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TV times 3 (TVx3) Podcast Ep.204

Early this week, I was part of the TVx3 Podcast with Jason (@theTVaholic) & Amrie (@mytakeontv). We talked recent TV news, then chatted about episodes of The Blacklist, Elementary, Ground Floor, Raising Hope, Almost Human, and The Mentalist. Then Amrie talked reality, with me jumping in about one of my favorite reality shows of the last few months, MasterChef Junior. You can listen to it here.

Jason does these podcasts once a week with different hosts joining him, and this was my first time. It was a lot of fun! Kyle & Megan have both done it several times. You can check out the TV times Three site here, with all the previous podcasts. Be sure to check them out! TV times Three.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/18/13

What beautiful weather we’ve had the last couple of days. I’m savoring them because we’re past the heat of summer and fall, but we aren’t to the point where we had to turn the heater on yet. (Almost, but not quite… LOL When it got down to 18 at night, the space heater sufficed. 😉 ) But the last two days, we’ve had the windows open in the living room and kitchen, and the breeze that goes through is cool, but not so cold that I’m uncomfortable. Love it. I also love TV tonight. We don’t have Bones, but we do have Almost Human to make up for it. So grab your remotes, because here are our recommendations! 🙂

Jenny’s Choice #1

almosthuman1118smallHow great was the Almost Human premiere last night? I loved it just as much the second time as I did the first. The futuristic look is a lot of fun—all the technology, I mean—and I love the chemistry the cast has. We first met John in the middle of a forced flashback, where he’s gone to a doctor (well, former doctor) to try to recover memories from a year and a half before, when his partner was killed and his leg was blown off. That same explosion put him in a coma for seventeen months. Through one of his forced flashbacks, we saw his ex-girlfriend…as one of the bad guys. Is that truly a memory, or is it his mind playing tricks on him? I guess we’ll find out.

On tonight’s episode, “Skin,” Detective John Kennex and Dorian are dispatched to investigate a murder and high-profile missing persons case that lead them into the highly profitable world of IRCs—Intimate Robot Companions—also known as sexbots. Meanwhile, Kennex looks to reconcile a part of his troubled past.

See what Kennex has to face about his past tonight on FOX at 8/7c.
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Interview with Executive Producers J.J. Abrams & Joel Wyman from Almost Human


Executive Producers J.J. Abrams & Joel (J.H.) Wyman spoke to the press recently about their latest show, Almost Human. They talked about the show itself, the actors & characters, and how they dealt with the science fiction/futuristic story lines, so check it out.

On how Almost Human is different from any other Bad Robot show

J.J.: While we have been involved in a number of different series, none of them were approached from a strategic point of view, meaning we didn’t really try to figure out how is this unique? We just tried to do it from the inside out and figure out what makes us care. I think that the specifics of this one, obviously, the story is very different than anything we’ve done before.

The type of show in that it is very much a cop procedural show, which is a very familiar show. We’ve seen a million buddy/cop shows and the fun of that was twisting it in a way that Joel came up with, which is having it set in a place and with specific characters that allow for conflict and cases every week that don’t feel like everything you’ve seen a million times before. I think that this show has a level of humor that is distinct from what we’ve done. I think that part of it is just the relationship between Karl and Michael’s characters.
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Interview with Karl Urban & Michael Ealy from Almost Human

almosthumancall1117bsmallIn light of tonight’s series premiere of Almost Human, the two leads, Karl Urban & Michael Ealy, sat down to talk to the press about the show & their characters.

If you don’t know about this show, here’s the premise: Almost Human takes place approximately 30 years in the future, when being a cop has only become a more dangerous job than it is today. Following an unprecedented increase in the crime rate, every police officer must partner with an android. This series follows the week-to-week missions of John Kennex (played by Urban), a detective and sole survivor of a devastating police ambush, and his robot partner, Dorian (Ealy), as this buddy-cop duo solves cases and fight to keep the lid on dangerously evolved criminals in this futuristic landscape.

Check out what the guys all had to say. First up is my question.
Jenny: What’s the hardest thing about playing your characters?

Michael Ealy: I think originally it started out that that was probably the hardest part for me; to try and absorb the idea that a machine is being human or a machine is trying to act human. That was definitely difficult at the start. I’m starting to get the hang of that now.

So I think right now the hardest part is actually trying to understand and develop somewhat of a bible for the world that we live in. You know what I mean. So it’s like, can you talk on the phone or do you talk through your com? Sometimes I can get a call from Mackenzie’s character, Rudy, and Karl can’t hear it and sometimes he can.

So it’s like we’re trying to find out what are the rules of the world that we set up. I think that’s probably the hardest part for me right now.

Karl Urban: For me, one of the aspects that I find most challenging, I think, is the physicality of it. As I said before, this is a real fun, action-packed show. When you are attempting to achieve the quality of action and sort of the engaging performance that we are on a weekly basis, it certainly takes its toll.

We shot an absolutely amazing sequence last week where—it’s a little bit of a spoiler—Michael was fighting with another robot. I was fighting with another cop. It was absolutely amazing, but I tell you, the next day both of us couldn’t move. And of course you don’t have a day off. You’ve got to get back to work and do it all again the next day. So I think there’s a certain physical aspect of doing this show that I’m definitely finding a challenge.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/17/13

It’s the start of a new week, and I’m excited because there’s some great TV on this week. As I write this up, I’m actually watching the “Red John” episode for The Mentalist. Sometimes, I love being me. 😉 But that’s for next week. For tonight, there’s still plenty on, so check out our recommendations.

Jenny’s Choice

thementalist1117smallOn last week’s The Mentalist, Jane met with the Red John suspects, holding them at gunpoint until they showed their left arms. Really not surprising to me, Bret Stiles & Ray Haffner were both clean, but the other three—Sheriff McAllister, Reede Smith, and Gale Bertram—all had the tattoo of the three red dots. Just before Lisbon showed up, we heard a gunshot, and then as Lisbon was running up to the house, there was an explosion. So who lived, who died, and why did three of them have the tattoo? I know the answers to those questions. Tonight’s and next week’s episodes are fantastic, so don’t miss them!

On tonight’s episode, “The Great Red Dragon,” following the shocking events at Jane’s house, the Red John list is narrowed down further, and the CBI’s priority is the remaining suspects.

Find out who, if anyone died in the explosion and how far they can narrow the Red John list tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing America’s Funniest Home Videos, Almost Human, Cousins Undercover, Guy’s Grocery Games, Restaurant Express, & On the Rocks.
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