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TV News – 10/5/10

Happy Tuesday or should I say happy GLEE day! Tonight’s episode was moving, heart warming and slightly mocking but entertaining none the less. Let’s look at some news.

Krista Allen (What about Brian?), will be appearing on Life UneXpected as a sexy, rich client that Emma wants to woo, but she’s more interested in being wooed by Baze. Of course this is going to be a tough choice for Baze… not. Hello, it’s Baze and she’s a hot woman 😉 Source

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Comic Con – Sunday Recap

Sunday was an eventful day at Comic-Con and while I was there I was texting Jenny some details. She didn’t get a chance to post the texts earlier so here I am to post them, and let you in on some spoilers and secrets too. Jump ahead to read about the Smallville, Supernatural and Glee panels. Continue reading

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