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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/27/14

It’s the start of the week, which is good because there’s some great stuff on, but we’re now over halfway through the weekend, which makes me want to cry. To console myself, here’s what we’re recommending tonight.

Jenny’s Choice

foodnetworkstar2013smallI’ve been enjoying Food Network Star this season, and most of the people I dislike are gone, thank goodness. Last week, the group was split into two teams to present a four-course meal to the judges, including Bob, Susie, and guest judge Penn (from Penn & Teller). I actually loved the way the teams were split. I just knew that Emma, Lenny, & Loreal were going to kick butt. But honestly, the concept Emma came up with might have worked had they been able to execute it correctly. Their team was a train wreck from the beginning. Emma did a horrible job at giving out the ingredients to Lenny & Loreal. And then, she totally ruined the excellent pork she’d been given. So when their team lost, it came as no surprise (especially since the other team kinda rocked it out), and I was pretty happy that Emma went home. I do have to say, though, that while I loved Lenny in the beginning, he’s starting to annoy me. If it were once every few times that he raised his hat and said “Ma’am” when Giada said his name, fine. But his cowboy/Southern “charm” is so over the top that it’s become obnoxious. So…yeah. We’ll see if I want him out next or not…

On tonight’s episode, “Rachael Ray Show,” the contestants are challenged to solve a culinary problem for a Rachael Ray Show viewer, and they must each create a dish that addresses the viewer’s concerns. Then they must perform a demo of the dish on the Rachael Ray Show.

See who performs the best and who goes home tonight on Food Network at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Guy’s Grocery Games, Flipping the Block, The Last Ship, The Musketeers, Unforgettable, Cutthroat Kitchen, Frankenfood, & Reckless.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/23/14

Having a job you love is so satisfying. Especially when you go there from one you really kind of hate. I’m in that position right now, and I feel so lucky. I just had to share that. *grin* I’m also lucky because there’s some great TV on tonight. Kyle’s busy getting ready for Comic-Con, so Megan & I are here to give you our recommendations.

Jenny’s Choice #1

young&hungry723smallI tend not to stick with shows on ABC Family I start, but so far, I’m really, really enjoying Young & Hungry & Mystery Girls. On Young & Hungry, there’s so much chemistry between Gabi & Josh. I’m loving seeing Emily Osment in something after Hannah Montana. Last week, Gabi thought she was pregnant, so she took a pregnancy test while there at work at Josh’s apartment. Okay, first, what the heck? Why in the world didn’t she just take it at home? Either before work or after? But I know for the story line’s sake, she couldn’t. LOL When the box was found in the trash, they assumed it was Caroline’s, and Josh was thrilled. When he realized it wasn’t her, but Gabi, he privately told her that he’d have supported her if it had turned out to be positive. I really want them together, darnit. They’re just too cute!

On tonight’s episode, “Young & Younger,” Sofia encourages Gabi to start dating again in the hopes she’ll move on from Josh. But Josh takes an immediate dislike to Gabi’s new guy, Cam (guest star Nick Roux, Pretty Little Liars), leaving Gabi confused about their relationship. And when Josh seems to discover some surprising news about Cam, Gabi refuses to believe him, which leads her to learn even more surprising news about Cam. Meanwhile, Elliot tries a little too hard to fit in with Josh’s programmer friends.

See Josh get jealous tonight and how he & Gabi come to terms with it tonight on ABC Family at 8/7c.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/22/14

I’m sitting here Monday night writing this up to post Tuesday morning, and I’m sweltering. I swear it feels like a hundred degrees in here! Bleh. Unfortunately, while it only (only. LOL) got up to 94 today, tomorrow we’re supposed to break 100 for the first time (I think?) this summer. So…Double bleh! On a good note, Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week this summer for TV, so I’m thrilled about that. 😉 Check out what we’re recommending!

Jenny’s Choice

foodfighterssmallMy pick tonight is the new series Food Fighters on NBC. Adam Richman (Man Vs. Food) hosts this show in which an amateur home cook will face off with five professional chefs. The home cooks will have five of their best signature dishes, and for each professional chef that comes out, the home cook will choose which of their dishes they and the chef must cook. The completed dishes will be judged in a blind taste test, and the verdict will determine the winner of that round. The home cook wins money for every round, and in the fifth and final round, they money they can win is double whatever they’ve won so far in the previous four rounds. The professional chefs include Cat Cora, Lorena Garcia, G. Garvin, Duff Goldman, Elizabeth Faulkner, Jet Tila, & more.

I’ve seen tonight’s premiere, and I gotta say that it’s a heck of a lot of fun. It’s great trying to watch the home cook figure out which dish the professional chef is most likely to know the least about, although they don’t know who’s coming up in the later rounds, so it can be a bit dicey. It’s a fun twist on a cooking competition show, and I can’t wait to see more.

On tonight’s episode, “Elisha Joyce,” a married mother of three tries to win up to $100,000 as she faces off one by one against five culinary pros, including acclaimed celebrity chef Lorena Garcia.

Find out how much, if any, money the home cook takes home tonight on NBC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Buddy’s Bakery Rescue, America’s Got Talent, Next Great Baker, Rizzoli & Isles, Royal Pains, Chopped, Restaurant Startup, & Sullivan & Son.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 7/10/14

With Comic-Con just two weeks away, I’ve been in a mad dash to submit my press room requests and put my schedule together. To add to the chaos, earlier this week, my water boiler sprung a leak and I had a bit of food poisoning—I thought summer was supposed to be a time of rest! You certainly wouldn’t know it was even summer, based on tonight’s TV lineup—there are at least 10 premieres and 1 finale on TV tonight! So we’re here with some suggestions to help you choose what to watch.

Kyle’s Choice

welcometoswedensmallOne of the new shows starting up tonight is the NBC comedy, Welcome to Sweden. Bruce Evans (Greg Poehler), a successful accountant to the stars in New York City, is madly in love with his girlfriend Emma (Josephine Bornebusch). So when Emma accepts a job in her native Stockholm, Bruce makes the life-changing decision to join her. But he’s is not prepared for the huge culture shock ahead, which starts with moving in with Emma’s therapist mother, Viveka (Lena Olin), and retired sea captain father, Birger (Claes MÃ¥nsson).

The series is based on events in the life of Greg Poehler, who serves as executive producer, along with sister Amy Poehler, and guest stars over the season include Patrick Duffy, Illeana Douglas, Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza, Will Ferrell, and Gene Simmons. It sounds like a really fun premise—I’m a real fan of these fish-out-of-water style comedies. And if Greg Poehler is even half as funny as his sister, then this show should be great!

On tonight’s episode, “Pilot – Day One/Välkommen,” Bruce faces unique challenges and culture clashes while struggling to impress Emma’s Swedish family.

See how Bruce is getting along in Sweden tonight on NBC at 9:01/8:01c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Rookie Blue, Hollywood Game Night, Working the Engels, MythBusters, Defiance, Dominion, and Rectify.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/24/14

Is anyone else keeping up with the World Cup? The US tied with Portugal on Sunday, 2-2. It was an exciting game that kept fans on the edge of their seats, apparently. We don’t play again until Thursday, against Germany. I have to admit that I’m not keeping up with it, but good luck to the US team! As to something we’re all interested in… Tonight’s TV, of which there’s plenty. 🙂 So check out our recommendations to help you maybe narrow it down a little. 😉

Jenny’s Choice

rizzoliisles624smallLast week’s premiere of Rizzoli & Isles was darn near perfect, even on my second watch. The case was interesting and suspenseful… A woman was murdered, and at first, it seemed like a run-of-the-mill murder case, until they discovered an empty stroller nearby and knew they were now searching for a missing, possibly dead, baby. In the end, the baby’s father and his girlfriend had set it up, and instead of being found by the people of the church where the girlfriend had left him, the little baby had been found by a homeless woman who was determined to take care of him to the best of her abilities. The baby was given to his aunt — his mother’s sister — and her husband, so we knew he’d grow up in a loving home. But to know that your father and his girlfriend murdered your mother? That’ll be hard on the kid when he gets older. Of course, the most emotional part of the episode was at the end, when they learned that Frost had been killed in a car accident on the way back from his mother’s house. When they all went to the accident scene and Jane broke down, my son turned to me and solemnly said, “You know, I’m sure some of that is real emotion because of the actor.” Very insightful for a 16yo…

Tonight is the continuation of that story, with the team dealing with Frost’s death. I’ve seen the episode, and that is pretty much what I remember from it. The case is interesting, but truly, the emotions from Jane especially are what takes the cake. If Angie Harmon ever deserved an Emmy nod, this episode would be it.

On tonight’s episode, “Goodbye,” a woman walks into the station covered in blood, carrying a gun, and saying she killed someone. Unfortunately, the trauma of what she did caused her to forget who she is or who the victim is. The team tries to unravel this bizarre case as they deal with the loss of close friend and colleague, Det. Barry Frost.

See how they deal with the loss and if they can close the case tonight on TNT at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Next Great Baker, Chopped, & Sullivan & Son.
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