If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/30/14

Wednesday, which means mid-week. That’s a good thing. Although my Tuesday was good, so I’m not stressing the week so far. In case you are, though, here are a few recommendations to help ease the way into the second half of the week. (By the way… Welcome back, Kyle! Hope you had fun at SDCC!)

Jenny’s Choice #1

hotincleveland730smallTonight should be a fun episode of Hot in Cleveland. Last week was great, too. Victoria had a visit from the son she always forgets, played by Glee’s Chris Colfer. He showed up with his partner, only we learned while Victoria was out of the room that he wasn’t really gay. He’d only told Victoria that to make her love him more. He was back because he wanted her backing for something he and his business partner were involved in. Watching the two of them pretend to be gay (the partner was all for it when Victoria announced she was giving them both new sports cars for their wedding. LOL) was great. In the end, Victoria and Tony had a heartfelt talk about why he chose to live with his father instead of her. The other great story line was Joy and Mitch going to preemptive counseling, and the therapist told them that they weren’t compatible. In the end, they realized they had a lot in common and the therapist got his compatibility quiz from those “Which Disney character are you?” type quizzes. It was great.

On tonight’s episode, “The Animated Episode,” the women finally see Elka’s apartment, which before now has been a mystery to them…and they soon find out why. From there, they meet up with Steven Tyler (and some other special friends) and go on a psychedelic romp through pop culture hits, including scenes with homages to Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, The Walking Dead, and Frankenstein. Plus, they see what life in Cleveland would have been like if LeBron James had never left.

Check out the first-ever animated episode on TV Land at 10/9c.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

sytycd2014smallIt has been a very busy couple of weeks on So You Think You Can Dance, and the dancers are really being pushed to their limits. Teddy and Emily didn’t perform to the best of their abilities last week, but the judges believed it was due to concern about Emily’s dislocated shoulder. I’m amazed that she even made it through the routine, given that she only injured it earlier that day. It’s been a little bit of trend this season with America just not showing love for the ballroom dancers, having them all end up in the bottom week after week, leading to us saying goodbye to Marcquet and Brooklyn. I’m happy to see that Emilio is still here because I really enjoy his dancing overall. Who is your favorite?

On tonight’s episode, “Top 14 + Eliminations,” this season’s Top 14 finalists perform for the nation again before learning which dancers will be ending their journeys. Christina Applegate will be the guest judge tonight.

To see if your favorite makes it through, tune in to FOX at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Big Brother, Young & Hungry, Who Do You Think You Are?, Motive, and Extant.

Kyle’s Choice

sharknado2smallTonight, the long-awaited film sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One, premieres on Syfy in the US, as well as on many other channels across the globe. The original film was an unexpected world-wide phenomenon that still has people talking! In the sequel, chainsaw-wielding Sharknado-defeater Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) heads to New York City with ex-wife April Wexler (Tara Reid) to talk about Fin’s new Sharknado survival book on the Today Show. However, another Sharknado hits the city, and Fin soon finds himself in a familiar position. The sequel introduces some new characters, including Fin’s old flame Skye (Vivica A. Fox), Fin’s brother-in-law Martin (Mark McGrath) and sister Ellen (Kari Wuhrer), and Martin’s friend Bryan (Judah Friedlander).

While I probably only enjoyed the first film because I was watching along with the snarky live Twitter commentary, I can say that I genuinely enjoyed this second film—I thought it was jaw-some. 😉 The absurdity level has been cranked up even higher this time around, and there are some really fun and amazing cameos—every few minutes I found myself saying, “Hey, it’s that guy!” Sharknado 2 is a fun roller-coaster of a ride filled with action and humor. This film is definitely worth checking out live tonight! I can’t wait to see it again, this time with the live #Sharknado2 Twitter commentary!

At Comic-Con last week, I was in the Sharknado 2 press room, where the cast and director talked about the phenomenon of the first one, working on the sequel, and their plans for tonight’s big premiere. You can check it out at: NoReruns.net.

See the excitement tonight on Syfy at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Extant, Taxi Brooklyn, Young & Hungry, Mystery Girls, Wilfred, Suits, and Graceland.

Jenny’s Choice #2

jenniferfalls730smallLast week on Jennifer Falls, Jennifer finally stood up to her mother, told her that she was seeing a psychiatrist, and attended a therapy session with her whole family. Maggie scoffed through the entire thing about him only being a psychiatrist—making it seem like he was a quack. He assigned them all “homework,” which ended up being hysterical. Stephanie had to concede control to Wayne at the bar…and that ended up not working at all. His first decision was to install a karaoke machine in the middle of a big sports playoffs. Dina took it over and sang horrible song after horrible song, eventually driving off all the customers when they couldn’t see/hear the games over her songs. When there was no one left in the bar but Dina, Stephanie confronted Wayne, who eventually figured out that the way he was showing his power was gifting it to Stephanie. The psychiatrist allowed Gretchen a week of complete freedom—aside from school, she was free to do whatever she wanted. Of course, that got the desired results… She went a little “freedom crazy” and was back later and begging to have her freedom revoked. Then there was Jennifer and Maggie… He ordered them to go out together on dates to work out their issues. Of course, on their first date, Maggie refused to get into anything personal and ended up flirting with two men at the table beside them. In the end, they had a heartfelt talk and she explained to Jennifer some about her childhood, and Jennifer understood that was why her mother couldn’t open up and share anything personal.

On tonight’s episode, “Dads and Dogs,” Jennifer is surprised when Gretchen’s absentee father (guest star Chris D’Elia) comes back to town with a pricey gift for Gretchen’s 16th birthday and the news that he’s suddenly become a success. Meanwhile, Wayne gets a dog without consulting Stephanie, as Stephanie still keeps a major secret from him.

See if Gretchen’s father sticks around and if Stephanie spills her secret tonight on TV Land at 10:30/9:30c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Penn & Teller: Fool Us, So You Think You Can Dance, Young & Hungry, Mystery Girls, America’s Got Talent, Restaurant Stakeout, Rowhouse Showdown, Motive, Tiny House Nation, & Taxi Brooklyn.

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