If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/17/14

Oh my gosh. It’s SO COLD here in Kansas. It’s only 21, feels like 12 here. There’s no snow yet—whereas my hometown in Oklahoma is off school tomorrow because of it—but still… Brrr! So I’m gonna curl up under the blanket and soak up all the great TV that’s on TV tonight. Check out what we’re recommending.

Jenny’s Choice #1

ncisla1117smallNCIS: LA is my first pick tonight. Surprise, surprise. *grin* Last week was a lot of fun, and most of that has to do with Callen. His sense of humor has really grown this season. He’s teasing Sam, cracking jokes, and just being pretty dang funny a lot more. Two other tidbits stuck out to me last week. One was the conversation between Hetty & Granger, when she asked for an update and he told her none of team seemed to be the mole. The second was Hetty’s conversation with Nell. I’m not sure what to think about that. I’m not a huge fan of Nell going out in the field. She and Eric are at their best when they’re working together in Ops—much like Kensi & Deeks, and even Sam & Callen, they play off one another perfectly. We haven’t seen much of them together this season, with Nell out in the field so much. We have four field operatives already. Why add a fifth? Occasionally, sure, like when she had to pretend to be Hetty, but… On a good note, tonight looks like it’ll be really great because there’s going to be some amazing Densi stuff. Yay!

On tonight’s episode, “The Grey Men,” Kensi and Deeks go undercover to investigate the murder of a homeless man who was a former Marine and CIA agent and discover his connection to the Mexican cartel.

See Kensi & Deeks undercover tonight on CBS at 10/9c.
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Megan’s Choice #1

sleepyhollow1117smallSleepy Hollow has been incredibly intense this season, and there are times I’m not even sure I can handle watching it because I get so freaked out—which I suppose is also part of the reason I love it. Last week’s episode had us watching Henry summon a succubus to come and suck the life force out of dozens of men, one of which was Hawley, but thankfully the team saved him before his life was drained. Now, I’m aware there are a few crazy people out there who don’t like Hawley, but I am not one of them, and no, it’s not just because he is easy on the eyes. Personally, I’ve always believed that a character like his, who skirts the line between good and evil, can always be useful in the fight against the dark world—Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for example. Hawley and Ichabod killed the succubus as Abbie and Katrina managed to put their claws away long enough to work a spell to weaken her. Yay, team! Although, while we’re discussing people not to like, I am still not a big fan of Katrina, because I am never sure of when to trust her and if we really can. We did learn that Henry was feeding the souls to a baby demon (aka Moloch), and at the end of the episode, we watched as the necklace that Katrina was wearing, which allowed her to see the Headless Horseman as her old beau Abraham, also allowed her to see the demon as a beautiful baby. Great. Now Katrina is enchanted by an infant demon that she thinks is a baby boy—this isn’t going to go well, I’m sure.

On tonight’s episode, “Mama,” a series of mysterious deaths at Tarrytown Psych leads Abbie and Ichabod to discover that an especially surprising spirit is involved.

To watch our favorite witnesses try to save the world again, tune in to FOX at 9/8c.

Kyle’s Choice

stateofaffairs1117smallIt may be November, but it’s still technically fall, and tonight, ABC kicks off the new political drama, State of Affairs. Every day our nation faces many threats and crisis, and it is up to CIA analyst Charlie Tucker (Katherine Heigl) to compile and prioritize the list of these potential incidents and present it to the president in a daily briefing. Charlie has a unique relationship with President Constance Payton (Alfre Woodard), because she was once engaged to Payton’s son, who was killed during a terrorist attack. While Tucker survived the attack, it’s now a year later, and the events of that night are still a hazy. Charlie still grieves over the loss and is determined to solve the mystery about who murdered her fiance and why.

Tucker’s personal relationship with the president also causes some friction in her professional life, as she has the unique ability to get an audience with the president, and her superiors don’t appreciate this ability to go over their heads.

I have been a fan of Heigl’s work for the past two decades—ever since I first saw her in the the film My Father the Hero, (though her ghost romance on Grey’s Anatomy tested me a bit). I think she makes a convincing CIA agent in this show and delivers a solid dramatic performance in tonight’s premiere. I am really interested by the larger mystery that tonight’s pilot sets up, and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out over the course of the season. I’m also interested to see how this series compares with this season’s other new political drama, Madam Secretary, which has a similar feel and setting.

On tonight’s premiere, “Pilot,” Charlie (Katherine Heigl) reflects on the one-year anniversary of her fiancé’s death at the hands of a terrorist in the series premiere of this political drama centering on a top CIA analyst who assembles the President’s daily briefing. Alfre Woodard also stars.

Check out the series premiere tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Millers, Scorpion, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, Jane the Virgin, and Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Jenny’s Choice #2

castle1117smallMy second pick tonight is Castle. Last week was almost completely an alternate-reality episode, where we saw what would’ve happened if Castle & Beckett had never met. Poor Castle was a wreck. LOL Beckett was indeed Captain, but she’d never solved her mother’s murder and she wasn’t very happy in her personal or professional life. Ryan & Espo were a lot different too. Espo seemed…harder. Kind of mean. He & Lanie weren’t a couple, and she had moved on and was pregnant. Ryan and Jenny weren’t together anymore because he worked too much. Meanwhile, Castle & Alexis had grown apart and she’d moved to California. Martha was the only one who seemed to be flourishing… Her stage career was hot, and she was about to open a new show on Broadway. In the end, of course Castle found his way back to his own reality, and after telling Beckett everything, he asked her to marry him—immediately. The awful, cheesy, fake-looking background aside, the wedding was simple and beautiful, with Beckett in a pretty outfit, Martha, Alexis, and Jim Beckett in attendance, and sweet, beautiful vows, as well as dancing afterward to “their” song.

Tonight is the honeymoon, and it’s really great. I got a chance to see it the other day, and I really loved it.

On tonight’s episode, “Once Upon a Time in the West,” when Castle and Beckett learn that a murder victim may have been poisoned at an Old West-style resort, they visit the resort posing as newlyweds to uncover the truth.

Check out the…slighty off-the-wall honeymoon tonight on ABC at 10:01/9:01c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing 2 Broke Girls, Dancing with the Stars, Scorpion, Mystery Diners, & State of Affairs.

Megan’s Choice #2

thevoicelogosmallThe Voice competitors hit the live stage last week and definitely left it all out there. Unfortunately for the top 20, they had to become the top 12 on Wednesday night, partially by America’s votes and partially left up to the judges to save the last person. I am okay with Blake’s choice, and Pharrell’s makes sense, but Gwen and Adam are not making choices I support at all actually. When America saved Taylor and Anita, Gwen was left to choose between Ryan, Bryana, and Ricky—easy choice, I thought. Pick Ricky. Apparently Gwen didn’t think so, because she picked Ryan. I was speechless, jaw on the floor, because he is by far the worst out of the whole top 20. Moving on to Team Adam, from which America saved Damien (shame on you, America) and Matt, leaving Adam to choose between Chris, Mia, and Taylor. Here’s where I honestly was just angry at my TV—he chose Chris over Taylor! Don’t get me wrong… Chris is talented, but Taylor is ridiculously good, and I would buy his record tomorrow if it came out, so I am now incredibly unhappy with Adam. Yes, I’m aware that Adam Levine has no reason to care that little old me is angry, but this is the second time this season his poor choices (in my opinion) have messed up my happiness with the show. Now, going into this week, my support is behind DaNica, Luke, and Jessie because I have loved their voices and styles from the beginning. What about you? Where does your support lie?

On tonight’s episode, “Top 12 Live Performances,” the top 12 perform live in front of the coaches for America’s vote.

To see if your favorite sings their heart out tonight, tune in to NBC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Gotham, NCIS: LA, 2 Broke Girls, Scorpion, and State of Affairs.

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