If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/19/14

What a crazy night last night was for TV. MasterChef was intense. If you didn’t watch, you’re missing out! As for tonight, there’s some great stuff on, so check out our recommendations!

Jenny’s Choice

rizzoli&isles819smallLast week on Rizzoli & Isles, I thought for sure Jane was going to become a foster mom to the homeless teenage girl from the previous episode, but I wasn’t shocked or even really unhappy when she set up the nurse to foster her instead. It was a great fit. You could see the happiness and relief on the girl’s face when the nurse started to “mom” her. Jane, meanwhile, didn’t know what to think or how to feel about losing her baby. She was obviously sad, but it seemed like she was in shock and kind of numb more than anything. I did love seeing all the love everyone gave her when they came to visit in the hospital. On the case side of things, it was very sad and very interesting…the mummified corpse of a woman who was so secluded and so distanced from everyone around her that (almost) no one knew she wasn’t still alive. So sad. 🙁

On tonight’s episode, “Phoenix Rising,” Korsak is involved in the investigation of an exceedingly cold case, so the team steps in to try to provide him some assistance. Jane decides to take some unorthodox means in order to stay involved with daily occurrences at the office.

See how Jane keeps in touch tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Food Fighters, America’s Got Talent, Next Great Baker, Royal Pains, Chopped, Restaurant Startup, Sullivan & Son, & Wizard Wars.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

nextgreatbakersmallI have been loving Next Great Baker this season, especially watching the drama between the teams. Al & Lia are my favorite team, and I’m so glad they’re still in it. On the other hand, if Al and Manny win, I will not be happy at all because I don’t like their personalities at all. One of the challenges last week was odd because Al and Manny actually performed better than usual, but I want to try Lia’s lemon tart more than any of the desserts. I hope the season finale tonight is a more successful one for my favorites! (I say season finale, even though all the sites show next week is the finale. TLC unexpectedly aired two episodes last week, moving the finale up to tonight—and TLC’s and Buddy’s Twitter feeds say that tonight is the finale. So the episode description might be a little off.

On tonight’s 90-minute season finale, the top three teams create culinary masterpieces tailored to each of the judges’ specialties, knowing that only two of the teams will be lucky and skilled enough to advance to the final showdown that will be held in Last Vegas.

To see which team wins it all, tune in to TLC at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Food Fighters, America’s Got Talent, and Chopped.

Kyle’s Choice

wizardwarssmallTonight, Syfy premieres the new competition series, Wizard Wars, which, for the next 6 weeks, will take viewers into the secret world of magic. Each episode consists of two rounds—in the Challenger Round, two teams of magicians are given the same 3 ordinary household objects and must come up with an amazing magical performance. The winners of this round then go on to the Wizard War, where they compete against the home team of world-renowned “Wizards,” which includes close-up magician Gregory Wilson, mentalist Angela Funovits, stage magician Shimshi, and street magician Justin Flom. If the challengers can beat the wizards, they take home $10K, Both rounds are judged by magic superstars Penn & Teller, magic critic Christen Gerhart, and world champion of magic Jason Latimer.

I always enjoy a good magic series, and I like how this one not only shows us some great magic performances but also gives us a glimpse into how the magicians come up with their routines and build the props they need for their tricks in the workshop. Penn and Teller also reveals some tricks of the trade to viewers. I enjoyed tonight’s premiere and am looking forward to seeing more of this series!

On tonight’s episode, “Spam-Tastic!” a team of Canada’s best illusionists take on two edgy young American magicians to see who can best enchant an audience with everyday objects, including Spam and Super Soakers, in the premiere of this reality competition featuring Penn and Teller as judges.

Check out the premiere of this fun new show tonight on Syfy at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Tyrant, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, Face Off, and Finding Carter.

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