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Virtual Date Night – Improv with The Groundlings Theatre, “The Crazy Uncle Joe Show”

I know things are a little…same old, same old humdrum right now, given the current state of affairs. So if you’re looking for a night out but can’t actually…go out, look no further. Grab your drink of choice, some popcorn or even a pizza, and check out The Groundlings Theatre’s The Crazy Uncle Joe Show Online Edition!

One of the most popular shows at The Groundlings Theatre, The Crazy Uncle Joe Show is a long-form improv show that begins with audience suggestions that are then woven into stories together, with the Groundlings traveling back and forth through time, playing different characters in many different situations.

This special online version of the show takes place an hour on Wednesdays, starting at 11/10c (8:00 PT). Tickets are $8.00 and can be purchased at the show’s website. The show runs via Zoom and ticket holders will receive a link at least 24 hours prior for registration.

This week’s edition of The Crazy Uncle Joe Show (July 22) will feature special guest and Groundlings alum and all-around funny woman Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), and next week (July 29) will feature special guest and Groundlings alum Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers). The weekly show cast includes Stephanie Courtney (Progressive Insurance’s Flo), Roy Jenkins (Modern Family), Brian Palermo (grown-ish), Leonard Robinson (Insecure), and Christen Sussin (The League).

I think my husband & I will be watching. Maybe we’ll see you on there!

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One Year Since the Finale: What Next for Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones officially ended its eight season long run in May 2019, drawing in 19.3 million viewers. This was just slightly ahead of the penultimate episode, which attracted 18.4 million, with the final season consistently watched by crowds in their millions. While the eagerly anticipated finale may have polarized fans – and even author George R.R. Martin – the Song of Ice and Fire was far from over. As the dust settles on King’s Landing, what can we expect next from the franchise that combined political intrigue, period costume, and dragons?
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I’m Sure You’ve Noticed…

Sorry to do this, but got admitted to the hospital last night (Tuesday night) for some health issues. No, not coronavirus… Will be back, but probably will not have any daily schedules up this week and definitely won’t have any Remote picks this week. Check back next week, assuming I get out of the hospital soon enough, for your regularly scheduled…uh, schedules.


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No Internet Means No Schedule!

I was right in the end of getting Sunday written up on the weekly schedule, when my internet died. Called in, rebooted everything, and nothing. So they’re coming out to check it out… But they won’t be here until Monday afternoon!

I’m crawling on my phone to post this. Dunno why it’s so slow. But regardless, I can’t do the schedule on it. I’m so sorry! Especially after last week! I promise, I’ll have it up as soon as I possibly can. Again, check Kyle’s site in the meantime.

Thank you for all your support and understanding. Love you guys!

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Schedule Will Hopefully be Up Tomorrow…

I’m sick…same stuff I had before Christmas. And it’s just running me ragged. Zero energy for anything, including the schedule. Unfortunately, that means it’s not going up tonight. I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow, but even that’s no guarantee. I’m sorry about that, truly. Check out Kyle’s site: for what’s on Sunday!

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