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Recap/Review – Top Chef: Texas – 11/2/11

Top Chef Season 9 – Texas Edition premiered last night on Bravo (Wednesday 10/9c). For some reason, I am more than excited about this new season. Maybe because it’s a Texas edition, and even though Top Chef, for whatever reason, didn’t come anywhere near us in Houston, I still have Texas pride. If you know a Texan, then you know we’re a proud bunch…some of us a lot more than others (I’m looking at you, Dallasites).

Remember the Alamo? Top Chef did. It is one of the biggest tourist traps…I mean, destinations in Texas. Season 9 and Padma welcomed the very large group of 29 contestants, or as some like to call them…cheftestants…in front of the Alamo. There didn’t appear to be many tourists around, but that could have been because the Top Chef powers-that-be must not have researched Texas weather before filming in the summer. And this past summer was one of the hottest and driest ever.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/3/11

Tonight is a damn good night for TV. The return of some fan favorites, new episodes of other great shows, and you can’t help but want to park yourself on the couch and veg out. I’m going to! We have a mix of drama and comedy to recommend tonight. What are YOU planning to watch? Let us know!

Jenny’s Choice #1

Bones is back, baby! Oooh, speaking of baby! *grin* Unless you have been living under a rock or totally didn’t see the finale last season, you know Booth and Bones are having a baby… Some fans don’t want to see them together. Some, like me, have been pining for that for years now. I am one of the lucky few who have gotten to see not only the premiere, but the second episode, and I honestly believe everyone—no matter which side you have been rooting for—will be happy about how it is handled. The cases are still as gruesome and as entertaining as always, the rest of the cast is just as funny and has just as much chemistry as they always have. And while we do get to see Booth and Bones acting like real couple, it isn’t all mushy gushy romance, either. That isn’t who Booth and Bones are, and the writers know that. If you are worried at all, I ask you to trust the people we have always trusted.

Tonight on “The Memories in the Shallow Grave,” the Jeffersonian team identifies the remains of a women in a paintball field, after which they discover two missing-persons reports in her file, leading Booth and Sweets to interrogate her husband. Brennan and Booth adjust to being an expectant couple.

See the long-awaited season premiere tonight on FOX at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Bones @ Clicker.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/2/11

Well, it’s mid-week. That means by the time you watch tonight’s TV, the work week will be over halfway finished. Thank goodness for that, huh? There’s some great stuff on tonight, and we’re here to tell you what WE think you should watch tonight. Why not comment and tell us how right (or wrong?!) we are? 😀

Jenny’s Choice #1

I’m thrilled that Criminal Minds is back tonight. It wasn’t on last week, and the break between the last ep and this was extra long because of what happened at the end of the last episode. Rossi’s ex-wife turned up, asking him for a favor. Turns out she is sick—ALS—and she knows her health is beginning to decline. She wants Rossi to help her die when the time comes. It’s a horribly sad issue and Rossi has a huge decision to make. How they will play out that storyline, I have no idea, but I have no doubt it’ll be good.

On tonight’s episode, “Epilogue,” the BAU searches California’s Angeles National Forest after a number of bodies mysteriously turn up in the mountain lakes there. Also, Rossi struggles with an agonizing decision regarding his ex-wife. Zach Filkins, from the hit music group OneRepublic, is guest starring as a forest ranger.

Check it out tonight on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Criminal Minds @ Clicker.
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If We Control Your Remote… 11/1/11

If you’re still recovering from your Halloween candy coma, tonight is your night to have a lazy evening on the couch. Lucky for you, all new episodes of your favorite shows are in store for you tonight. They are guaranteed to ease you out of your sugar rush and into pure escapism ecstasy! Park yourself in front of the TV, and don’t worry about the extra candy… You’ll have plenty of sweets that will be playing out on your TV screen. [Note from Jenny: Well, it’s quite the Tuesday… Megan is off for some family stuff. She could use your thoughts and prayers, so please, leave her some love! Kyle is still without power, so filling in to help us out today is Tara (@TheBoobTuber on Twitter), who also does a few reviews/recaps for the site. Welcome to the Remote, Tara! 🙂 Now, check out what we think you should be watching tonight!]

Lisa’s Choice #1

It’s been a long road for Gleeks who have been eagerly waiting for a new Glee episode! When we last left the Glee Club, Mercedes had done just that—left the Glee Club! She’s gone over to Shelby’s choir group to join Sugar, and there may be a few more defecting members in the near future, as well. They had just announced all of the parts in West Side Story, and the race for Senior Class President was heating up with more new entries. Quinn decided she wanted Beth back in her life, but on a more permanent basis. With such an important year ahead for many of the Gleeks, will they be able to make this a year to remember, or will they look back at this time and wonder what could have been?

Tonight on Glee, you’re going to strike gold! A new foreign exchange student named Rory Flanagan (The Glee Project contestant Damian McGinty) enrolls at McKinley and crashes with Brittany, who thinks that Rory’s a leprechaun. Mercedes attempts to recruit new members to join Shelby Corcoran’s (guest star Idina Menzel) newly formed choir group. Also, Sue’s congressional campaign starts to heat up!

Tune in at 8/7c to FOX for an all new episode! Learn where to find episodes online of Glee @ Clicker.
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Recap/Review – NCIS – “Safe Harbor” – 10/18/11

The first scene of NCIS shows the US Coast Guard, which means Special Agent Abigail Borin, which means Diane Neal (Law & Order: SVU). Have I mentioned how much I love Diane Neal? Well, I do! And this episode of NCIS shows how powerful she is. In the few episodes that she’s guest starred in, she has given Abigail Borin a welcoming, playful personality. Borin brings a fun element to the team, which if you’ve watched the last few episodes of NCIS, you know fun is much needed. When Borin tells the gang to “grab your gear” in her best Gibbs-like way, we know we’re in for a ride. That trademark Diane Neal smirk is a tell-tale sign.

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