If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/22/14

It’s been an insane few days around my house, and I’m looking forward to sitting down tonight to watch some great television to help relax me from all the crazy stuff going on. Let’s see what we think you should be watching tonight.

Megan’s Choice

criminalminds1022smallCriminal Minds is and always will be one of my favorite shows, for many reasons, but the main one is the cast. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a cast with chemistry that works on screen. In my opinion, if they can’t click on and off screen, then no matter how good the writing is, it won’t be as enjoyable for me. This is part of the reason I was so hesitant to add Jennifer Love Hewitt to the mix. It’s not that I don’t like her—I do. It’s just that with a cast that works this well, sometimes another person can muck it up. But she just added to it. I’m very interested in her character, and I loved hearing more about her family situation last episode.

During that episode, there was a plane crash, where about 150 people died. The team was called in to figure out if it was an act of violence or something else. It turns out it was a man who built a device that could take over planes and fly them remotely from the ground, which freaked me out completely—I mean, can you even imagine?! Despite my panic attack about the possibility of this happening, the team managed to save the day before another plane was forced to crash, and that made me happy. This episode really creeped me out because the thought of someone controlling an aircraft isn’t so farfetched in today’s society and definitely made me wonder if I will ever want to fly again!

I also have to add that the episode before last week was a shining moment for Garcia because she really stuck to her guns about what she needed to do (even if it was insane), despite what Derek said. Her phone call to Derek and then him being at her house when he got home really warmed my heart. Even though I know that he has a girlfriend, it doesn’t stop the shipper side of me hoping.

On tonight’s episode, “The Itch,” when a body is discovered in Atlanta covered in scratches, the BAU finds that this death and subsequent murders could be linked to an UnSub with an obsessive skin disorder.

To see if the team can find this UnSub before more die at the mercy of his obsession, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching The Mysteries of Laura, The 100, Law & Order: SVU, Chicago PD, black-ish, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Stalker.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

chicagopd1022smallMy pick tonight is Chicago PD. I’m loving this show more and more as the second season goes on, although I’m a total shipper for Lindsay and Halstead, and I don’t know if that’ll ever happen—if it does, it won’t be for a while. Last week, Voight was asked to look into two missing teenage girls. He resisted at first but then agreed to look into it, and indeed they had been kidnapped, but it wasn’t because of the father Voight assumed. It was the “nice” guy who ended up being in the middle of some shady dealings, and that’s why his daughter and her friend were taken. In the end, they got the girls back fairly safely after a nice sniper shot by Halstead.

Tonight’s episode looks like it’ll be intense and exciting. Playing into it, last episode, Voight learned that his son had slept with a young woman before he left, and she turned up at the precinct, looking for Voight to see if he could get ahold of his son because she was pregnant. I’m interested to see how that comes into play tonight.

On tonight’s episode, “An Honest Woman,” while trying to help out Olive (guest star Caroline Neff), Voight is attacked and taken. When he doesn’t show for work, the team gets suspicious and begin investigating. Ruzek and Atwater prove they do belong on the team when they demonstrate smarts and savvy tracking down a lead that will hopefully bring them to Voight. Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman are trying to track down a girl who has run off with a police badge.

Find out what happens with Voight tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Mysteries of Laura, The Goldbergs, Criminal Minds, Cutthroat Kitchen, Modern Family, black-ish, Stalker, & Top Chef.

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