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TV News – Renewals, Casting, & Pilots!

newsslideshowIt’s been a bit since I took the time to do a news post, but without further adieu, I’m here to bring you up to speed on some interesting news and renewals going on in “TV land.”

A little while ago, Twitter exploded with the news of a Boy Meets World spinoff called Girl Meets World, which would feature Riley, Cory and Topanga’s daughter. I am thrilled at the prospect of seeing some of my favorite characters from my childhood shows back on screen for my daughter to enjoy. Now they are adding Teo Halm to the cast as Riley’s brother, Elliott. Even more exciting is the fact that the original creator/executive producer Michael Jacobs is in charge of the pilot, which should assure us of some of the old brilliance intact. The pilot is being considered by Disney Channel for their 2013-14 schedule. TVLine.com

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/18/13

Today is President’s Day in the US, which means for a lot of people, it’s a day off work & school. That’s good for my kiddo, who has an extra day to make up work from the three days he was sick last week! That also makes Monday a bit more bearable, doesn’t it? 😉 There is some great TV on tonight, whether your Monday is full of work and real life as normal or relaxation and laziness because you’ve got the day off, so check out what we think you should be watching.

Jenny’s Choice #1

castle218smallI know I recommend the same shows every Monday, but I just can’t help it. I simply adore Castle, and each week, I find myself loving it even more, even when an episode isn’t perfect. Last week was all about the Real Housewives of…-type “reality” show and a murder of one of the cast members. I abhor those types of shows, but watching the investigation into the murder of one of the fake show’s cast members was a lot of fun, mainly because of the great guest cast. I loved when Castle was able to tell what kind of knife it was and how expensive it was, and I loved when they burst in on the couple in the middle of sex. The son was a spineless numbnut who couldn’t stand up to his mother, and because of that, his fiancee killed the woman he really loved. But how much fun was Gates thinking Castle was trying to come on to her or get on her good side? Of course, the swoony part was Beckett’s gift to Castle being a drawer at her place. It was a huge step for her, and it made me tear up, like seriously.

I have been looking forward to tonight’s episode for a few weeks, since I first read about it. It’s part one of a two-part episode, and this is going to put a real strain on Castle, Beckett, and their relationship, as well as his relationship with the rest of the squad, I believe. Although the episode description below doesn’t explain why, you’ll see early on. It will be a tense, dramatic, and fun two episodes this week and next! I’ve seen tonight’s episode, and it’s fantastic, emotional, and full of surprises. So much fun!

On tonight’s episode, “Target,” in the first of a two-episode story arc, Castle & Beckett begin a murder investigation that also exposes a plot to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman. Dylan Walsh (Unforgettable, Nip/Tuck) guest stars as FBI Agent Harris, an even-keeled professional brought in to help find the kidnappers.

If you’re a fan of the show or have been thinking of watching, do not miss it tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Castle @ Clicker.
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Interview with Kevin Bacon from The Following

kevinbaconcall211asmallThe Following has been a solid new show from the beginning, and a big part of its success is credited to the brilliant Kevin Bacon.

Kevin plays Ryan Hardy, a former FBI agent who was the only one who could capture the elusive, intelligent serial killer, Joe Carroll. Hardy is an alcoholic, self-deprecating, but overall such a hero. He’s the flawed hero in all this, and it makes his character all the more appealing that he has so many flaws.

Recently, Kevin took the time to chat with us about why he decided to do TV, what he loves about this show, and basically what makes him tick as far as acting goes. Jump ahead and take a gander at what this incredibly talented and entertaining man had to share. Continue reading

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/4/13

Wow… That was quite the game last night, wasn’t it? That crazy 108-yard return for a touchdown? The 49ers rallying back, only to lose by so little? It was a very fun game to watch. But tonight, there’s no football. There’s just some great TV. So check out what we think you should be watching! 🙂

Jenny’s Choice #1

castle24smallIt’s been two weeks since the last new episode of Castle. I swear, I don’t know what I’m going to do come May when the season finale airs. Probably be a sobbing mess because I don’t want to miss the show over the summer! The last episode was kind of sad because the murder victim was killed simply because he was trying to do the right thing and turn his life around after finding out the woman he loved was pregnant with his child. The most touching part of the episode was at the very end, I think, when she and her father met up at the station to go home together. He had been one of the biggest protestors against her boyfriend, and even though he had just found out about her being the dead guy’s girlfriend & stuff, he was there to support her. It was sweet. We didn’t get a lot of Caskett moments, and it was even kind of a downer for fans of Esposito & Lanie because Espo spent his time flirting with & going out with the dead guy’s head of security. Hopefully we’ll see more of both couples (or couple & non-couple?) this week & in the rest of the season.

This should be a very good episode this week. The man who killed Beckett’s mother and tried to have Beckett herself killed is back, and this time, Beckett may have a legal reason to lock him up. I doubt it, but it would be nice to see that smug bastard behind bars, wouldn’t it?

On tonight’s episode, “Recoil,” while investigating the murder of a young woman, Castle and Beckett find evidence that links her death with Senator William H. Bracken (guest star Jack Coleman), the man responsible for Beckett’s mother’s murder. Determined to finally bring Bracken to justice, Beckett soon realizes that things are far more complicated than they seem. Michael Dorn also returns as Beckett’s therapist, Dr. Carter Burke.

See the drama tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Castle @ Clicker.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/28/13

Happy Monday! What a way to start the week…with a high of 71 degrees. Woohoo! Sorry for those of you still in freezing temperatures, but I promise, it won’t last for me. We’re supposed to be back down in the 20s later this week. Boo! As for tonight, my window will be open to let in the nice air while I watch some great TV. What should you be watching? Read on to find out. 😉

Jenny’s Choice #1

thefollowing128smallI have to admit that even though I had access to the pilot (& more) of The Following before it aired, I waited to watch until it actually played last week. I wanted to watch it with my husband, and I knew I would enjoy it more if I hadn’t already watched it once already. I’m glad I did, because I wasn’t disappointed. We followed along with the story, hanging onto the edge of our seats. I TOTALLY called that the neighbors/friends weren’t really good guys, that they were two of “the followers,” although I did guess that they weren’t really gay, either. I guess we’ll see how that plays out. The show was totally creepy, from minute one until the very end. Kevin Bacon was everything I’d hoped he would be on a primetime show, and the supporting cast is great so far. I didn’t like Jeananne Goossen’s Jennifer Mason at first, but I liked her more toward the end. Unfortunately, she was only in the pilot, I believe, replaced by “cult expert” Debra Parker (played by Law & Order’s Annie Parisse). Shawn Ashmore (brother to Aaron, who stars in Syfy’s Warehouse 13) was great, and I can’t wait to see more of him. Overall, I’m excited to see more of the show, which is why it’s my first pick tonight.

On tonight’s episode, “Chapter Two,” Ryan Hardy, Agent Mike Weston, and FBI Specialist Debra Parker, who is brought in to lead the investigation into Joe Carroll and his followers, dive deeper into the history of Carroll’s psyche. To do so, they enlist the help of Carroll’s ex-wife, and Hardy’s former love, Claire Matthews (Natalie Zea). Meanwhile, Emma (Valorie Curry), Jacob (Nico Tortorella), and Paul (Adan Canto) keep Claire’s son Joey (Kyle Catlett) at a house in the country as they prepare for their next move.

See the exciting drama and intense action tonight on FOX at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Following @ Clicker.
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