If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/17/14

This weekend, I am definitely looking forward to relaxing and catching up on some television, but on Saturday, I’m having a birthday party for my stepson’s birthday. Bring on the crazy with a house full of teenage boys. I’m sure it’ll be fun—and perhaps tiring. Regardless, I’m looking forward to enjoying the quiet tonight, so let’s see what we’re recommending on TV tonight to entertain all of you and me.

Megan’s Choice

hawaiifiveo1017smallI am never happier on a Friday night than when I’m watching Hawaii Five-0, and I am not exaggerating. This show continually makes me laugh, cry, and swoon—everything a good show should do! Season after season, the writers manage to bring forward situations that test our favorite crime-fighting team, and they deliver solutions and awesome one-liners along the way. Last week, we watched Danny figure out the riddle his brother left him and recover the money, but now we need to find out if he’ll actually hand it over to the blackmailers this coming week. Another story we’re keeping an eye on is Jerry and his surveillance of the suspected counterfeiters, and I really hope that poor Jerry doesn’t get himself into a mess he can’t get out of, because I really enjoy his character.

On tonight’s episode, “Ka No’eau,” when a Detroit hit man is taken out by one of his colleagues on the streets of Oahu, Five-0 is shocked to learn the killer’s surprising motives. Meanwhile, Chin puts his career on the line to help Danny get the money he needs to save his brother’s life.

To see how the team handles this case, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching The Amazing Race, Blue Bloods, Girl Meets World, Say Yes to the Dress, Haven, and Z Nation.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

bluebloods1017smallMy pick tonight is the new ep of Blue Bloods. Last week was really sad… A cop was outed when he tried to stop a crime from happening outside the gay bar he’d been to that night. He tried to convince Danny and Baez to just let him go, but even though they were sympathetic, they made him give his statement. His family disowned him, and his partner refused to ride with him—under the guise that he was mad that he hadn’t confided in him about his secret, although I think part of it at least was the fact that he was gay, not just that he didn’t tell him. In the end, though, the partner accepted him and all—well, most, anyway—was right in the world.

I love this show so much because it really does tackle some tough issues, and I never have to worry that it won’t end up on a good note. It’s nice to have a drama that is wholesome and family friendly yet still exciting and interesting.

On tonight’s episode, “Excessive Force,” when Danny is charged with using excessive force, Frank must decide whether to stand up for his son or for the reputation of his police force. Meanwhile, Jamie hits it off with a beautiful doctor after bringing a homeless man into the hospital, and Eddie can’t hide her jealousy.

Find out what happens with Danny tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Last Man Standing, The Amazing Race, On the Menu, Hawaii Five-0, Cristela, & Z Nation.

Kyle’s Choice

theknicksmallTonight, the first season of Cinemax’s The Knick comes to a close. Last week, cocaine had become increasingly scarce due to the war, and in desperation, Dr. Thackary resorted to thievery to get his fix. The police arrested him, but Captain Robertson arranged for things to be covered up in order to protect the hospital’s reputation. Lucy took it upon herself to get John the drugs he craved—first by selling a bit of her dignity to the perverted proprietor of the local opium den and then by dressing up as a nun and stealing the supply of cocaine from another hospital. Meanwhile, Cornelia told Algernon she was pregnant with his child and asked him to perform the abortion, but he refused. And the increasingly crazy Eleanor murdered her adopted replacement baby, causing Gallinger to have his wife institutionalized.

I have really enjoyed this first season of the series and am happy that it has already been picked up for a second–it’s a really interesting look at turn-of-the-century medicine. Thackery’s drug problem seems to be reaching an unmanageable level, and Lucy just enables him. Will someone else step in and help him detox? It doesn’t seem like it can go on like this much longer. What will Cornelia do about the baby now that Algernon has refused to perform the abortion? And how will the hospital resolve its financial issues?

On tonight’s episode, “Crutchfield,” Thackery becomes increasingly more paranoid and pushes himself to the limit while continuing the blood-transfusion research; and Edwards and Cornelia reach a crossroads. Meanwhile, Barrow gets in deeper with creditors; Lucy seeks help from Bertie; and, with the hospital in the middle of a crisis, Robertson orders a vote.

If you have missed any of this season, all of the episodes are available via MAX GO, or you can catch a marathon of the entire first season starting at 1:50p ET on the More Max channel, leading up to tonight’s finale on Cinemax at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Amazing Race, Cristela, Utopia, Evermoor, Haven, Z Nation, and Dane Cook: Troublemaker.

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