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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/23/13

We’re halfway through the week, and I just have to say… Megan complained about Easter stuff being out in the stores already, but geez louise! It’s January, and we already got enrollment stuff for next year for my kid. And of course, that made me realize he will be a freakin’ sophomore next year. So to drown my sorrow at how fast he’s growing up, I plan to immerse myself in new television. Check out what we think you should be watching tonight to help you out if you need to do the same. 😉

Jenny’s Choice

theneighborssmallLast week’s The Neighbors was one of my favorites so far. The Weaver family all caught a bad cold. They were pretty pitiful—and pretty typical of what you think when a family gets sick at the same time. I loved that Jackie sneaked out to help them. Then when the rest of the aliens chipped in, it was too fun. And then, of course, there was Reggie Jackson, who put together the more adorable care package for Amber and took it into her room for her. She was her normal, teenage, bitchy self…until she couldn’t help but show how pleased it made her. Finally, when Larry Bird showed up to help, you had to smile. This show is the perfect example of funny combined with heart. I love it.

On tonight’s episode, “Dream Weavers,” when the Weavers and Bird-Kersees chaperone Amber and Reggie’s school dance, Marty, Debbie, Larry, and Jackie find themselves in their own “high school” dramas. Debbie’s attempt to re-create a romantic moment from her courtship with Marty backfires, and Jackie is so fascinated with how Marty and Debbie met in high school, she believes the moment she met Larry was boring by comparison—so she tries to change history.

See how the couples met tonight on ABC at 8:30/7:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Neighbors @ Clicker.

I’ll also be watching Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Bobby’s Dinner Battle, CSI, Hot in Cleveland, Top Chef, & Happily Divorced.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/17/12

I had to break down and turn my heat on this week because it’s been chilly over night—which can only mean one thing… WINTER is coming. Yay snow!! Don’t judge me. I love snow and all the winter sports that go with it—except snowshoeing. (Hey, just because I’m Canadian doesn’t mean I love snowshoeing. lol) After I search for my boxes of winter clothing that are packed away, I’m going to curl up with a nice cup of cocoa and watch some new TV—let’s see what we think you should be watching.

Megan’s Choice

While it may be getting cold outside, Morgan (Shemar Moore) on Criminal Minds is anything but cold… Smoking hot is more like it. That man is a work of art, from his sexy face and his kick-ass abs, to his sweet disposition, he is delicious—but honestly, that’s not why I watch every week…just a yummy bonus. 😉 This show never ceases to pull me in with its intricate story arcs and its awesome cast. It’s a hit week after week. I’m not sure yet if I enjoy the addition of Alex Blake’s (Jeanne Tripplehorn) character, because I find her abrasive at times. Reed pulls off the know-it-all doctor with a likability that she lacks—I suppose time will tell if she becomes more viewer-friendly.

Last week’s episode, we watched 2 women take revenge on some very bad men who kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and murdered a little girl. In the end, one of them got arrested, while the other (the little girl’s mother) escaped. It was a slightly disturbing episode and one that makes you wonder how to wade through all the gray areas.

On tonight’s episode, “Through the Looking Glass,” when one Kansas family turns up dead and another goes missing, the BAU looks for a link between the cases to find out who is behind the kidnappings and murders. Also, Hotch gets surprising news from Beth.

To see how our favorite crime fighting team solves this one, tune in to CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Criminal Minds @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Middle, Suburgatory, CSI, Chicago Fire, Nashville, Arrow, Law & Order: SVU, Guys with Kids, Supernatural, and The X Factor.
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American Horror Story Season 1 Blu-ray Review

American Horror Story Season 1 came out on Blu-ray & DVD on September 25th, but I was fortunate enough to be given an advanced copy. If you have seen the show, you know that this is an amazing treat.

This twisted show comes from the mind of Ryan Murphy and follows the Harmons (Dylan McDermott & Connie Britton) as they start over in a new house. This is a crazy adventure to watch, filled with love, sex, and revenge. Of course, it also features an amazing performance by Jessica Lange, which won her both a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

I’m taking a look at the extras included on the Blu-ray & DVD to let you know if it’s worth spending the big bucks on, so read on!

Episode Commentary: There is some excellent commentary on the pilot episode by Ryan Murphy himself. I love the fact that Ryan Murphy can go from being a writer on Glee to writing such disturbing and delicious drama. Well played, and the commentary is very amusing.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/21/11

It’s another light night for new TV episodes. However, despite that, there are still a whole bunch of finales tonight: the season-enders of American Horror Story and Work of Art, the first half of The X Factor season finale, plus the mid-season finale (after only 4 episodes!) of I Hate My Teenage Daughter. If nothing else, there’s always reruns of the Wednesday ABC comedies! 🙂

Kyle’s Choice #1

I am really looking forward to tonight’s season finale of American Horror Story. Last week, Violet told her father that she was dead and told Tate to take a hike. Meanwhile, Vivien went into labor and was rushed into the house, where in a very psychedelic and manic scene, the doctor and nurse ghosts helped to deliver the babies. The first (presumably Ben’s) was stillborn, while the other was quickly whisked away by Constance. Vivien died shortly after giving birth and joined her daughter.

So where do we go from here? During the birthing scene, we saw lots of quick flashes of Ben sitting in the corner, going crazy. Was all of this in his mind? Has he been crazy this whole time and none of this actually happened? Or maybe that was a sign of things to come. What is going to happen to this child, and is it the Antichrist? Constance and every ghost in the house seems to have his or her sights set on this child. It doesn’t seem like Ben is in any state to handle a child, so perhaps Vivien will try to raise the child as a ghost mom. I really have no idea what to expect in the finale, or what the plan is for next season (i.e. will we follow an entirely new family’s fate in the Murder House?). Hopefully, we’ll get some idea of the direction of the show tonight.

In tonight’s episode, “Afterbirth,” Constance schemes to raise Tate’s baby as her own.

Don’t miss it tonight on FX at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of American Horror Story @ Clicker.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/14/11

We’re 6 days from my birthday, and only 11 days from Christmas. Are you ready? Send me an email, and I’ll give you my address so you can send me my birthday present! *snicker* Anyway, things are getting slower and slower every day on TV, but there are a handful of things we think you should tune in for tonight, so check out our recommendations below!

Jenny’s Choice #1

I’m excited we get one last new episode of Criminal Minds for 2011. Even with all the problems I have with this show, I still love it each and every week. I’m still so glad that Emily & JJ are back. I also still really love to see the personal parts of the show, like last week, when we realized the problem Strauss had was that she is an alcoholic—and drinking on the job, no less. Morgan and Hotch confronted her, and at the end of the episode, Morgan waited to take her to rehab himself. I love when my shows do stuff like that. It humanizes the characters and makes them more like a real person than just a TV character.

On tonight’s epsiode, “The Bittersweet Science,” the BAU team investigates a string of brutal bludgeonings in Philadelphia and is led to the city’s boxing scene in search of the killer. Also, Hotch makes a connection with an attractive runner as they both train for a triathlon. Bellamy Young (Dirty Sexy Money), Shawn Hotasy (Southland), & Charles S. Dutton guest star.

Check it out tonight on CBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Criminal Minds @ Clicker.
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