If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/12/14

As I write this up, I’m watching the latest episode of Z Nation. I gotta say, this show amuses me to no end. It truly cracks me up. DJ Qualls is hysterical, and 10K rocks. But enough about me… 😉 Read on to see what we’re recommending tonight.

Jenny’s Choice

csi1012smallOn last week’s CSI, a robbery turned homicide at a medical marijuana shop ended up being a kidnapping…but then it turned out the wife of the shop’s owner set it all up—including her own “kidnapping” and that of their kids’—in order to get the money. It was pretty sad, actually. But I love this show. I’m interested to see how long they’re going to drag out the Gig Harbor Killer story line. Now that Julie’s in Seattle looking into the background of the brothers, I’m sure it’ll be put on the back burner for the most part.

On tonight’s episode, “Bad Blood,” Sara and Greg are quarantined after responding to a crime scene that’s contaminated with a deadly pathogen. James Lesure (Men at Work, Mr. Sunshine, Las Vegas) & Lauren Stamile (Burn Notice, Grey’s Anatomy) guest star.

Check out this timely story line tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing America’s Funniest Home Videos, Guy’s Grocery Games, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Halloween Wars, Catch a Contractor, & Cutthroat Kitchen.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

guysgrocerygamessmallThere are tons of great shows on to watch, but one of my favorite shows to watch with my family is Guy’s Grocery Games because anything to do with a cooking competition really seems to bring us all together. My stepson and I really enjoy telling everyone what we would do with a challenge and how we would play it, which I know probably wouldn’t happen because both of us are indecisive shoppers, and the next thing you know, we’d be out of time! Another thing I love about this show is of course Guy as a host, mostly due the fact that the man is a badass in the kitchen, but he’s also super amusing as a host—his jokes and support for the contestants are what keeps me coming back week after week. If you haven’t given this show a chance and perhaps written it off as “just another cooking competition,” then I suggest you break free of that idea and give it a try. You’ll probably thank me. (I do accept gifts if they come in the form of chocolate… Mmm…chocolate.)

On tonight’s episode, “Pasta La Vista, Baby,” with pasta out of reach, can these four chefs make a winning dish in Single Aisle Showdown? Next up, it’s all-you-can-carry as the chefs grab ingredients for their barbecue feast in No Carts Allowed. And in the final twist, the two remaining chefs must make a dessert in One Ingredient Per Aisle. The winning chef makes a final run through Flavortown to win up to $20,000.

To see how the chefs make out with Guy’s challenges, tune in to Food Network at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Madam Secretary, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Wife, Resurrection, Halloween Wars, CSI, and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Kyle’s Choice

walkingdead1012smallTonight, The Walking Dead and its Talking Dead after-show return to AMC! When we last left our gang of survivors, they had made it to Terminus, only to discover that it wasn’t the safe haven it was promoted to be. Rather, anyone who shows up there ends up on the menu for the cannibalistic residents. Gareth, the man in charge at Terminus, trapped Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carl and put them in a freight container—where the gang discovered Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob, along with Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene already inside awaiting their fate to be grilled up for dinner. Carol and Tyrese are the only part of our troupe of survivors who haven’t been caught, but they are also on their way to Terminus, unaware of what’s really going on there.

Will Carol and Tyrese figure out the truth about Terminus before it’s too late? Rick is ready to step up and lead the group again, but how will he get them out of that shipping container? Not if, but when our gang does escape, will they do so in the quiet of night, or will they burn Terminus to the ground in the process? I’m looking forward to another creepy season of this series, and I’m really excited for tonight’s premiere!

On tonight’s episode, “No Sanctuary,” Rick and the group find themselves in a vulnerable situation in the Season 5 opener.

See how the group is doing being held captive in Terminus tonight on AMC at 9/8c, with the after-show at 10:01/9:01c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, CSI, Once Upon a Time, Resurrection, The Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mulaney, Guy’s Grocery Games, Homeland, and The Affair.

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