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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/20/14

It’s just one week until Thanksgiving—have you made your Black Friday shopping list yet? This guy has… While there are only a couple Blu-rays on my list, I fully expect to end up with way more than that by the time all is said and done! Tonight, ABC’s TGIT lineup has their Fall finales, and many other shows will soon join them in winding down until the new year, but there’s still plenty of shows on TV tonight, and we’ve got a couple of recommendations to help you decide what to watch.

Kyle’s Choice

gracepoint1120smallLast week Gracepoint finally diverged a bit from Broadchurch, the original UK series it is a remake of, and with just three episodes left, it was about time! The mystery of Danny’s killer still remains unsolved, but the town’s attention was quickly diverted to another devastating event—the disappearance of Tom Miller. Beth’s psychic told her that Tom was bleeding somewhere. While this initially gave some relief that he may still be alive, volunteer search parties combed the woods but came up with nothing. Meanwhile, Carver was being crucified for his poor detective work in the papers, and things got worse for him when his daughter came to visit and discovered his illness. Elsewhere, a mysterious hiker came out of the woods, demanding food before he would talk, but when shown pictures of Tom, he creepily offered over and over again how handsome he was. Could he be Danny’s killer?

Is Tom’s disappearance the result of something sinister, or is he just off hiding and/or accidentally hurt somewhere? And is this even related to Danny’s disappearance/death? Speaking of Danny, there are still so many suspects among the various strange individuals of Gracepoint—who is telling the truth, who is the murderer, and what was their motive? I feel a lot more invested in this series now that it seems to have finally gone off in its own direction (somewhat). I look forward to seeing how these final 3 episodes play out!

On tonight’s episode, “Episode 8,” trying to adapt to life without Danny, members of the Solano family head back to work and school, while police bring in Susan Wright for questioning after the local paper digs up some unsettling news about her.

Find out what unsettling news is learned about Susan tonight on FOX at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Big Bang Theory, The McCarthys, Elementary, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, Bad Judge, A to Z, Parenthood, Bones, Covert Affairs, and Newsreaders.
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Interview with David Tennant from Gracepoint

gracepointcall102smallDavid Tennant recently spoke to the press about the new FOX drama, Gracepoint, which is a 10-episode mystery series based off the British drama Broadchurch. David plays the lead investigator on both series, a detective looking into the murder of a young boy. Check out what he had to say about his character on both shows & how the shows will differ, acting with an English accent, and more.

On describing the show…

David: It’s hard to describe it completely comprehensively, because it’s many things I think. On one level, it’s a whodunit and the sort of spine of that is something that I think is familiar to us from many TV shows and movies of the past. There’s a very strong whodunit in there. There’s the procedural element of cops trying to solve a case.

I think what gives it an extra texture and really makes it something rather special is the way that the characters are drawn so beautifully. There’s so much texture going on, that we get to understand the lives of all the different characters that get drawn into this and the impact of the event; the death of Danny Solano, which starts the whole ball running, which is the inciting incident in the show. It’s not just another TV cop show death. We really understand the impact of that, and we really understand what that would mean to a small community such as Gracepoint.

The repercussions of that are followed through. I think it’s very hard to watch the first episode without your heart breaking for the family, actually. That’s helped by the fact that they’re played by Michael Pena and Virginia Kull, who both really take you on this harrowing, awful journey of two parents who lose a child. That, in itself, is about one of the worst things that human beings can imagine.

It doesn’t shy away from really showing you what the true repercussions of that will be. That really follows through the whole series. It’s very honest. It’s very candid, and yet at the same time, it’s a thriller as well. It just takes you on the journey. It kind of grabs you and takes you on this journey, which is a bewildering and thrilling and grueling and gruesome, and yet, at the same time, I think impossible to turn off. I think it’s a compelling story. I think it’s been brilliantly told. I’m just very pleased to be a part of it.
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