If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/29/14

What a game! Last night’s Game #6 of the World Series was fantastic. Truly a great game for the Royals. Game #7 should be a nail-biter for fans of both teams. Obviously you know what I’ll be watching live, but check out our other recommendations.

Jenny’s Choice

criminalminds1029smallMy pick tonight is the new episode of Criminal Minds. Last week was really a sad episode. It dealt with a man who was basically suffering from a mental illness of sorts. He believed he’d been “infected” during a vaccination at work and had cockroaches or whatever living under his skin. He had gone crazy, capturing them under his skin and drawing blood from them, which quickly turned black in the test tube. Of course, that was in his head. But because of it, he tortured and killed several people, trying to show them how it felt and to get to believe him and quit “lying” to him. He made…friends with a woman in a support group for people suffering like him, and in the end, she thought JJ (& the FBI) were lying to her about him. There was nothing JJ could say or do to change her mind. One good thing came out of it, though. The leader of the support group had been scratching obsessively after her daughter passed away, and she was able to make a little peace with it and put away her gloves and the diaper rash cream she’d been using to keep the “itch” away. It was all very sad—you couldn’t but feel sorry even for the killer.

I’m loving this season so far. I like Kate so far (I’ve always liked Jennifer Love Hewitt.), and we’ve had some good “Baby Girl” nicknames and what not. Here’s hoping the trend continues. Tonight should be fun because Thomas Gibson (Hotch) directed it, and his real-life son is guest starring as Jake McCauley, one of the missing boy’s friends.

On tonight’s episode, “Boxed In,” when a young boy who went missing in San Diego on Halloween suddenly reappears one year later, the BAU must work fast when another trick-or-treater disappears under similar circumstances.

See if you get spooked tonight on CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Mysteries of Laura, The Goldbergs, Cutthroat Kitchen, Modern Family, black-ish, Stalker, & Top Chef.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

blackish1029smallBlack-ish has quickly become a family favorite around here, with my fiance, my stepson, and I all watching it together. Last week’s episode was hilarious when Rainbow decided that Dre needed to spank Jack after his multiple times hiding and freaking the family out. Dre didn’t want to, but after Jack hid in the house again, he decided it might be necessary. He took the question to his coworkers, who at first all agreed with spanking until they found out it was for Jack, and then they all thought Dre was a monster. In the end, Dre wasn’t able to do it, but he found something much more damaging than spanking: telling Jack he was disappointed in him. It’s amazing how much a few words can change a child’s behavior, because at the end of the day, we really are the ones they want to please. I love this show because not only does it deliver on laughs, but there’s usually a moral. This is a must-watch comedy, so you should be tuning in too!

On tonight’s episode, “The Prank King,” Dre fears his holiday fun will be ruined when the older kids balk at the glorious Johnson Halloween tradition of seeing who can pull the most outlandish pranks on each other.

To check out the family’s pranks, tune in to ABC at 9:31/8:31c.

I’ll also be watching Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Cutthroat Kitchen, The Mysteries of Laura, and The 100.

Kyle’s Choice

thegoldbergs1029smallThe Goldbergs continues to be one of my favorite Wednesday night shows. Last week, Adam got accepted into Barry’s “cool” group of friends when he pretended he had computer hacking skills like Matthew Broderick in War Games. But instead of changing the guys’ grades, all he did was trick them into studying for their exam. Meanwhile, Beverly discovered that Erica and her friends treated one of the other moms like one of the gang and set out to prove she could be a cool mom as well.

I love this family—they are just so hilarious! I also always love a good Halloween episode, and what’s even better than a normal Halloween episode but an 80s-themed Halloween episode! Last year’s Halloween episode was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see what they do this year—and what kind of costumes the family will be wearing!

On tonight’s episode, “Family Takes Care of Beverly,” Pops moves in with the Goldbergs after being evicted from his apartment for starting a fire. Elsewhere, Barry thinks he’s saved Erica’s life by stopping her from mixing a supposedly dangerous candy concoction, and he wants a favor from her in return.

Watch all the Halloween fun tonight on ABC at 8:30/7:30c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Survivor, Criminal Minds, Stalker, The Middle, Modern Family, black-ish, The Mysteries of Laura, Arrow, The 100, American Horror Story: Freak Show, and Top Chef.

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