About Jenny

          My name is Jenny. I’m the owner of TV Is My Pacifier, and I work mainly on the weekly/daily schedules and Remote posts, as well as generally just keeping the site up and running.

          I would be hard pressed to list my favorite shows, as the list seems to change daily. My favorite shows of all-time were Alias and Veronica Mars, and I was absolutely DEVESTATED when they ended. I was super excited about the Veronica Mars movie and the new season on Hulu!! My favorite kind of shows are procedurals like the NCIS franchise (I really, really miss all the CSI shows!), FBI, & Hawaii Five-0, as well as all the #OneChicago shows (Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, & Chicago Med). I like a handful of comedies and a few reality competition shows, & I love cooking shows (mainly cooking competition shows).

          I’ve been married to my husband Scott (who designed the look & a lot of the functionality for TViMP!) for almost 23 years, and we have a 21-year-old son.

          Professionally, I am an editor for several online fiction book publishing companies. I love my jobs. I’m a big reader, so getting to read books and edit as a paying job is a dream come true.

          Feel free to Email Me anytime with a question or comment! You can also catch me on Twitter or Facebook

4 Responses to About Jenny

  1. Jenny..Hope you are getting some much needed rest!! We’ll survive w/o you (for awhile). You are greatly appreciated in this household..we want you to feel 100% before you reenter the fray!!😀

  2. stana67 says:

    hello Jenny..sorry for the surgery need. hope your recovery is comfortable and successful.

  3. Bethany Busbin says:

    I really have used this tv line up for a good while! I love it! I go to it every Monday to see what’s on for the week! Love the line up sequence. I know just where to look for my shows. Hope u get well soon.

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