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If We Controlled Your Remote… 6/3/13

Hello, June?!? Where the heck did May go? This is the last month of school for my kids, and while they are so very happy—I am a little nervous what a crazy summer it’s going to be. Crazy summer starting with tons of new television premieres—beginning tonight. 🙂

Megan’s Choice

mistressessmallI had the chance to watch the pilot of Mistresses a while back, and I have to say that at first, I was hesitant to love it—but it won me over. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching someone else’s drama unfold on the screen. That is what this show is for me—delicious and sexy drama. It also helps that I LOVE Alyssa Milano and she is gorgeous in this.

On tonight’s premiere, “Pilot,” a successful lawyer develops an attraction to her co-worker when fertility issues begin to take a toll on her marriage.

Check out the fabulous new drama on ABC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Fosters, Teen Wolf, The Voice, Cake Boss, and The Bachelorette.
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If We Control Your Remote… 5/13/13

Welcome to another Monday. Did you have a good weekend? Mine went way too fast—but don’t they always? I know my husband’s not looking forward to going back to work, but one good thing about the new week: Great new shows. There’s a lot on tonight, so we’re going to attempt to highlight what we recommend you watch.

Jenny’s Choice #1

castle513smallLast week’s Castle was a great one. The story was interesting—although finding out it was the son that killed his father kind of sucked. That kid was SERIOUSLY screwed in the head…—and the humor was spot-on. I loved Beckett and Castle hitting the dirt when they were fired on by a drone. Then Castle saying he’d been the one to shoot it down and Beckett had missed was hysterical. The funniest part had to be Beckett’s amusement as she scared the pants off him with the remote control tank & helicopter in bed. I loved it.

The end of the episode set up tonight’s, sadly, season finale, when the federal agent they’d been working with on the case told Beckett he wanted her to interview for a position with the Attorney General. The job would take her away from Castle, away from New York City. It would be a huge leap professionally for her, but she obviously can’t leave. The show wouldn’t exist without Castle & Beckett both. Will she decide she wants to pursue the job (even though we know, in the end, she won’t take it), and if so, what will that mean for our favorite couple, especially so soon after Beckett’s ILY? I’m both dreading and anticipating tonight’s episode. I can only hope I come away happier and more satisfied than I did with the Bones finale.

On tonight’s episode, “Watershed,” an interview with a high-profile federal law enforcement agency forces Beckett to reconsider what she wants out of her job—and out of her relationship with Castle. Meanwhile, the body of a young woman is found floating inside the water tank of a skid row flop house, but as the team investigate, they discover that her final resting place is just one of many strange things about her death. Kyle Secor (Commander-in-Chief, Philly, Homicide: Life on the Street), Scott Paulin, Niko Nicotera, Stacy Edwards (Chicago Hope, Santa Barbara), & Mekenna Melvin (Chuck) guest star.

See if Beckett and Castle can survive this bump in their relationship tonight on ABC at 10/9c.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/6/13

What a beautiful weekend we had weather-wise here! It was sunny and warm—perfect weather for some hiking. Unfortunately, my other half twisted his ankle hiking, so that required me to play nursemaid, but it was okay, because I’m good at that role. Besides the little mishap, I had a fabulous weekend, and I’m ready for a whole new week of television, so let’s see what’s on.

Megan’s Choice

thevoice2013smallWhen The Voice first premiered, I was concerned about another singing show, but after a couple of episodes, I was hooked! After a few seasons, this has become my favorite singing competition show to watch because of the quality of contestants, as well as the amazing coaches. I have to admit that I am loving having Shakira there over Christina Aguilera because I was so tired of Christina—her horrible wardrobe and predictable performances from her team.

As far as teams go this season, I am really torn between Team Adam and Team Blake because they both have some incredible talent, as well as they are so amusing to watch!

On tonight’s episode, “The Live Playoffs, Part 1,” the Top 16 perform for America’s vote.

To see which team really brings it tonight, tune in to NBC at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching Warehouse 13, Hawaii Five-0, Mike & Molly, 2 Broke Girls, Bates Motel, and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/29/13

Welcome to Monday! I had a pretty good weekend (although didn’t have a party like Megan did! 😉 ), but I’m excited for the new week… We’re in the first full week of May Sweeps, which means we should get some GREAT new episodes. Tonight is far from an exception, with some big season finales, premieres, and other important episodes. The four of us are here to point out what we consider the episodes you shouldn’t miss.

Jenny’s Choice #1

bones429smallAgain this week, Bones is my top pick. Last week was super emotional, after Aristoo was accidentally stuck by a contaminated needle. The team had to rush to find the dead woman’s killer so he could lead them to the antidote. Once they found him, they tried to appeal to his sense of compassion to help Aristoo, who was an innocent, but the man wouldn’t give up the location of the cure until Brennan stabbed him with a needle she said was the virus he’d used on the victim. It really wasn’t full of the virus, but the threat worked and he caved to save his own life. What a stand-up guy, huh?

Tonight is the season finale, and it looks like it’s gonna be huge. Pelant is back, there may be some changes coming up for Booth & Brennan in their relationship, and you have to wonder… Will we FINALLY find out what Pelant did to Booth’s alarm clock?! Emily Deschanel recently spoke to the press about tonight’s finale, so you can check that out here: Emily Deschanel Interview.

On tonight’s episode, “The Secret in the Siege,” when evil tech genius Christopher Pelant (guest star Andrew Leeds) returns to toy with the Jeffersonian team in their newest investigation, they discover that the string of murders that have been occurring are tied to FBI agents close to Booth. Meanwhile, as the investigation unfolds, Sweets realizes that the evidence seems all too familiar to him and Brennan starts evaluating her relationship with Booth when signs begin to point to him as a potential target of Pelant’s.

See how Pelant screws with the Booth, Brennan, and the team tonight on FOX at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Bones @ TV.com.
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Recap/Review – Warehouse 13 – “The Ones You Love” – 9/24/12

First of all, don’t read this if you haven’t watched the episode yet. I’m late, so chances are, you have watched it already. If so, keep calm and carry on. I have recapped all of the stories seperatly untill they come together at the end, so basically, every paragraph ends without an ending.

Artie is in the Warehouse, when Adrian shows up and tells him his plans: he is going to punish all of them. Myka and Pete come rushing over, but by the time they get there, Adrian is gone again. Artie is going to need all their help to fight this battle.

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