If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/15/14

Camera? Check! Converter for electronics? Check! New clothes & sneakers? Check & check! British money? Check! Things are coming along nicely as we get ready for my kiddo’s trip to London. Only thirteen days left! Scary, but it’s so exciting, too. And as I write this up, I can hear the rain hitting the window outside… Rain is my favorite, so I’m having a very good night. Hopefully you had a good weekend too. To start off the work/school week, check out what we’re recommending for your Monday-night TV viewing.

Jenny’s Choice

ncisla1215smallLast week’s NCIS: LA was all about fathers and sons, and it was one of those cases that you couldn’t help but feel bad for the killer. Yes, he was a murderer, and that’s a very bad thing, but there were some DEEP psychological issues, including a stepfather who was abusive and a mother who was…well, not a great help to her children. The case hit Sam hard especially, given that, like the boys the killer was “protecting,” he had been a young boy in military school raised by a strict father, and his own son was also off at military school, although it sounded more like his son was structured on his own, rather than being ruled by Sam. And wait… Sam has a son? Who knew! Honestly, I hated when we found out a couple of seasons ago out of the blue that Sam was married and had a daughter. Now, after all this time, to suddenly find out he has a son, too? It’s just…weird. But oh well. LOL I still love the show.

The only thing I was disappointed with last week was that we didn’t see the impact of it more on Kensi, Deeks, and even Callen, who ALL have “daddy” issues. Kensi’s died, Deeks’s was abusive and he killed him when he was a young teenager, and Callen doesn’t remember his father. I understand why the case his Sam hard, given his connection to his own father, but to not even acknowledge the issues with the others was a big misstep on the show’s part, IMO.

Tonight should be really good, and if the preview is any indication, Densi fans are in for a treat. I won’t spoil it here for those who haven’t watched it, but I’m HOPING tonight will be a turning point (in a good way!) for Kensi & Deeks and that they aren’t just teasing us and nothing REALLY happens.

On tonight’s episode, “Humbug,” the team investigates a burglary at a cyber-security company, but Callen must steer clear of the crime scene after Hetty reveals his girlfriend, Joelle, is one of the lead witnesses. Also, the team discusses their personal holiday travel plans. Guest stars include Elizabeth Bogush as Joelle Taylor and Aunjanue Ellis, Layla Crawford, and Tye White as Michelle, Kamran, & Aiden Hanna.

Celebrate Christmas with the team tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing 2 Broke Girls, The Great Christmas Light Fight, Mike & Molly, Ascension, Major Crimes, Scorpion, & Mystery Diners.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

hartofdixie1215smallTonight is the fourth season premiere of Hart of Dixie, and I am definitely looking forward to getting back to BlueBell and checking in on all our favorite characters. When we last left BlueBell, there were a lot of people’s relationships up in the air, as well as the possibility of reconciliations between Wade and Zoe, as well as a few others. Zoe confessed her love for Wade and told him that she wasn’t giving up on him, which I was ecstatic about because out of all the couples, this is the one I adore the most. George realized that he loved Lemon and rushed to tell her, but she was already aboard the cruise ship. Funny thing was that Lavon also rushed to tell Lemon that he still loved her as well—that spells trouble for George and Lavon yet again, but possibly a very exciting season for Lemon. If I had to choose a forever love for Lemon, I would have to go with George because I think that Lavon belongs with Annabeth, and I’m not giving that one up so fast. Overall, last season was full of ups and downs as far as our characters go and as far as story lines go, but I’m not throwing in the towel for this show yet. We only have a 10-episode season, but I hope if nothing else, the writers make it the best season yet.

On tonight’s premiere, “Kablang,” Zoe is excited that Wade has decided to stay in BlueBell. However, she is struggling with getting him to notice her attempts at romantic gestures. Brick is surprised when he gets a knock on his door from someone from his past. Meanwhile, George and Lavon are on the outs after realizing they both want the same thing: Lemon.

To watch the romantic challenges unfold, tune in to The CW at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching 2 Broke Girls, The Voice, Mike & Molly, Ascension, Scorpion, NCIS: LA, and State of Affairs.

Kyle’s Choice

ascension1215smallTonight, Syfy kicks off the three-night Ascension event. The six-episode series will air 2 episodes a night for the next three nights, kind of mirroring how Battlestar Gallactica got its start on the cable network. So you can sort of think of this as a 6-hour pilot for a potential series. In 1963, President Kennedy started a secret space mission, launching the interstellar spaceship Acsension on a 100-year mission. Loaded with hundreds of the best and brightest, the ship and its crew were designed to be self-sufficient as the travelers would need to survive and evolve without any contact with Earth. Their society would not be influenced by any of the social, political, and scientific developments at home—everything would come from within.

The ship is halfway through its mission when there is a murder on board—something that has never happened before—and this shakes things up and has people questioning the purpose of the mission and whether they should turn back before it’s too late. In charge of the ship is Captain William Denninger (Brian Van Holt, Cougar Town), who is unaware that his wife Viondra (Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Gallactica) is having an affair with Councilman Rose (Al Sapienza, The Sopranos), who has aspirations of becoming captain. The cast also includes Andrea Roth (Rescue Me), Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal), and Ryan Robbins (Falling Skies, Sanctuary).

I really enjoyed tonight’s premiere—it sets up the complicated and interesting society that has formed aboard the ship, and while some things have hardly changed from the 1960s, other aspects feel quite modern. We also get a look at the different social classes that have formed and a sense of the tensions that have arisen from this. Tonight’s premiere is something you definitely want to watch, as it will surely be the source of some water cooler discussion tomorrow, and you don’t want to be spoiled! I found myself still debating the events of the episode in my head hours later!

On tonight’s premiere, “Night One,” the passengers of a starship on a century-long voyage to populate a new world begin to question the true nature of their covert mission when 50 years into their journey, which began in 1963, a young woman turns up dead of suspicious circumstances.

You can find my Comic-Con interviews with the cast of the series as well as the full Syfy Digital Press Tour panel with the cast at NoReruns.net.

Take a journey into space tonight on Syfy at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Jane the Virgin, Major Crimes, and State of Affairs.

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