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Recap/Review – Archer Season Premiere

It’s that time of year again, folks. For the better part of a decade, sometime by spring, the crew over at FX churns out another season of Archer for the rabid fans. The kind of people who shout out “Holy Shit Snacks!” when surprised or who can’t help saying “phrasing” then giggling when someone mentions how “hard” a task is. This year, in the eighth season, the show finds itself shifted over to FXX for a change. Other than that, the other major shakeup is that this time around, 99% of the show takes place in a coma – in Archer’s three-months-to-date ongoing coma that we found him in at the start of last week’s season premiere.

In the waking world, Lana & Mallory, the two most important women in Archer’s life had a brief chat after Woodhouse’s funeral, reflecting on Archer’s fate and bringing us up to date on the situation via rather snappy exposition. Mallory wondered what dreams he must be having, and presto blammo, we sank into Archer: Dreamland, as the newest season is branded. Woodhouse’s death was something we knew had to happen, as the legendary George Coe who provided his voice passed away in 2015. They worked around that issue last year by simply having him be missing the whole time, but this year we finally got closure. And we learned what happened after Archer got shot and left to drown in a pool at the end of season seven.

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Recap/Review – This Is Us – 3/16/17

In this week’s episode of This Is Us (titled: “Moonshadow”), Jack headed to Cleveland to meet with Rebecca at her first gig. In the past, we learned the circumstances about how Jack and Rebecca met.


Jack is newly home from Vietnam and is working as a freelance mechanic for chump change so he can move him and his mom out of his parents’ house where his dad continues to berate him every chance he gets. He and his friend, Daryl, have high hopes of purchasing an auto shop. When Daryl asks how much Jack made that day, Jack tells him he made a fiver from Mrs. Peabody (the owner of his future Chevelle), and he ended up with a blind date.

Rebecca is with her friends, who seem to be on the “right” path while she is singing at open mic nights and recording a demo. The girls encourage Rebecca to have a backup plan while harping her about her “plus one” for the upcoming wedding. She tells them that she will probably come alone and turns down the offer for a blind date. Later, Rebecca receives a rejection letter about her demo, then calls her friend to now accept the offer for the blind date.

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Recap/Review – This Is Us – 3/7/17

This week’s episode of This Is Us (titled: “What Now?”) brings the Pearson clan together to celebrate William’s life.


The fun-eral
In the beginning of the episode, William is packing for his trip to Memphis. He writes a letter.

In the present, Randall is in the same room and he’s unsure of what to do or how to honor William. Beth finds the note under William’s pillow. They sit down with the girls and read the note. William wanted them to plan the memorial. Randall and Beth are a little hesitant but comply with William’s wishes.

When Randall is preparing for the eulogy, Jesse calls and apologizes for not being able to come to the memorial. He tells a lovely story about William and how good of a man he was. Later in the day, the mailman brings in a carton of pears for Randall (these are from work; there is a typed note inside signed by “The Team”) and asks about William. When Randall tells him that William passed, the mailman starts to get teary eyed. William used to chat with him during his morning walks.

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Recap/Review – This Is Us – 2/21/17

This week’s episode of This Is Us (titled: “Memphis”) delved into William’s past while he and Randall took a road trip to Memphis.

We catch up with Randall and Beth at his psychiatrist’s office. Randall had been hospitalized after his breakdown, and Beth was worried about him and William traveling to Memphis. The doctor clears him for travel, and they prepare for their journey. William says good-bye to his granddaughters before he and Randall take off on the open road.

During the trip, we flash back to William’s early life. His father was killed in the line of duty, leaving William and mother alone. They are very close, which presents a problem for William when his mother leaves to care for her sick mother in Pennsylvania. She wants him to pursue his dreams in Memphis. William plays in his cousin’s (Ricky’s) cover band and their audiences are small until William presents his cousin with a song that makes their band the talk of the town. Soon they are performing for packed houses. One night, William receives a call that his mother is sick. He says good-bye to his cousin and promises to bring him back sixty songs.

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Recap/Review – This Is Us – 2/14/17

This week’s episode of This Is Us (titled: “Jack Pearson’s Son”) was another emotional rollercoaster that put all of the Pearsons in tough spots.


The past timeline
The Big Three are teenagers at this point, and Rebecca is about to leave for her tour with Ben and the band. Jack plans a special night for himself and Rebecca at O’Shannon’s for after her show on Valentine’s Day night. And while Jack seems very supportive, he admits to Miguel that he really doesn’t want her to go but also doesn’t want her to think he’s holding her back.

That afternoon, Rebecca overhears the Big Three talking about Kevin having sex with Sophie. When Rebecca and Jack sit down with Kevin to have “the talk,” Randall is having an anxiety attack about his Hamlet paper. Jack calms Randall down, ending the conversation with Kevin. Rebecca is worried that this isn’t the time for her to go on tour, and Jack reassures her, saying he can handle it.

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