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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/12/11

It’s officially one week until I hope on a plane headed to San Diego to Comic-Con! Who else is getting excited? 😀 Luckily, this is a busy week of television to keep my mind off of it… Well, almost. 😉 Let’s take a look at what’s going to distract me tonight.

Megan’s Choice

I have been loving the new drama, Combat Hospital, and I’m surprised by that. There have been so many medical shows on television in the past few years, but this one has set the bar high for the rest of the season. I’m really enjoying all the armed forces injuries and watching the difficulties that they face in the medical field.

On tonight’s episode, a Romanian civilian suffers a brain hemorrhage and needs immediate neurosurgery, and Simon must talk Rebecca through the operation on a cell phone from a medevac helicopter. Bobby and Pedersen examine a high-ranking Air Force officer with insomnia.

Tune in to ABC at 10/9c to fall in love with this show like I have. Learn where to find episodes online of Combat Hospital @ Clicker.

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Interview with DJ Qualls from Memphis Beat

DJ Qualls, who plays Davey Sutton on TNT’s Memphis Beat, recently spoke to the press about his role on the show, how it is to work with Jason Lee, and some of what we can expect this season. He was a really nice guy to interview, and it was obvious he loves his character and his job, which is always great to hear. If you haven’t seen this show, check out what it’s about now, and then read on to see what DJ had to say!

Memphis Beat centers on Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee), a quirky Memphis police detective with an intimate connection to the city, a passion for blues music, and a close relationship with his mother. He is ‘the keeper of Memphis,’ a Southern gentleman who is protective of his fellow citizens, reverential of the city’s history, and deeply rooted in its blues music scene.

Despite his impeccable instincts as a detective, Dwight’s loose, relaxed style of police work rubs his demanding new boss, Lt. Tanya Rice (Alfre Woodard), the wrong way. But Dwight may eventually win her over to a Memphis state of mind, especially when he takes the stage at his favorite hangout to perform a legendary song or two.

Davey Sutton (Qualls) fancies himself to be Dwight’s protégé, but he still has much to learn about being a cop. He often tries too hard in his quest to be successful and appreciated. Folks like Davey so much because there’s never any question that his heart is in the right place. And every once in a while, Davey’s homespun philosophy and his insight regarding Memphis and its people prove to be valuable.”

On what keeps him challenged about playing a police officer

DJ Qualls: Well, this year we had – this show has totally changed. We shifted more to a more serious, I think, procedural kind of show.

We’re still trying to keep the quirks that we had last season but this year we’re focused, I think, more on the crime, a little less on, sort of, the quirk of being in the south. And also, last year, my character was – he was more, sort of, finding his footing you know as a brand new cop. And this year, I’m actually getting to do more cop work.

And I find that more interesting because I don’t often get to play a lot of serious roles. And especially with the next episode, which is – every year, I get one episode that’s a Sutton episode on my character.

So episode 4, which is next week, you really see – I find a baby. And it’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. But it was beautiful. I’ve seen it and I’m so excited for the audience to see it.

[Note from Jenny: That is tonight’s episode.]
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/5/11

The official countdown until Comic-Con is on! Only 15 days until preview night, and this girl is getting SUPER excited. 🙂 I’m also going with my sister, so that makes it even more exciting. Until that wonderful day, I’ll have to keep myself busy watching some great television. Let’s see what’s on tonight to keep us all occupied, shall we?

Megan’s Choice

Last week’s MasterChef episode was like an early birthday present for me when Max got sent home. I was grinning like a fool, and I think I may even have let out a little squeal of delight. 🙂 I’m hoping my next present is Suzy going home, and then all will be well in my MasterChef world.

On tonight’s episode, the top 13 chefs take to the kitchen to battle it out again. In order to prove their worth, they are going to have to re-create the winner from last season, Whitney’s, signature dish.

Tune in to FOX tonight at 9/8c to see how the chefs measure up to Whitney. Learn where to find episodes online of MasterChef @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/28/11

It’s a great night for TV, will the finale of The Voice, a cute new show with funny man Brad Garrett, and new episodes of some of our favorites here on the Remote posts. What should you be watching? Keep reading & find out!

Jenny’s Choice #1

What can I say about Covert Affairs that I haven’t said before? I love the characters? Nope, said that. Love the storylines? Hmm, nope, said that. It’s one of my favorites? Many times. That’s ok… I can repeat all those things! 😉 That’s why it’s my top pick for tonight! I really do love it and look forward to it every week, and I hope you give it a chance, if you haven’t already.

On tonight’s episode, during an exchange in Argentina, Annie and another spy become an assassin’s newest targets. The two secret agents are forced to team up to evade the authorities and attempt to discover the identity of the person hunting them.

See how Annie reacts to this newest attempt on her life tonight on USA at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Covert Affairs @ Clicker.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/21/11

Have you ever had a sty on your eye? Trust me, they aren’t fun. My right eye has been killing me for a couple of days now, and with the sty on the inside of my eyelid, it’s even more not fun. lol Regardless, I can watch TV, which is good, because tonight is the first night of the summer season where I had to juggle recordings to fit everything in. Eek! It’s a busy night, so let’s see what we think you should be watching!

Jenny’s Choice #1

Last week was the series premiere of The Nine Lives of Chloe King on ABC Family, and before watching, I was almost positive I wouldn’t enjoy it and wouldn’t be able to get into it. I fully admit now that I was wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. That doesn’t happen too often. At least, not with TV! 😉 Seriously, though, from minute one, the adorable Skyler Samuels had me captivated, the storyline kept me intrigued, and the string of cute guys had me drooling. *grin* I loved Amy Pietz as Chloe’s mother, although I wasn’t as big a fan of her best friend, Amy (played by Grace Phipps), although I did like Alek and Jasmine. Overall, the story and characters enticed me enough to bring me back for episode 2! The ending, where Chloe got a cryptic note from her abentee father, really helped round out the episode and set up the season.

On tonight’s episode, Chloe cannot get past the fact that she is responsible for Xavier’s death. After Chloe attends Xavier’s funeral with her mother, her curiosity is piqued when she sees his brother in a confrontational conversation with some thugs outside the church.

Check it out tonight on ABC Family at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Nine Lives of Chloe King @ Clicker.

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