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Hi, I’m Kyle. I’m a huge TV fan from Massachusetts. I’m the Founder / Editor-in-Chief of NoReruns.net. I started off as a guest contributor to this site’s “If We Controlled Your Remote” column for a week, but that week grew into a full-time gig. A similar situation also happened with the TV Times Three Podcast, where I’m also a regular. So much of my time is spent tweeting/blogging/podcasting about the absurd number of TV shows I watch regularly. My current favorite TV shows include The Good Place, Bob’s Burgers, The Amazing Race, Stranger Things, and many, many more. 🙂 I will also continue to watch The Simpsons and Family Guy as long as they remain on the air.

Fun Fact: I was one of the original founders of the Official Silk Stalkings Fan Club. I got involved before actually even seeing an episode of the show. At the time, I was interested in Desktop Publishing and wanted to work on the newsletter for the club. I ran the club for many years, until the show was canceled. I had the great opportunity to visit the set/wrap party in San Diego for the season 6 finale and even got to be an extra in that “Pretty in Black” episode (which you can find on digital and DVD)!

Feel free to Email me or Tweet me @Kyool.

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