caliber, tune in to NBC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching America’s Got Talent, Tyrant, Next Great Baker, Chopped, and Pretty Little Liars.

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