If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/21/14

It’s here, it’s here! The new fall season is here, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed about it. I’ve watched a lot of the pilots, seen a few of the premieres for returning shows, and I’m beyond excited. Tonight is rather light compared to some of the nights this week, but there’s still a lot on, so check out our recommendations to help you narrow down your list of what to watch.

Jenny’s Choice

rvgkidssmallMy pick tonight is the finale of Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off. Yes, there are premieres tonight, but I truly adore this show. The kids are amazing cooks and so freakin’ adorable. I definitely have my favorites — I love Finn because he’s just so adorable; Sean is cute and sweet; Lauren is kind of the kid who is a little nerdy, a little unsure of herself sometimes, but she’s great; Gibson really wants to win, and he shows it, even if he doesn’t always come out on top. Really, they’re all great, and it’ll be interesting to see who pulls off the victory tonight.

On tonight’s episode, “Food Fest Showdown,” for the final challenge, the kids host a food festival, where they must cook and perform a live demo of their signature dish for the crowd; then, through comment cards from festival goers and Chef Curtis Stone, a winner will be crowned.

See who takes home the prize tonight on Food Network at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Madam Secretary, The Great Food Truck Race, Cutthroat Kitchen, & Pressure Cooker.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

madamsecretary921smallI have loved Téa Leoni since her appearance in the movie Bad Boys. She has always been a very strong and confident woman, both on and off the screen, so I was pleased to hear she was going to be starring in the new drama Madam Secretary. I’ve seen the pilot, and it definitely lives up to the hype.

Madam Secretary follows Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni), a newly appointed Secretary of State who is balancing international diplomacy, office politics, and negotiating global and domestic issues, both at the White House and at home. She’s a college professor and a brilliant former CIA analyst who left for ethical reason but returns to the public eye at the request of the president. Elizabeth is a woman who doesn’t follow the rules of the box but instead pushes the limits to get the job done. When she’s not battling for the president, she’s being a mom and a wife, taking on a different kind of politics. Overall, I’m very interested to see another female-driven legal drama on television, and I believe that it’s going to be a hit!

On tonight’s series premiere, “Pilot,” newly-appointed Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord is immediately faced with a maelstrom of complex political challenges, and an international hostage situation is her top priority. Meanwhile at home, Elizabeth questions whether she did the right thing by taking this job, as her children are finding it difficult to adjust to their new schools.

To see why this new drama should make your list, tune in to CBS at 8:30/7:30c.

I’ll also be watching The Good Wife, Rachel vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off, and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Kyle’s Choice

thegoodwife921smallI’m happy to see The Good Wife return to my TV tonight. At the end of last season, Lockhart/Gardner had accidentally left their conference room camera connected, allowing the folks at Florrick/Agos to overhear David and Louis plotting to destroy them by taking back client ChumHum, which made up 75% of their business. They also overheard Diane talking about a merger with Florrick/Agos. While Alicia liked the idea, Cary did not, and he started to garner votes towards his side. He also went behind the firm’s back to let Canning know what Diane was up to so he would squash it. Meanwhile, Peter and Eli offered to back Diane as their State’s Attorney candidate, which she turned down, and instead she offered to join Florrick/Agos, along with her $38 million in clients. The episode closed with Eli asking Alicia if she wanted to run for State’s Attorney.

While the show has a horrible title, it is a thoroughly gripping and entertaining drama set in the legal/political world. Last season was an absolutely amazing year, and I hope they can continue to bring that stellar quality again this season. Will Alicia run for State’s Attorney, and if so, who will challenge her? Will we see a new Florrick/Agos/Lockhart firm? How would David and Louis react to this? And where will Kalinda fall in this latest shakeup? I’m looking forward to another great season of interesting, timely cases and lots of dramatic twists!

On tonight’s episode, “The Line,” Alicia refuses to run for State’s Attorney despite Eli’s attempts to persuade her to launch a campaign. Meanwhile, Diane considers joining Florrick/Agos as a partner, but an internal crisis threatens to destroy the firm.

Check out the season premiere tonight on CBS at 9:30/8:30c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Madam Secretary, American Dad, The Strain, Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off, and The Great Food Truck Race.

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